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Aunt in Hot Tub

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A lot of people like these stories, so I'd figure I'd post it.


We always go up to my Uncle's house for Thanksgiving. This year my aunt, from another state, could also make it up there. I was sitting in his spa building playing online video games with my cousins. I was totally alone. Then my aunt, let's say Jessie, walks in. She was wearing a bikini, but I'd never considered her hot, she was sort of fat, and her boobs weren't too big, so I wasn't turned on. She had back problems, so She said she was going to sit in the Hot tub for a while. Fine with me.

Soon, after getting in, she asked if I'd wanted to sit in it with her, but alas, I fort got my bathing suit. She surprised me by saying 'Just go naked. It's okay, I'm your Aunt. I saw you naked when you were a baby.' I thought about it, and seeing as no one else was around to walk in, I figured I might as well. I told my cousins I would be AFK for a little bit, and they didn't even question that I had no suit. So, I got naked, and sure enough, Jessie was watching. I took off my shorts and let my cock hang free, I wasn't really soft, but I didn't have a boner. My Aunt said 'Oh wow, you shave. How active are you?' I told her I jerk off as I climbed into the warm water.

We sat there for a few minutes, letting the warm water and jets massage us. Soon, she said 'Well, I've seen your dick, I guess it's only fair that I let you see my boobs.' 'Yeah, I guess so.' She undid her yellow bikini top, exposing her gorgeous breasts. Her nice, dark pink nipples were rock solid, and her skin looked so soft. I asked and she told me her size was 34B. I had a full boner now. We sat for a short time, and then she asked if I had a hard on. Sure did. She half swam, half waked over to me, and sat beside me. She finally popped the question, 'Mind if I touch it?' 'Only if I get to touch your boobs.' 'Deal.' Her hand slid under the surface of the water, and grabbed my shaft, and slowly began stroking up and down. I grabbed one tit in each hand, squeezing and messaging them. 'How long is your dick?' '5-1/2, 6 inches.' 'Nice.' I could tell she was letting a water jet hit her pussy. 'Let's get out of here to finish this.' 'Okay.'

We got out of the tub, and she slid off her panties, revealing her shaved pussy. She laid down on a towel on the tile floor, still soaking wet. she spread her legs, then her lips, showing off her clit. 'Sit on my belly.' I did as I was told, and she started rubbing my cock with one hand, fingering herself with the other. The sound of my wet dick being rubbed really turned me on. Before too long, I broke the news I was going to cum. She let go and stopped fingering, and sat up a little. 'Go ahead and wank off until you cum baby.' I grabbed my shaft, started rubbing, and soon it hit. My cum shot out and her her boobs, and a little hit her chin, my stream wasn't too strong. 'Go down by my pussy babe.' I laid face down with my face basically in her shit, and she started to finger her clit. 'Stick 2 fingers up my vagina sweety.' In went my right middle and Index. I could not believe I was fingering my aunt's pussy. Soon, she started moaning, getting louder and louder. 'ahhh! I'm gonna cum!' I took my fingers out of her hole, and went for broke and shoved them up her ass. Her hips lifted slightly off the ground, and a little bit of liquid oozed out of her vagina.

'Thanks babe, I needed to cum really hard, those fingers up my ass really did it.' We washed off in the tub, and I went back to my game.



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