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Aunt Architect Part 4

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I laid my Aunt in bed, then straddled over her body. She was hugging me tightly as we French kissed so passionately. I caressed her soft body - her butt cheeks, her sides, her thighs, her armpits, her neck, her ears, her breasts and her nipples. My body was totally in between her spread legs, and our bodies were humping, gyrating, grinding at each other.

While we continued to make out, I could feel that we can go beyond the borders-the limits my Aunt just mentioned. And I would welcome that very much. I want to feel my penis inside her. And therefore, instead of jumping too soon to go into the penetration, I delayed and prolonged the kissing, the caressing, the hugging, the rubbing and stroking... I anticipated that given more time of foreplay, the intensity of love heat that we were now into would build up and the penetration that I was eagerly wishing would just happen very casually even with neither of us so conscious to make it happen.

My urge grew stronger and more intense as we indulged ourselves together. The thought of my hard penis inside my Aunt's vagina, which I had just touched with the tip of my fingers and felt it was so wet and juicy, made me shudder and almost rushed to penetration. But I kept on with what seemed to be a foreplay now - gently rubbing her pussy, and my Aunt was quite unstable as she would wiggle and shake her body from side to side perhaps trying to find a comfortable position. She was moaning and grasping for air. Then she would continue to shift her body, her whole body was waving like the water in the ocean - from head to foot. She was trembling and her legs were shaking heavily.

I could not understand her movement-so quick, so fast, so heavy, and so intense; she was shaking and trembling; shifting and bouncing from side to side. My tight hugs could not contain and control her body now... She was shouting my name repeatedly: 'TRIX... TRIXEL...'

So I released her from my tight embraces, and sat beside her trembling body in bed. I looked intently at her. Her eyes were closed, she was moaning... Then her hands reached her slit, and she started to rub her clit with her finger. In between her moaning, she struggles to speak and gave me some instructions: 'ohhhh... Trixel.... ahhhh... caress my breasts baby... yeahhh... ohhhh... suck my ... lick my.... nipples... ahhh... ohhhh.... rub my... ohhh... ummm... '

As she was rubbing her pussy, I started to stroke my hard penis. I was kneeling at her left side, and bowed down licking and sucking her breasts, while my right hand was stroking my penis. I moved my lips from her breasts down to her belly and navel, then to her sides - her hips and waists. Her hands were still on her groin when I started to lick and rub my face against her belly and navel area ... She gave as long and loud: ' ahhhhhhhhhhhh... ohhhhhhhhhhh... Trix...' She spread her legs and murmured: '.., take me, Trixel... taste me, Trixel... lick me hard now, Trixel...'

She held my hair and pushed my head towards her pussy. So I shifted my body, and laid on my belly in between her legs with my face at the level of her pussy. She was holding my head and grabbing my hair; now pulling away from her pussy. With her other hand, she rubbed her clit and her labia. I intently watched her as she moaned, and I could smell the aroma of her pussy: '... ahhhh... Trixel... please... don't do it... don't, Trixel... I said ... we cannot...' That was it! My Aunt didn't want us to make love, to go into penetration.

So I didn't pursue my quest for a penetration. I just laid on my belly and watched my Aunt bring herself to orgasm. She was bouncing, and shifting, and stiffening, and moaning, and panting... So I held her hips; then not long after, she gave out a loud and long moan, as she quivered and almost kicking me off the bed. She shouted: 'Am coming... yeahhhhh... ohhhhh... ahhhhh... ummmmm... sheeeeeeet... am commmminggggg.'

I helped her rub herself, and I licked her juices in my fingers. My Aunt's vagina was so sweet and a bit salty... yet very delicious.

Eventually, she spread her legs apart giving way for my total access to her pussy. She murmured: 'Trixel... take charge... you know my rules... there are... rules... there are... limitations... Trixel... ahhhh... ohhhh.... Trixel... taste me hard... give me that... give me... yours... I want you, Trix... Ahhhhh.... Ohhhh... darling, baby....'

So I rubbed her all the more... and kept on watching her.... and licked her juices from my fingers... my other arm was stroking my penis...

Slowly, I glided up against her body. We kissed right away as soon as my mouth reached her. And our bodies were tangled, our legs were pressed against each other, our hips and waists were humping against each other. Her hands and arms were at my back caressing me. And my arms and hands were exploring her body.

I was humping when I suddenly felt that my penis had been pressed against her mound. So I shifted my butt a bit and made a slow and gentle hump that was meant to put the tip of my penis on the opening of her vagina. And it was so...

Then while passionately kissing her, I whispered: 'Auntie.... Ohhhh, Auntie.... Ahhhh, Auntie... I love you Auntie... I could feel you Auntie... Let me.... make love... with you, Auntie.... Please... please ummmm... please...' And I continued to pump and hump.

She replied in between moaning and quivering: 'Trixel... ahhhh..., I am sorry, ummmm we cannot do it now... ummmm.... not yet ahhhh... it's not time to do it ummmmm... not yet...ahhhh.'

Then she continued: 'I love it, Trixel... And God knows... how I wanted to do it with you... but not yet... not now...' She quickly shifted her body, panting for air, and laid just beside me.

I continued to hump in the air and my Aunt just held my dick and started to rub it gently but with a lot of passion. She kept on saying sorry. But her hand now working passionately on my shaft, I felt so contented and allowed her to stroke my throbbing penis. The movement of her hand, the softness of her palm, and her whole body movement made up quite well in lieu of a penetration. And I must say, I enjoyed the sensation she brought. That's when I was able to prove to myself that masturbation brings a lot of satisfaction that a penetration might not be able to give.

I just loved the way my Aunt's palm worked on my dick. In no time at all, I gave out a loud moan and squirted my load on my belly. Ohhh, yeah, my Aunt is great!

This particular night became a part of my being up to now. Together with the night before, it became the subject of much exercise of self-gratification.

The conclusion of my sexual encounters with my Aunt is forthcoming...



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