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Aunt Architect Final Part

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The excitement for my Aunt continued to build up within me. For one, my Aunt never allowed us to go beyond the borders. As she said, ' there are things we can do, and there are things we cannot do.' And I respected my Aunt very well. And although, many times, she seemed to be tempted, she courageously fought the urges. And that made me even more excited about her...

I called our situation sweet sacrifice. Although we never enumerated the things we cannot do and can do, I could sense the limitation of our permissiveness from the routine and likelihood of actions and reactions. In general, my observations served me as my guide in dealing with my Aunt. There were no set rules. Here's how we lived for the rest of her stay in our house and during her regular visits:

We can go around the house any way we wanted. She can be in panties and bra; I can be in briefs. And we can go around naked too. There were times when I got back from school and my Aunt would be in the house in her panties and bra laying in the couch watching TV. One morning, when I woke up and went down to the kitchen, my Aunt was in her bathrobe with nothing beneath. Always, she comfortably walked around my room with nothing on while she fixes herself after shower or bath. Inspired by her actuations, I got the same habit. I would either be in briefs or in boxers, or nothing at all. And we were not uncomfortable with it. With these as routine, I have stopped giving much malice seeing her body, though I still feel horny from time to time.

We can take shower together, soap each other while taking a bath. And we could masturbate in the bathroom together. We always take a bath together in the evening after our walking and jogging. But I always end up being the only one masturbating. My Aunt never masturbated with me in the bathroom. But she would always help me out in reaching my orgasm. She never initiated a move for us to go sexual. But she would actively participate when I have initiated one.

While taking a bath, I could touch all parts of her body, except to slip my finger into her vagina. I could suck her nipples but not bite them. I could touch her pussy for as long as it doesn't hurt her.

I would get the chance to sniff her panties' crotch as she continued to dump her panties in the bathroom till the laundry woman comes. And she knew that I do that. She loves to hear from me that I sniff her panties and I got a hard on sniffing at them.

I give her back massage every now and then after shower at night. She would ask me to massage and at the same time put on some lotion on her back. This is usually done before she puts on her loose t-shirt and panties for the night. More often than not, I would make sexual advances especially when I haven't ejaculated in the bathroom with her when we took a bath. On her part, we would not initiate sexual pleasure for herself even after seeing me ejaculate in the bathroom or even while she fixes herself for the night. Though on two occasions, she masturbated in her bathrobe after our shower. She laid on the bed, but she never let me get close to her. She just let me stay about three feet away from her, and I just watched her till she reached her orgasm. The bathrobe was totally covering her, and all that I could see then was the movement of her arms, and legs.

Most of the time, it would be about midnight when she masturbated. And most of the time, I would be fast asleep to help her or even to watch her. Though on certain occasions, she woke me up with her humping my thighs.

But when I was hornier and tried to do things more advance like in our previous night, she would allow me to do anything except to penetrate her. The penetration only happened once and it was even pulled out after perhaps a second thought. It never happened since then until some time later.

Just like when I was a child, she loved to hug me as we sleep through the night. Yet unlike when I was a child, I was more daring now in bed. I mean, I could initiate to caress her, to touch any part of her body as we bring ourselves to sleep, to hump her thighs and legs, to caress her, to kiss her passionately...

We became lovers since that night. And when she went back to her place, it would be the most difficult situation in my life. I would cry. Yet the power of masturbation and constant distance communication made me/us sane through the years. She would still visit us/me once every quarter.

When I was already 22 (she was then 32), we got married; of course, with the blessings of my parents as she was not my real Aunt anyway. We now live at the house where all these memories happened. We hope to have a baby later as it is not yet our priority. Masturbation is still a great part of our sex life.

While I wrote this story (the five articles), my Aunt (and I fondly call her now - Cons) helped me recall the details and she narrated them to me as I wrote. She wanted to have the last few lines...

Dear readers,

I am Cons and I love this site. Trix and I are reminded of our past. And the memories bring pleasure and happiness especially when all those sweet things in life happened with the person you are with now. I love Trix despite the age difference. He's my man. We are happy together. Nothing can separate us. Not distance. Neither time.

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