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At the Window

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Solo Touch is so hot!


I love the thought of being watched or getting caught. I always have, ever since I started masturbating at the age of 11 or 12. I used to think that I was really dirty for doing it but the thought that someone would find me and tell me off just turned me on all the more.

Now that I'm older I often like to sit totally naked in front of my bedroom window. The window faces out onto a square of houses so there are plenty of windows that people could be looking out of and doors that people could be walking out of.

This time, was a couple of weeks ago. I had just gotten out the shower and had been teasing myself with the shower head, I walked into my bedroom after drying myself, horny as hell. As usual, I walked straight over to the window and pulled the curtains back. I sat on the desk that is placed in front of the window so that anyone who happened to look up would get a look at everything. My legs were dangling over the side of the desk, spread apart facing the window. The street was empty... for now.

I licked by fingers and started to gently circle my nipples, I was already pretty turned on so they were quite hard at this point, but I felt them getting harder and harder as I moved my middle finger of each hand over the middle of them.

Whilst still concentrating on my left nipple, I moved my right hand slowly down my stomach and then down my thigh, teasing myself. After a few minutes of a caressing my entire body I moved my hand up to give my clit some attention.

I was getting really wet now but I was frustrated that there was no one outside, meaning there wasn't even a possible chance of me getting caught. It was making the build up very slow compared to usually and I felt myself getting slightly annoyed. I was too far into it now to stop though, 'You'll get there eventually' I told myself.

So I carried on, my eyes closed, I caressed my clit for a little while and then began to slide two fingers out of my very warm, very wet pussy. Suddenly I heard the noise of a front door slamming and my eyes snapped open. I saw Darren, or all people, from the house opposite coming out of the house. I felt my heart begin to race, that amazing sensation returning to me. The familiar thoughts entering my head,

'You are a very naughty girl.'

'You shouldn't be doing this.'

'Get down now, before he sees you.'

I felt my hand involuntarily speed up the finger fucking, my left hand move down towards my clit to rub is in very fast circles. I followed Darren with my eyes as he paused to check for something in his pockets. He was very good looking indeed. We'd been on a couple of dates, but nothing had really happened. A couple of kisses on the cheek but I've always had a little thing for him.

He glanced in my direction and did a double take. He had seen me. That sent me over the edge and I came all over my hands but I continued to put on a show for him. He was just staring as if he couldn't believe what was happening. He looked away after a couple of minutes and walked away. I was anxious about what he would say next time I saw him.

I got down from the desk and was making my way to the bathroom to clean myself up a little, when I heard a knock at the door. I wrapped my bath robe around myself and went to the front door. Through the glass I saw the silhouette of a tall, very handsome Darren. I didn't know what to do. 'Shit' I thought. What was I thinking?

I felt my cheeks flush and my heart once again started racing. I opened the door slowly and Darren stood opposite, grinning.

'Well, Zoe, I didn't know you had it in you...' he told me.

'Had what in me?' I tried to act as innocent as possible. He opened the door further and stepped inside.

'You know perfectly well what.' I felt myself becoming wet again. God, this was hot. He came toward me and pressed his body against mine. He leaned in and kissed me hard, very passionately. He ran his hands down the front of my robe as we kissed and began to undo the belt. I allowed him to slip the robe off my shoulders and onto the floor. We broke apart. 'Show me again,' he said breathlessly. 'In person.'

I led him into the living room and we sat on the couch. Without a word I continued to put on the same show for him. My legs spread, finger fucking myself silly. He undid the front of his pants and got his rock hard, 6inch cock out. He began to stroke it slowly at first and then started to match his strokes to my finger fucking as I sped up. I came a lot quicker than upstairs and he followed shortly after.

We're now going out and have had a few fun times after this!

I guess getting caught pays off!



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