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At the Seaside

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Great day out


A while back I had occasion to visit a small seaside town near my home, my wife was away for a few days so I didn't have to rush home. I walked for a while along a sort of promenade and spotted a toilet so I made my way to it as I need a pee.

Upon entering I stood at the stall and the place was empty so I just proceeded to pee.

A few moments later a guy walked in, about 6ft and well dressed although casual and moved to the stalls one down from me. I carried on peeing and out of the corner of my eye I saw him take out his dick which was reasonably long and thick. He didn't start to pee but slowly began a slow wank which soon made his dick get hard and grow to about 8ins. I was fascinated and watched which soon made my dick become harden into my 7ins, we looked at each other and he whispered "What do you like?" I whispered back "I don't really know but I'm not gay"

He smiled and said "Nor me but I do have a caravan near here if you would like to play around "I thought...why not so I nodded and he said just follow me.

We walked awhile and he slowed for me to catch up, "My name is Bill" he said "and I am married but my wife is away for the day" I explained that I was similarly fixed and we walked for about half a mile and arrived at a smallish caravan park and finally came to his place, and went in to the caravan. He straight away poured us each a drink, "Just to relax us " he said. After a sip or two he stood up and began to strip off, so I did the same.

Then he sat back in a chair and began to stroke his cock, I sat opposite him and lay back and did the same, I am circumcised but he wasn't so I was fascinated to see his foreskin slide over his knob and then down to reveal the purple head. After a while he came over and reached out for my cock, which I released for him and I put out my hand to hold his (by now) hard throbbing cock. While he was giving me a lovely slow wank his left hand reach down and played with my balls, which made my cock throb in his hand.

He said do you like to be sucked and have you ever sucked a cock before. I replied yes to both although it had been a while since I had experienced either.

We lay down in the classic 69 position and he still slowly wanked me while he began to circle my knob with his tongue so I reciprocated although his knob was much bigger than mine so I was a little worried about taking it into my mouth. As our rhythm got slowly quicker I could feel his mouth begin to slip over my pulsating cock and I began to try and take his giant cock into my mouth.He was brilliant he alternately sucked,licked and stroked and played with my balls,and gradually I picked up on this and began to suck and run my tongue around his knob and play with his heavy balls.

Soon we both started to approach the climax and began to breathe heavily "OK he said we'll let you shoot first, and then me"

Saying which he eased his cock away from me and began to concentrate on my by now wildly throbbing cock. As he stroked and squeezed alternately I could feel the rush of come begin to build up,until "Pow" I shot a whole load of hot spunk on to his face and chest.He kept slowly stroking my cock until every last blob of spunk had come out,even at one point licking my knob and slurping a little of the spunk into his mouth.

Then after I had got my breath back he presented his still more than half hard cock to me,and I began alternately wanking,licking and sucking his great and purple headed cock.As he began to start the process of coming I concentrated on stroking and wanking while playing with his heavy balls and soon I could feel the pressure coming into his shaft.So I went faster and faster until he blew out this thick rope of spunk onto my shoulder,chest and a little on my face and lips.I kept going until every last drop was out and like him I too had a little taste...very nice.

Afterwards we cleaned up and finished our drinks and off I went.I have been back a few times but haven't managed to meet up again,but ...who knows???



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