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At the Office Computer

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At The Office Computer
Well, I can't believe I'm doing this - I have been a long time visitor to this magnificent web page and have felt the need to share an experience.
Here's how it happened...the day had wound down, and everyone in the office had left so I checked out a couple of free vouyer-based websites, which got me pretty horny initially. After looking at the pics there I logged on to an adult chat room and soon started a voice chat with an incredibly horny lady. We chatted and panted and moaned for 90 minutes - she masturbated longer and harder than any women I have seen or heard of. She orgasmed at least 10 times in 90 minutes. It was a dream come true. This obviously made me incredibly horny. She was pleading for me to send her pics of me masturbating, as I was, right then and there. She was very eager to see how I did it, as I had mentioned to her that I did not masturbate using the standard "pumping" action. I find that doing it in such a way hurts - I actually use my thumb or the inside of my wrist and rub just under the head of my circumcised penis. I usually gently squeeze my balls with my other hand.
There was only one way I could take these pictures - on my computer, in my office. My computer has conferencing equipment (including a camera of course) set up on it for meetings, etc.. I was so horny I didn't think twice - I wanted to show this masturbating woman how hard she had made me. So I took a few snaps and emailed them to her and to my delight she was impressed. It gave me the biggest thrill. I didn't realise how happy and excited it would make me knowing that a woman was looking at ME in all my glory - and enjoying it! It also gave me a thrill knowing that I did it sitting in my chair, at my desk, at work, where only hours before there were people around. I obviously masturbated till I ejaculated - and more than once, as I wanted to take as many pictues as I could, whilst I had the chance. As I was wearing a suit (well, the pants anyway) I had to ensure my cum did not leave a mark on my clothes so I made sure the semen landed on my desk. I can honestly say I spent about an hour deleting any file on my computer that looked like it could have had anything to do with those snaps!
I would love to hear from anyone out there who would like to share any similar experiences with me (especially women, as my wildest most intense fantasy is picturing a woman masturbate in public or semi-public places). I really don't mind though - I'll share any type of masturbation experience! I still have those pictures and I can send them to you via email if you are interested in seeing them (women only thanks). Who knows, I might even start doing requests if you like them enough! My email is



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