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At the Lathe

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At The Lathe
I am an older guy and have been masturbating all my life but I would like to tell you about an experience in my younger days, I hope you like it.
I was still an apprentice as a fitter and turner, about 17 when I was working on a lathe doing piece work, next to me was a young women Elsa about 19 also working on a lathe. These machines have two or three control leavers that come up vertically to about crotch height, we were both working away in our corner of the workshop with no other workers near us. One day I noticed that Elsa was leaning on the lever with her crotch and slowly rubbing her pussy back and forth on the about 1 1/2" round plastic knob at the end of. She did not notice that I was watching her as my machine was positioned a little back from hers.
Her movements became quicker and more intense and then all of a sudden her body straightened up and could see her shake with with a few jerking movements and some deep breaths. I realized what she was doing but I had little experience with women and orgasms but one thing I saw was that she was enjoying it a lot.
Well you can imagine that I was very aroused by then and had a hard-on like a bone and very close to cum. At that moment she turned towards me and realized that I was watching her, I could see that was a little embarrassed but when she saw my big bulge in my pants, which I did not want to hide, she smiled.
I took off to the Toilets, which were at the rear of the building in a small alley way, before I could get into one of the cubicles I noticed her behind me asking me to wait, now I was the one to be embarrassed, she straight away went for my pants and pulled out my Dick, which was the first time ever that a women had touched it. I was in heaven a few strokes and I exploded, it felt as if my Dick would fly off like a rocket.
Looking around the corner to make sure no one was coming a put my hand under her dress and between her legs, her panties were wet and when I put my finger inside them I could feel this wet open an swollen pussy. I asked her to let me look at it but she said to wait till later.
I lived in the neighboring village and walked home every day, so when we finished work she asked me to wait for her at the outskirts of town. Sure enough it did not take long for her to arrive, somehow Elsa took over and led me into a tall corn feel near the road. Now you can have a look at my pussy she said and took her clothes off and asked me to do the same. She had a beautiful body, her boobs sticking out and very firm a slender body with a beautiful butt. Elsa laid back on her clothes and spread her legs it was a fantastic sight, she only had a little bit of hair above her slit the rest was shaved off, it was the first time in my life that I had ever seen a pussy open and close up and I told her so. She must have realized that I was sexually not very inexperienced, so she gave me a very detailed explanation of her pussy. Elsa pulled apart her outer lips and showed me where her hole was then she pulled her inner lips apart and pointed out her pee hole then pulled a little hood back and showed me her clit. I was by this time hot and aroused my cock was pointing to the sky and throbbing, I started to rub my Dick because my desire to come was just about unbearable, Elsa said "wait I will do it for you later". She continued to draw my attention to her clit, which by then seemed to have grown out from under the little hood, she asked me to rub it gently between two fingers and pull it back and forth also to run my fingers up and down her slit and lips towards her hole which was very wet. I did this most enjoyable thing for a while until she started to breath faster and her whole body began to move and thrusting her pelvis and pussy towards me, then to my surprise she pulled me head with both arms towards her cunt, I heard of oral sex but never thought I would be able to lick a pussy that soon.
It was terrific, her scent the warm and swollen lips her wetness, her erect clit, I just buried my mouth and face in that beautiful juicy pussy. Elsa pulled my head harder towards her every time I my tongue came near her clit, so I started to flick it and suck on it which really made her whole body shake then she started to moan and scream, she was jerking in short thrust, I was so hot and could not wait any longer, a couple of strokes on my cock and I squirted my juice all over the ground.
Elsa was breathing a little slower now she seat up and gave me a wonderful kiss with her tongue exploring my mouth, then without a word she went down and took my by then soft cock into her mouth and started sucking on it, and you can imagine, it did not take long for it to rise again, I was in heaven again, it was the must incredible feeling I have ever had in my short life. I gave my thanks by putting my head down to her pussy to lick and suck her all over again. We both came again that day and many more days after that until Elsa moved away.
I never fucked her, she did not want to be penetrated but we gave each other so much pleasure by just masturbating and being uninhibited about it, like all the beautiful people who send their letters to SOLO.
Have fun -John.



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