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At the Lake House

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My husband and I moved in to our new neighborhood about five years ago and during that time we have made friends with the couple living next door who are about our age (45). Through them we have made other new friends. The couple next door, Jim and Penny are fairly wealthy and enjoy throwing parties and just having fun. Well, this past summer Penny invited me up to her lakehouse home for a girls only extended week-end. There were a total of six of us going. I was real excited about the trip because it would solidify my friendship with these ladies and with Penny in particular.

The first day at the lake was great. We swam, had a bar-b-que for lunch, went out on Penny's boat and drank beer. That night we watched a movie and listened to music and played pool. Day two was just as much fun and we together prepared a nice dinner. After dinner we watched another movie and then after the movie Penny took me aside to talk with me while the other ladies sat out on the porch with a few beers. I was totally unprepared for what Penny had to say to me. She said that usually on the second, third and fourth night the ladies would pair off and 'pleasure each other.' I know my mouth was hanging open and I just stood there staring at Penny. She then said that if I decided to join them I would be paired with her.

I should now tell you that each of these ladies were quite attractive with nice figures. They were physically appealing in all respects. Penny could probably see that I needed time to digest what she just said to me and she suggested I take a brief walk down to the lake and think about it. Two factors now came into play for me as I walked to the lake. Number one, I had never been with a woman but I'm usually game for trying new things. I wasn't opposed to women having sex with women it just wasn't something I ever considered for myself. Number two, I very much wanted to be an equal part of this group of friends and participating in a love-making session would certainly help to strengthen my position with the group. I really liked these women as well as their spouses.

I turned around and went back to the house and told Penny I would love to participate. I could immediately see that she was quite pleased and she bent toward me and kissed me on the lips for several seconds. Wammo, that physical sensation of a surge of adrenalin in my belly and groin had now started as a result of that kiss. Penny then went out on the porch and said, 'we're ready.' The house has three bedrooms so each pair headed for a particular bedroom. Penny and I went to the master bedroom.

Inside she told me to take off all my clothes. I was real hesitant and suggested that we keep our bra and panties on for awhile. She said that was fine. I was never so nervous in my whole life. I actually thought I might be sick but fortunately I wasn't although I did gag once. WOW! Penny looked fantastic in a very sheer grey bra and matching panties with black lace trim. It was a good thing I also wore something nice rather than a plain white bra and panties.

Once on the bed Penny got on top of me and we began kissing heavily with our tongues. My nervousness was now beginning to be replaced with excitement and the feelings of sexual stimulation. Penny then sat up and said that our bras needed to come off now. I shook as I tried to undo the clasp. This was when I gagged. Penny's tits were somewhat pointy shaped which made her nipples stick way out. She looked real sexy.

She had me lie back down and she started playing with my tits and especially my nipples. She then put one into her mouth and started sucking on it while she tweaked and pinched the other one. I felt so good all over. She was so tender it was like she was making love to my tits. Penny then stopped and told me to get on top and I tried to do all that she did to me. I loved sucking her nipples which were a lot bigger than mine. I could smell a slight hint of perfume on her chest which helped to make her such a desireable woman.

Penny then whispered to me to get on my back. She kissed me around my belly and slightly pulled down the top of my panty. She continued kissing me and I felt her pulling on my panties. My heart was now in my throat I was that excited. Penny slowly pulled them down to my ankles and then off. She started lightly rubbing my outer lips with her fingertips and I opened my legs. Now she rubbed the inside of my thighs with her fingernails. This was wonderful so far.

Penny kissed the insides of my thighs and then put her finger into my pussy and into my hole. I put my fingers down into my pussy and as she finger fucked me I kept rubbing my clit. I knew I was getting ready to cum but Penny stopped fingering me and took my hand away from my clit. She told me to now do her. I was so overly excited that I immediately pulled down her panties and was looking at her completely hairless pussy. I knew then that the next day I would shave my pussy bald.

I pushed her legs apart and Penny told me to slow down. I started kissing her all over and grabbing her nipples at the same time. I put my fingers down into her pussy and immediately found her clit which I started to rub. Penny spread her legs real wide until she told me to stop. Penny turned onto her stomach and told me to get vaseline from the bathroom which I did. She told me to kiss her rear and I kissed it all over for a minute or two.

I knew what she wanted me to do with the vaseline so I lubricated my finger and her butt hole. Penny was panting now and I knew she was beyond aroused. I slowly and carefully put my greased finger up her hole and pumped her hole with my finger over and over. She just kept thrusting her hips up and down while my finger went in and out of her hole. I couldn't wait for her to do it to me and I finally said, 'Penny, do it to me now.'

We exchanged positions and she started on me. I have never been so sexually stimulated in my life. This was simply wonderful. Finally Penny had me on my back again and she rubbed my clit for a short period of time until I had my most intense orgasm ever. I then reversed roles and brought her to orgasm. We then fell asleep in each other arms for the rest of the night.

The next night we switched partners and I had an even more intense experience with Val. In the end we all had sex and were masturbated by three different ladies. Out next trip to the lake house is in January and I just can't wait.

PS My pussy is now as smooth as a baby's butt.



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