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At the Beach With My Aunt

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My Aunt lives in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. My Mom and Dad and my brother and I used to go and stay with her for a week every summer when I was a kid. I loved going there. When I was 18 I got a summer job in Myrtle Beach and I lived with my Aunt at the beach that summer. She and my uncle had been divorced for several years and it was just she and I in the house.

It was a small house and there was only one bathroom. One day I had to use the restroom and as I approached the bathroom door, it wasn't fully closed, nor fully open. I assumed the bathroom wasn't being used, so I just pushed the door open and went in. There was my aunt standing at the bathroom sink wearing only a pair of panties! There was the momentary shock as she wheeled around to face me, and as I stood there more of less speechless and frozen in place. Then I smiled and let out a whistle, much as a guy may do when he sees a pretty woman.

I said 'wow, Dana, you have beautiful hooters!' I didn't know what else to say!! Then I apologized for walking in on her. I immediately turned and left and went to my bedroom. My dick was super hard by the time I got to my bedroom. I closed the door and stripped my shorts off and immediately started jacking off as I laid on the bed. All I could think about were her breasts and nipples.

As I was laying there jacking off MY DOOR opened and in walked my Aunt! I think she was coming in to tell me that my catching her was no big deal and not to worry about it, but there I was naked from the waist down with my dick in my hand stroking away. I was suddenly the shocked one ... as she was too I'm sure ... then she smiled and let out a whistle as I had done to her, and she said 'wow, Bob, you sure have a beautiful dick!' She didn't leave though. She approached the bed!

'What have we here?' She said as she looked at my throbbing hardon. I told her I was really sorry and I was trying to get up, but she placed her hand on my shoulder and said 'don't get up.'

She asked me why I was jacking off and I told her that seeing her boobs had made me so excited and it had turned me on. She just smiled and removed the t-shirt she had put on after I left the bathroom. Then she told me I could look at them and keep jacking off. As she sat on the side of the bed turned facing me, her breasts hung about two feet away. I studied their shape and her nipples carefully. I asked her if I could feel them and she told me I could, so I reached over and started feeling them. Without saying a word, she reached over and took my hard dick in her hand. As I massaged her breasts, she started jacking my dick. It was all over in seconds. The thrill was way over the top for me. I spewed cum all over my stomach as my Aunt milked every drop out of me.

This began the most beautiful summer of my life. My Aunt and I got totally naked many times that summer and spent hours masturbating each other and ourselves in front of each other. She let me lick and suck her nipples, and eventually something else. Her pussy was wonderful and just looking at it almost made me cum when we got naked together.

Finally that wonderful summer ended and I had to move back home, after the hottest most passionate night ever the night before. We agreed to keep this a secret forever, of course. I was almost broken hearted though to learn months later she had met a man and she was getting serious. There wouldn't be a summer there the next year. She eventually remarried. We still see each other at seasonal holidays. She is much older now, of course, and we smile at each other in fond remembrance, yet we never speak of that summer. The summer of my 18th year.



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