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At Lillie's House

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First time by a girl.


Just want to start off by saying what a great site this is. Never thought something like this would happen to me, but it did almost three weeks ago.

First off, I'm a junior in high school. I had a big chem test on Monday and it was saturday afternoon. A girl in my class, Lillie, who I had known for several years (and secretly had a big crush on) called and wanted to get together and study. Lillie was 16 like me and I found her very attractive. She had sort of stawberry blonde hair and nice breasts. Anyways, I said we could meet at Borders, but she suggested I come over to her house. I came over and we studied and talked some for about two hours. I was going to leave and had left my bag up in her room. I went upstairs and got my bag, but got too looking at some of her pictures.

I was looking around at her desk, and noticed her bottom drawer was opened partly. I put my bag down and was about to close the drawer when I saw something interesting in it. I opened it up and found two dildos and a vibrator. I was kind of sheltered and had never seen one before, so out of curiosity and amazement I picked it up. It must have been that moment that Lillie walked by the door and said, 'I see you found my toys.' She looked kind of embarassed and I said sorry, but she said that it was okay.

She must have noticed the growing bulge in my jeans and kind of laughed. (She had earlier told me that her parents were gone for the day.) Lillie said, 'I can help you with that.' I was hesitant because I had never been with a girl before, but in anticipation I quickly stipped naked. As I was standing there with a raging boner in front of the girl that I had a crush on, she stipped as well. Sshe must have seen the amazement in my eyes, and a little lower because I felt my dick throbbing.

I live in a family that doesn't really talk about sex, and at age 16 she was the first girl I had ever seen naked. What she said next really suprised me. Lillie flat out told me that she sometimes likes to get kinky (later I found out that she and her sister were very open with each other sexually). I really didn't know what to say, as this sort of thing was new to me. I was open to whatever she wanted to do. She asked me to get onto her bed and spread my arms and legs. She then left the room, but came back a minute later, and to my suprise (and wonder), tied my arms and legs to the bedposts.

My dick was throbbing so hard I didn't know what to do. I was completely under her control. She started to stroke my dick, but then moved up and began to lick around my nipples. She slowly moved down my body, but skipped my dick. She started to lick the inside of my thighs, moving back and forth to tease me. She then moved on to the prize and I shot the biggest load of cum I ever had. Lillie had not yet reached orgasm and must have wanted more. She got up and sat on my chest, legs straddling me.

She untied my hands and I immediately started fingering her. I had never of course seen one before, so she showed me how she liked to do it. While I was fingering her, she moaned and I began to suck her breasts. I obliged and all the while kept fingering her. She had her orgasm and it must have been amazing.

After we finsihed we sat and talked a while. This was by far the most amazing afternoon of my life, and we agreed that we would do it again. Since then we have started going out together and have had more great experiences.



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