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At Grandmas With a Cousin

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A summer coming of age with my cousin (part 1)


After stumbling across this site and reading plenty of other stories with relatives I finally decided to share a true story that I thought I would bring to my grave.

I was a month from turning 15 and being the youngest of five it finally became my duty like all my brothers, sisters and cousins before me to spend a weekend at grandmas house in mid summer to help her pick cherries. Grandma was like most..good lady, great cook but getting on in years and with grandpa gone it was just something that was expected of us.

Well the night before I was to leave I get the news that my cousin that lived further away was also summoned to help which was good because it would go twice as fast and there was someone to talk to beside grandma.

Well I've always got along with Lisa probably because first there was only 30 days difference in age and we were both the youngest of siblings, so whenever family's got together we naturally spent most our time together.

So the Friday comes and mom arrives at grandmas first so while mom and gran chat I begin getting out ladders etc. when my aunt and Lisa pull in the drive and I can hardly believe my eyes when I see Lisa getting out of the car, it's been months since I saw her last and this was not the the metal mouth, glasses wearing, pimple faced awkward looking girl I remember but in fact a very nicely shaped young lady comes walking toward me.

Instantly I think, well this won't be as bad as I thought, she comes up and says hi and we both joke a bit about getting conned into this job but both agree to make the best of it.

It wasn't long before the parents both left and we were left there with grandma and she was inside most the time canning those precious cherries.

Now its your typical hot summer day and I'm in a pair of cut-off's and she's in a pair of gym shorts (remember those?) and a tee shirt so it didn't take me long to figure out that when she's on her ladder I was constantly having to get off mine to reposition mine, or at least that's what I was making it look like but the fact was when I was on the ground it gave me a great view up her shorts to a cute lil round butt and some sweet pink panties.

Now I'm like any other 15 yr old male the thought of her being a cousin weighed very little on me but I just wanted to see female skin..anyone's skin..cousin or not.

But this came with risk, first and foremost I can't get caught looking and second again like most 15 yr old males erections are plentiful especially in this situation so I had to be careful there too.

The morning for the most part went fast, she was actually pretty funny and we mainly shared school stories when we finally broke for lunch I sprayed myself from the hose outside and as she walked by made a comment about wishing she could do that to which I replied..go ahead..she just smiled and we went in for lunch. She instantly began telling grandma about how hot it was and said she might put on a swimsuit after lunch and I'm thinking..oh please grandma..don't screw this because I'm sure she was mainly just testing the water to see if she would object.

Well the gods were with me and after we ate she slips away to the bedroom and comes out in a two piece and the tee over her and its back to work.

There was almost a point that I was wishing she still had on the shorts because the bottoms were covering more than her panties were but that still didn't stop me from looking just the same.

As most teens the conversation eventually turned to having a girlfriend or her having a boyfriend to which we both replied that there were people of interest but nothing solid.

It was mid afternoon when the heat finally got to me and I walked over to the hose and again rinsed off and it was then she jumped off her ladder and said..that's why I put on my suit and pulls off her tee shirt and I get a good view of what she had been hiding, she walks over to the hose, bends over to pick it up and gives me my first glimpse of her boobs, not quite nipples...but ohhh so close, she then turns the hose on herself and gives a little squeal and I can't help but stare as I watch her soak her entire body down. The rest of the afternoon was a blur because we both would do this every 15 minutes or so.

After dinner was over grandma told us we could sit out on the porch while she did dishes and cool down and when she was finished maybe she'd teach us some card games. Needless to say neither of us offered to help her because it was so hot in the house from the days canning and the fact that back then air conditioning was really more a luxury that few people had.

It was getting close to eight pm when Lisa decided that we could take showers and get out of our cherry picking clothes and I remember thinking..shit..no more swimsuit for the night. I tell Lisa she can go first because there's only one shower in the house and it won't take me long and she looks at me very serious and says...well yea..grandma would shit if we took one together. I think I just about swallowed my tongue. I mean just making that remark left me totally speechless, then she says..oh that's right we've been taking showers together all afternoon and laughs and goes inside..There was an instant twinge in my shorts..I mean just the thought of her saying something got me aroused even knowing she was just joking. About the time Lisa goes in to shower grandma comes out to the porch toting lemonade, glasses and a deck of cards and says as soon as you two get cleaned up I'll teach you a few card games so it wasn't long I see her enter the bathroom from where I was sitting and I happen to notice that the door was left opened a crack..it was just an inch...but still...it was there..now..grandma is sitting on a couch type thing on the screened porch..her back to the wall..me I'm in a chair facing the door and grandma..she don't have a clue I can see into the house and better the bathroom door..granted..its only an inch..but I can see her shadow moving in there, all the time thinking..god she's naked in there right now and I can almost see her.

For five minutes or so I can't seen any movement so I assume she's in the shower then I see a glimpse of a pink towel flash past the crack in the door..then I can see what I believe to be an arm then I see it..a flash of her backside, a brief glimpse of her butt crack, and a very quick glimpse of her boob from the side as she slides a long tee shirt over herself. Oh My God! I almost saw her naked and grandmas looking right at me I must look away, I must look away, eventually the door opens and she comes out in her long white tee shirt that hung to her knees and very quickly glances out to the porch where I'm sitting with a monster hardon. Within a minute she comes back out the porch and I quickly excuse myself mumbling something about a shower I try to get inside without anyone seeing this problem I have. I quickly grab a pair of shorts and enter the bathroom myself and as I close the door I think...hmmmmm...what if I keep it open an inch to..wonder if she'd look? So I strip down behind the door and just before I get in the shower I quickly dart past the opening in the door, then back again then into the shower. I think the shower took me all of two minutes I seriously thought about jacking off but decided against it because it was all too thrilling so I turn off the shower and begin to towel off slowly making my way to the door again. Now I'm thinking..the first time even if she was watching she maybe seen my butt...do I want her to see my cock...this way..I mean hard like this..fuck it! I do it...quickly..then get dressed and open the door and the same as her I look out to the porch and sure enough she's in the same spot I was...oh wow...I wonder if she saw me...then I get this terrible feeling that comes over me, what if the show she gave me was truly an accident and then I go in here and show her my hardon..jeezz..I'm almost afraid to go back out there now.

All seemed normal when I returned and as I entered the porch Lisa got out of the chair and walked over and sat next to grandma while grandma was going through card decks and I was instructed to pull the chair up on the other side of the make shift coffee table kind if thing.

Most of the time playing cards was spent by me trying to look up Lisa's tee shirt that hung to at least her knees without either her or grandma catching me. It was harder then first looked because most of the time she had the bottom of tee pulled down over her knees blocking all the view until she would move to reach for her drink or have to deal cards and even then I would only get a quick flash of her beige panties.

It got to be 9:30 or so and grandma informs us she's heading to bed but if we wanted to stay up a bit it was ok just not too late because breakfast will be 8:00am. As grandma leans over to give Lisa a kiss on the forehead Lisa leans into her kiss and the tee rides up and I get my first spectacular opened leg view.

Once grandma was out of the room Lisa turns to me and says did she say 8:00 to which we both laughed and she goes on to say I'll never wake up by then so if I'm not you might have to yell in to get me awake ok, to which I agree and again my mind races to the fact its hot as hell and hopeful she won't be under her covers so I might get another chance to see those great legs and maybe a lil more butt.

Not much more happened that night and after another hour of small talk we decided it was time for bed but always planning I stay seated until she gets up for maybe one last peek and it pays off with the best one yet, when she finally gets to her feet I take my eyes away from her legs and stand to look at her and she gives me a huge smile and though she said nothing about where my eyes were I got the feeling she planned that.

After our good nights to each other we both headed to our bedrooms and before going to sleep finally masturbated like a crazy man and went to sleep.

The next morning I woke to hear grandma rustling around in the kitchen and looked at my watch..oh cool..7:30..I hope grandma don't wake Lisa and quickly get dressed, sure enough no Lisa yet..so I wait until 7:45 and my hearts racing as I head toward her bedroom door, I slowly open it and even in the somewhat dark room all I can see is legs, she's laying on her side with her back to me and as I scan the room in I see her beige panties she wore last night laying aside the bed, so I focus in a little higher and sure enough I can make out the butt cheeks with no signs of any panties, my god I'm thinking all I wanted to do is stare at the sights if the dim lighting and between getting caught by either her or grandma I quietly call her name, at first no movement, so I call her name a bit louder, finally there's movement followed my a light moan and I say..wakie wakie time to pick the cherries and with that she moves her legs in such a way giving me a clear view of her butt and a quick glance of her pussy before she comes to her senses and pulls her night shirt below her butt followed by a mumble about being awake. I back away and close the door not believing I got that lucky..it wasn't long but it was two seconds of her pussy sticking out between those beautiful legs, my hearts racing and my cock jumps to life..I sneak in behind grandma and sit at the table to hide it.

She eventually comes out of the bedroom dressed in another pair of gym shorts and another tee and clearly her swim suit top under it.

After breakfast we get to work picking cherries and I doubt five minutes passed when she pipes up and says Len umm did you know you should never enter a woman's bedroom when she's sleeping..my face had turned beet red..and I reply but you told me last night to wake you she laughs and says but I didn't know you'd come in, so I say something like well it was dark anyway..and she turns to me with a bit of a wicked smile and says it wasn't dark. (stay tuned for part two)



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