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Artistic Neighbour Lady (5)

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I occasionally masturbate with Ingrid, an elegant lady who makes her living giving art lessons. When she asked if I would be willing to pose nude for her sketching class, I told her that I had never done this before, and was apprehensive that I might get an erection in front of her students.


She said that she would appreciate it very much if I would try, as she was desperate for a model for the class just two days away. She promised me two sessions before that, one to shave my pubic hair and another to 'relieve' me shortly before class. 'Shave?' I said, incredulously. 'Well, okay then,' she replied, 'a close trim will do. It will look more natural on you anyway, since you do have SO much body hair! Besides, trimming the hair closely is a lot less hassle, with nearly the same effect. You DO want to look attractive for class!'

She took me into her spare bedroom where we undressed together, then kissed warmly. I felt aroused already. She took a kit out of the dresser drawer and led me into the bathroom. She had me stand with my feet well apart, then she knelt before me and began trimming my scrotum with a small battery powered beard trimmer. She explained that the loose skin in this area was susceptible to nicking and cuts, so she was proceeding very carefully. She herself sported a perfectly trimmed bush and shaven vulva, so I had confidence in her abilities with trimmer and razor.

Her other hand was holding my cock and the more she tugged me off to one side or the other out of the way as she worked, the longer and stiffer I became. She moved from the floor to sit on the padded toilet seat. Now she trimmed the few hairs on my penis shaft. Then she put a plastic guard on the trimmer and proceeded to trim my groin closely, reducing only the longer hair and blending the length well with my belly and upper thighs.

When she showed me with a mirror, it actually looked very nice, much neater. I reached down and ran my fingertips over the area; it felt quite erotic. My hand moved down to my semi-erect shaft and I slowly pulled my foreskin back, revealing my dark red cock head. The sensation of my first stroke was exquisite. She was looking up at my face. I told her how much it was turning me on to be naked with her.

As I stroked away, her neck, then her chest and shoulders became quite flushed. I could tell that she was becoming aroused. She had this wonderful thing that she did, touching her breasts; she slid her palms upward from her lower chest, cupping a large breast in each palm, lifting it slightly, then her thumbs brushing over the nipple, leaving them instantly erect and firm. I told her how much it was turning me on to be naked and masturbating for her.

She spread her legs open, placed her right hand cupping her vulva. Soon I saw that she was rubbing her clitoris and sliding her fingers inside herself. She smiled and said 'cum for me!' My erection was quite hard by now, I was really aroused. I described to her how aroused I felt, and she replied that she found it exciting to watch me pumping away so quickly. She was frantically rubbing her clit, her breath coming in quick gasps.

I warned her that I was very close to cumming. Her left hand moved from her breast to grasp my buttock, pulled me closer to her. This close observation aroused me even more, and suddenly I felt my muscles tighten, then I squirted cum all over her ample 38D breasts.

My stroking slowed, but for six or seven long slow downward strokes, my cum flowed out of my pee-hole, the last few drops merely dribbling onto her thigh. Her fingers frantically worked at her clit while her other hand massaged my cum over her breast and erect nipple. She came within perhaps 30 seconds, gasping, shaking, then finally her breathing slowed.

I reached for some toilet tissue and began to clean us off. Then she grasped my cock, squeezed me gently from base to tip. The last of my cum emerged in a long string. She gathered it in her palm, then gently wiped off the last drop that emerged from my still stiff and throbbing member.

I bent slightly, her full eager lips with mine. I did not break eye contact, put my arms around her and drew her upwards to stand full against me. I asked her a favour, 'would you please do that for me in twenty minutes?'

Her eyes flashed impishly, 'are you going to be up for it?!' she asked.



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