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Aroused at Work

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I've been reading stories at Solo Touch for several minutes now during my lunch break. I have to admit that my six-inch plus long penis is quite hard. I especially like the contributions from females, either solo or female-female. I just read one about two sisters masturbating together and each other and nearly cummed in my pants as I rubbed my cock.

Since my work space is in an open cubicle and I have a steady stream of people going by, I can't risk pulling it out and masturbating like I'd like to. Instead when I experience an erection I place it so it's lying along my thigh and then I rub the head of it through the fabric of my pants. This technique is usually sufficient. In fact, like I said, I nearly cummed that way only minutes ago. Luckily, I edged myself without going over. (I have to pause between typing this to rub). When I'm in the office alone that's a different story. I'll pull it out and masturbate right here at my computer until I orgasm and unload a stream of cum into a tissue.

After I finish typing this I am going into the men's room to relieve the tension that has built up in my pants. I will select the stall furthest away from the entrance and go in. After securing the latch I will unfasten my pants and drop them to the floor. Then I will push my undershorts down to my ankles. Of course my erect cock will spring forth and be standing at full attention in anticipation of an encounter with my right hand. Then I will sit down on the front edge of the toilet seat. Spreading my legs apart I will grasp my member with my hand and start playing with it. I like to use the cup method when I masturbate. I cup my hand over the head of my erect penis and grasp my shaft with my thumb and fingers. Then I use a push and pull motion up and down on my dick until I cum. While I'm masturbating I will recall the stories I've just read here and that will help me get off. When I do I will scoot back and aim the end of my pulsing cock down into the toilet bowl. That way I will be able to shoot a stream of semen without making a mess. If anyone comes into the restroom I will have to suspend my masturbation activity long enough for them to leave. Or I'll at least try to do it without making a noticeable sound. (That's HARD) After I've cummed I will stand up pulling my undershorts back up over my semi-hard cock. Then after pulling my pants back up and fastening them I will exit the stall and head back here to my computer.

I've been using the cup method for masturbation as I described above since I was a ten-year-old boy. I'd be interested if other guys use the same method. The only way I've seen guys masturbating or being masturbated on videos is with their fingers wrapped around their erect shaft and their hand going up and down on it. This doesn't work well for me since my penis is only about seven inches long when erect. I'd like to know if any of you guys use the 'cup' method like I do or am I unique in this? Just curious.



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