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This is an account of an experience I had two years ago, which I hope you all enjoy, and which I hope gives encouragement to all those 'Arnolds' out there in Solo Touch land. No matter how shy you are, there will always be a horny girl waiting for you.


I have read so many great stories in Solo Touch. I find it's a great way to really get myself wet and horny, and often I can spend whole weekends just reading and masturbating in my bedroom. I'm not seeing anyone right now, (I split with my boyfriend three months ago and really don't need the hassle of a relationship after what he did to me), so I guess ST is now my substitute lover! In fact its better than the real thing-it doesn't let me down, doesn't cheat on me, and always makes me orgasm, without fail!

So I thought I would repay everyone who has written about themselves and shared their sex lives with me.

This incident happened two years ago. I was 17. My parents had invited some of my Fathers work colleagues to stay with us for a long weekend break, at our holiday house in Seal Harbor, Maine. One of the couples who came brought their son along. His name was Arnold. He was 15, overweight, spotty, with a silly haircut and wore round, Harry Potter style glasses. Not only that, but he didn't appear to have a personality either. When he arrived with his parents on the Friday morning, he didn't even speak to me when I offered to help them with their luggage from the car. In fact he seemed, rather scared of me-I got the distinct impression, as the day wore on, that he had a real issue with me being there-in my own house!

However, things became clearer when I was in the kitchen helping Mom preparing the evening meal, later in the afternoon, as she chatted to Arnold's mother. My Mom had asked her how Arnold was doing at school, and I overheard her saying that he was having problems. Apparently, he was being bullied by the boys in his class, because of his weight, and had difficulties making friends. He was very introverted, she said. And some, I thought to myself. Then Mom asked if he had made friends with any girls.

Arnolds mother let out a hoot of laughter. 'The day Arnold brings home a girl is the day I start baking my own bread!' , I remember her saying. She explained that Arnold had never spent any time with girls, never shown any interest in girls, and probably never would.

' I really can't see Arny getting close to any girl-he hasn't a clue about them. He's going to be one of those sad, lonely old bachelors who is neither gay nor straight-just doesn't do sex at all.'

Then I remember her lowering her voice, probably so that I wouldn't hear what she was saying-but I did.

'Do you know, Jennifer' ,she whispered, 'I've even put some porn magazines in his bedroom for him to look at, and he hasn't touched them! I know, because I placed them in a particular way, to check if they had been moved. And I'm sure he doesn't even masturbate-I listen outside his bedroom door-not a sound!'

My Mom looked a bit shocked by this. So was I. No wonder this boy had hang-ups about girls with a mother like his! I felt a bit sorry for him now.

Well, the weekend moved on. Arnold seemed to spend most of the time either in his room, or sat alone in the garden by the pool, with his Nintendo. On the Sunday, my parents had planned a day out for their friends, giving them a tour around the coast of Maine, with Sunday lunch at a really nice restaurant in Rockport.

However, Arnold had apparently told his parents that he didn't want to go out anywhere-he just wanted to stay home and play on is Nintendo. My Mom came to me on the Saturday evening, pleading for me to stay and 'just keep an eye on Arnold'.

Reluctantly, I agreed. This looked like it would be a very boring Sunday!

So, at 9.30 am Sunday, off went the convoy of 3 vehicles, and I was left to baby-sit. The morning crawled by. I watched TV, read a magazine, played on my computer and did some study for school work. Lunch approached, and I went to find Arnold. He was upstairs in his bedroom, on his Nintendo. I asked him what he would like for lunch, and he almost jumped out of his skin at the sound of my voice.

Looking nervous, perhaps because he had to actually speak to a girl, his face went red and he mumbled something I couldn't understand. I had to ask him to repeat himself. I just couldn't believe that he was so shy-was it shyness or just plain bad manners?-I couldn't decide.

Anyway, I fixed some lunch and suggested he come outside and we eat down by the pool, as it was such a nice day. He eventually appeared, looking distinctly uncomfortable. We sat around one of the round tables by the pool, and ate. It was a quiet meal. I tried to make conversation with him, tried to find something to talk about. He answered mostly with yes or no, which I found very hard to deal with. He seemed intent on just eating, filling his fat, spotty, face. I gave up after a while, and we ate in silence, as I gazed out to the view over the sea.

And then it occurred to me. A rather naughty thought. A thought that instantly made my heart skip a beat.

When we had eventually finished lunch, I took the plates and cutlery back up to the house. I returned with two towels.

'I thought I would have a swim' I said, casually. 'Here's a towel for you, if you want to join me'. I placed it over the back of a chair, and then began to remove my top. He watched in silence as I stripped off, first my blouse, then my skirt, so that I was just standing in my bra and panties.

'Er, no.........I ...I...I.. cant', he stuttered, his voice trembling, 'I don't have my...sw...sww.. swim shorts'. His cheeks were again flushed.

'Oh, don't worry about that-I don't', I replied, smiling. My heart raced as I unclipped my bra, and my firm, pert, 32 DD breasts popped out. I dropped my bra over the back of a chair, and sneaked a look at Arnold. His eyes were enormous, as he sat gazing at my breasts. Then, before he could say or do anything, I hooked my thumbs inside my panties, and quickly pulled them down, allowing them to drop around my ankles.

I was now standing completely naked in front of poor, embarrassed Arnold, who seemed to be in state of complete shock. Suddenly, this shy, apparently girl -phobic, 15 year old boy was gazing at this naked horny, 17 year old girl. The silence seemed to last for hours, as I just stood and allowed his eyes to take in every detail-my firm , erect nipples, pointing slightly upwards, the round firmness of my breasts. My slender waist and flat stomach. And then, he looked down at my smooth, shaven pussy, which I could feel tingling as his gaze explored my pouting, puffy lips, visible between my legs. I guessed I was the first naked girl he had ever seen, judging from his reaction, and from what his Mom had said.

After several moments, during which Arnold said nothing, I finally turned around and dived into the pool. I emerged on the opposite side, and then swam back to Arnold, who watched me intensely. I reached the side, and held on to the bar, smiling up at him.

'Its lovely-sure you don't want to come in?' I invited, smiling innocently, as though I had no idea just how naughty I was behaving. He shook his head slightly, and shifted uncomfortably in his chair.

'OK-suit yourself', I said, and set off again, this time floating on my back, across the pool. This allowed Arnold to gaze at my shimmering breasts as I glided through the water. And he certainly gazed-he couldn't take his eyes off me! In fact, for the next 15 minutes, he just sat and watched as I cruised up and down the pool.

Eventually, I emerged, water cascading off my slender body, and returned to the table. I picked up my towel and began to rub my long, dark hair dry.

'You're quite welcome to use the pool, Arnold', I said, as I casually began caressing my breasts with the towel.

Then, for the first time, he spoke, his voice surprisingly clear.

'You're so gorgeous', he said. I remember being quite surprised at this sudden, unexpected response from him, and looked at him, smiling. His eyes were watching my hands as I caressed my breasts.

'That's sweet of you', I replied, quietly. And then, carefully, I attempted a conversation.

'I guess you haven't seen many naked girls, have you, Arnold?', I suggested. He slowly shook his head.

'Just you', he replied, confirming what I had suspected.

'Well', I said,smiling, ' guess it's quite an honour to be the first naked girl you've ever seen. I hope I'm what you expected'.

I'll never forget the way his chubby, serious, pink face suddenly transformed itself into an enormous, wide grin.

'Oh, fuck, yes-you're fantastic, Kelly', he said, and then added, sheepishly 'Pardon my language'.

I just couldn't help myself from giggling at his response. Now, I moved closer to him, so that my naked pussy was only a few inches from his face.

'Would you like to see more?', I offered. Before he could think about a reply, I lifted one foot and placed it up on the table, to reveal my shaven, red, swollen pussy. He sat dumbstruck as I then placed two fingers between my legs and began to gently rub my hard little clit. Immediately, my hips gave an involuntary twitch, and I knew I was already nearly there.

He wasn't the first boy to see me masturbate-far from it. But somehow, it was a special experience, because I was the first girl he had ever seen naked. Mine was the first pussy he had ever seen. And I was the first girl to masturbate in front of him. And that really got me horny.

And so, stood there, naked on the patio by the pool, I let him watch as I began to finger myself, slipping two and then three fingers inside my hot, tight virgin pussy, whilst with my other hand I continued to rub my aching clitoris. My hips were now beginning to buck and twist, thrusting back and forth with the actions of my naughty fingers, and I couldn't help letting out a gasp and moan, as I looked down at him. Its always a real thrill to see a guys face watching so intensely when I masturbate, but this time it really got me wet, knowing this was his very first time.

And then, I was cumming. My legs trembled beneath me, as a wave of mind-blowing ecstasy rushed though my body. I cried out loudly, as a pulse of sexual energy gripped my puss. And then, suddenly, Arnold's hand was between my legs. In shock, I watched as he took over, and his fat fingers searching for my tight hole. As his found me, another wave crashed over me, and with a jerk of my hips I watched as my pussy released a flood of hot fluid over lucky Arnold's fingers.

This, understandably, took him by surprise, and his reaction was to pull his fingers back out from my hot little cunny, which resulted in more juice squirting out. I moaned again, and then reached down and grabbed his hand, forcing it back between my legs.

'More......more....', was all I could gasp, as my whole body writhed, my hips thrusting back and forth.

And so, shy, naïve, introverted Arnold spent the next 25 minutes masturbating me, as I stood, and later sat, with my legs apart, and my wet puss dripping cum all over the patio. It was the most fabulous experience-certainly for Arnold, but also for me. Yes, I had had a few boys touching my pussy, and masturbating me. But this experience was different -because it was Arnold. He had moved from being a geeky, shy, sexually repressed lad to a boy whose teenage urges had suddenly been awoken by my naked body.

And that made me feel really great.

And of course, this led to other things. Arnold masturbated in front of me. And despite what his mother thought, I could see that he was well practised. He knew exactly how to do it, and, boy, did he deliver.

As he was about to cum, I bent over his cock, just in time to have him explode his hot creamy load over my face.

Of course, we never spoke about this incident to anyone. But as the guests departed on the Monday morning, I saw a different Arnold wave back at me from the car window. He was smiling. He looked alive. He had finally seen an naked girl. He had masturbated a 17 year old girl. He had made her cum over his fingers.

He was a happy boy.




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