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Anyone Remember Butlins?

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I was a musician on various Butlin sites for over 30 years... this is from my first summer season. Names have been changed to protect the NOT so innocent.

For those not living in the UK Butlins is a holiday camp offering accomodation, leisure facilities and entertainment.


The thing about Butlins is, despite what they say, most sites are a hotbed of sex. There are three distinct categories. a) The older men and women pushing their luck, b) The 'lads' and 'lasses' groups of single boys and girls, and the c) teenies. Ranging in age from 16 (yes, some younger but looking 16) these were always only children of middle aged parents bored out of their minds and looking for fun. Now, some of the Redcoats (resident helpers/entertainers) and others didn't mind who they fucked, what their ages were or where they did it. I saw too many people get into a whole mess of trouble doing that, so I decided that, if I was not sure a girl was telling me the truth about her age, there would be no fucking, only fingering. But what I actually found was some VERY adventurous and kinky girls. This is about one of them.

She entered the (truly hideous) talent show. What made her stand out from the crowd was the fact that she was an accomplished flautist. I had had a morning accompanying 'New York, New York' and 'My Way' and other musical nonsense often under the heading of 'Elvis' when this girl arrived wanting to play a movement from the Mozart concerto for piano and flute. (THAT put my sight reading to the test!!) Of course, from my position in the orchestra pit, I got a good look up her very short and loose fitting skirt to her blue panties. As she played, I saw unmistakable signs of moisture. She was creaming up as she played.

After, she hung around as the theatre emptied and invited me for a 'coffee'. (YAY!!!!) Well, we no sooner left the theatre than I felt her slip her hand in mine and she tugged me away from the direction of the coffee bar and out of the seafront gate of the camp. We walked for a while along the beach before she said 'There.' and rummaged in her pocket for a key to a beach hut her parents had there. Once inside, (damn, those places are hot and muggy!) she literally kissed my brains out!

Then she said 'I'm only 15, so we can't fuck' (bugger!!) 'but we can have some fun.' (Again with the YAY) She shucked out of her little dressy skirty thing and stood there naked from the waist up.

Now, she spoke very well, (privately educated I would guess) and there is nothing more horny than a well spoken girl saying 'Put your hands on my fucking tits.' After what seemed like an eternity of squeezing those hard, firm little budding breasts, she backed away and sat in a wicker chair and said 'Watch me'. She spread her legs and started to masturbate. She had hardly any hair and I could see every move she made. Clearly she was used to having two or three fingers inside her, so when the day came for her to fuck, at least there would be no hymen in the way to hurt her.

I got my cock out and jacked along with her. She said 'No. Not yet... don't cum yet.' before shuddering to a climax. Then she said 'I want to do something realy dirty. Take your clothes off and lie down.' (Triple YAY with bells on... I thought she had changed her mind) Instead she knelt across my chest and started, very slowly to pee into her panties and onto me. Oh, it was sooo erotic.

After she finished, she said 'Your turn' and asked me to do the same on her. It felt weird, but also very erotic. Then she said 'Ok. you can cum now' and I jacked onto her tits..

One week gave way to another and another. I was not as prolific as most of the staff there, but I learned to bide my time. I usually found someone who was, well, no other word for it, kinky as all hell. Oh sure, there was full sex, and lots of it, but rarely was it in bed, light off, missionary. Anyway, that is not for here.

I found girls who had taken masturbation to a whole new level. One girl loved to cum in her panties, repeatedly. Many girls wanted to cum where they could be seen by passing guests. One or two wanted to be taken somewhere like the stage of the main theatre at night and do something on the stage in front of the whole (admittedly empty) theatre. More than once a girl would want me to cum into her panties and then put them back on.. that seemed something of a trend at one point. There was one girl who never wore panties, only tights. One girl, as soon as I reached up her skirt started to whisper 'ohh no... no.. please stop.' So (reluctantly) I did. As soon as I stopped she said 'What are you doing? Don't stop. It's only the noise I make.' So I went back but I stopped again when she got louder and I thought she meant it. She kissed me and said 'I love to pretend I am being forced. No matter WHAT I say, please, DON'T stop!!!'

So I stroked up the inside of her thigh. When I got to her panties, they were quite literally dripping. As I fingered her off, she really went for it, shouting all kinds of obscenities.

One girl really stands out though. She was a Redcoat at one of the hotels. One night, for no apparent reason, she hugged me using the full front of her body and said 'Come to my room.' Now she wasn't very tall, and had almost no boobs to speak of. I got there to find her room lit by candles and her wearing not a damn thing. She told me that there would be no fucking that night, but that this would be 'The prelude to the storm' in her words. Then she did something no woman has ever done before, or, sadly, since.

She was already wet beyond words and had clearly been playing with herself because the room smelled of sex. She stripped me oh, so slowly and teasingly. She lay me on the bed and gave me a full body massage.... NOT using her hands or mouth.. but using her pussy. By the time she was finished, she had wet all over me with her pussy juices, and she had cum twice using my pelvic bone for one, and my big toe for another. Then she opened my legs and said 'Close your eyes and relax' I felt her tie a silk scarf around my eyes. I felt her rub up the inside of my thighs to my balls and cock, but then, I felt one hand withdraw. Next I felt a slick, wet finger pressing against my ass 'Relax' she whispered, this will blow you away. At first I was not at all sure I wanted her to finger my asshole, but eventually I relaxed and a point came where I wanted it very much! Instead she took an age, (I learned later, over an hour) to push her finger deep inside me. I felt her probing, looking for something and then she found my prostate gland and massaged it expertly. I was soooo fucking hard it actually hurt. And then, ohhhh shit, then.. I came like a volcano. No orgasm before or since has been so intense, so long or so utterly fufilling. DAMN I never knew I had that much sperm in me. Rope after rope, and no measly little trickles either. These were full on, chest/shoulder hitting jets.

After that she said 'Now that's out of the way you can concentrate on me'. I massaged her and, at her bidding fingered her ass too. (Never done that before either) At one point I had three fingers in her pussy and my thumb buried in her ass when she came on me.

Ahhhh such memories. A long time ago now, but all precious ones.



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