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Any Other Way Part III

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Yes, the masturbation is coming... all good orgasms have a build up....


You have to hand it to Latin men, I thought, they really don't pussyfoot around. His confidence and audacity was impressive if slightly overwhelming. I was laughing inwardly as I got in the cronky, old lift and got to the top floor, the fourth. Nothing was really going to surprise me any more (or so I thought) as I made my way down the hall feeling like this was now an adventure of the highest order.

I knocked softly on the door and nothing happened. I knocked again a little louder and it took him a minute to appear. The lights were off inside and he'd taken his jacket off and loosened his tie. He looked even more gorgeous then he did twenty minutes ago. 'Come in' he said, smiling very warmly. I couldn't see very much as the lights were off and it was dark outside but the curtains were blowing as the windows were open. An expensive looking camera was on the windowsill.

'The lights are off because I'm just taking some pictures of the square. It's so beautiful. I love Dublin, and coming here. Any excuse really.'

'Oh, don't let me stop you.. if you want to take some more?'

'No, no it's fine.' He said closing the window and switching on a lamp. 'Perhaps I could take some pictures of you?'

'Uh, I don't know about that. I don't really like having my picture taken all that much'.

'Why not? You are so beautiful?'

I looked around the room. It was a suite actually and we were standing in the sitting room area which had a sofa and some soft chairs, a coffee table, a rug and a little bureau. I could see a large bed through the doorway with his jacket thrown on it.

'I already called down and ordered some room service. It can take a while in hotels I find so I took the liberty of ordering a few things... tea, sandwiches and some drinks.. I hope I have ordered something you will like?'. 'That's lovely, thank you' I said, wishing for something stronger at this point but, tea would be good.

I must have looked really nervous or something because he approached me very gently and took my hand. 'Please, come and sit down' and he led me to the sofa.

We sat chatting for I don't know how long with his hand gently twisting and turning in mine. 'You have a very nice perfume' he said bringing my wrist up to his nose. My breathing slowed down and started to get deeper as his lips brushed against my wrist and slowly up my arm. He looked at me and said 'I'm sorry. I have to kiss you now' and he pulled me into his arms. His kiss was warm and deep and our mouths seemed to drink each other in. Tongues exploring, juices and breath mingling. He tasted like honey.

His hands were running up my back and along my thighs and he started to go down my neck which I love. He found a little spot and started to flicker his tongue and suck. I moaned into his ear, biting it. His hand then went very slowly up my front feeling for my breasts under my jacket. His hands were warm against my large and firm tits. His lips came back onto mine more hungrily and urgent this time. There was so much passion between us it was incredible. From 0 to 10 in about thirty seconds.

I straddled over him on the sofa and ripped his tie off. I then undid my jacket and threw it on the floor and pulled my silk camisole over my head. He took a deep breath inwards staring at my breasts, loose and free. He couldn't take his eyes away from them. I reached up and took my hair clip out and shook my hair down. He put his hands on my hips and pressed his erection into me. Through his trousers I could feel how hard he was and I circled my hips and rubbed myself against him. I arched and stretched back offering my breasts to his face and he nuzzled into my cleavage, breathing me in. He started to suck and fondle my tits. Oh my god it felt good. His tongue and lips were sucking hard, greedily almost, and I started imagining his big, hard cock sliding in and out of me while he was doing that.

Right at that moment there was a knock on the door and the familiar voice 'Room service' called out. It took us both completely by surprise and in our haste to try and get up we ended up, or I ended up, falling in a heap on the floor. I was laughing hysterically and ran into the bathroom. I don't know why I did that? My Catholic upbinging probably but I left him to deal with the maid and I took my whorish self into the loo and shut the door. I caught sight of myself in the mirror. Naked from the waist up, hair all over my shoulders, cheeks flushed and eyes shining. I approached the mirror slowly. I looked so different. I looked happy. It took me completely by surprise. As though I were looking at another woman.

I could hear a trolley being wheeled in and Julio exchanging pleasantries with the maid. 'Darling... the food is here' he called out to me through the door. I giggled. He really is outrageous I thought. I wouldn't like to be his wife, but anyway, this was fun alright even if I did burn in hell for it. I saw a kimono on the back of the door. It was red and black and silky and really sexy. I undid my trousers and slipped my g-string off and wrapped it round me. Oh well, in for a penny, in for a pound!

And then I thought about this website believe it or not. I thought, maybe we can masturbate together? That would seem less like I was breaking any moral code? Less intimate? Or maybe it's more intimate as I've actually never masturbated in front of anyone. Not even my cat!

He tapped on the door 'Are you coming out of there?'

to be continued...



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