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Answered the Door Naked

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Whenever I have the house to myself, especially when it is warm outside, I like to walk around the house naked when I get the opportunity. Since my parents both work during the day I really only get the chance to if I don't have school, but during the summer months sometimes I do it just about every day.

One day last August was one of those times, after I woke up I rolled out of bed and didn't bother going to the closet, just walking downstairs nude. I was up for a couple hours just watching TV, not really doing anything when the doorbell rang. I wasn't sure what I should do and was going to just ignore it, but I glanced out the window and saw the delivery truck, and I then remembered that my mom was expecting a package that day. She would be pretty mad if I just let it go and I didn't have time to run upstairs and put something on, so I basically just said 'screw it' and walked over to the door, took a deep breath and opened it. As soon as the guy saw me he had kind of a surprised look on his face, and I glanced down at myself and said I was sorry. He kind of laughed and said not to worry about it, he's seen a lot of stuff on his route and that it actually happens more than I'd think. When it's really hot outside (like that day) there are some days it happens more than once, men and women, and one time a kid a little younger than me signed for a box with a full hard-on. I chuckled about it, but hearing about all the other people who have done the same, I was getting horny in a hurry. I signed for the box and by the time I closed the door and got back to the couch, my penis was stiff as a board. I laid back on the couch and immediately started stroking myself, thinking about what he said. Was that kid just naked like I was and happened to have an erection at the time? Did he do it on purpose or did the guy catch him masturbating? Maybe his girlfriend was over and they were in the middle of having sex and she was laying in bed, just as naked waiting for him to come back? My mind was racing just thinking of the possibilities. I imagined if that was me, answering the door needing to cum, right on the edge of an orgasm. Just picturing myself standing there with my penis sticking straight out did it, I closed my eyes and came all over my chest, one squirt reaching my neck and some dribbling out on my hand. I couldn't believe how much I came, and I needed a paper towel to mop it all up. When I got it all I felt sweaty and sticky so I went up to take a cool shower, but my erection was still hanging around so I masturbated a second time up there.

After that day I thought a lot about it, and I knew I had to answer the door like that kid did. There were a few times I had ordered food to be delivered just for the chance, but I really didn't want to do it in front of a guy, so I had to throw on a pair of shorts I had with me when I saw them pull up. The last time though I ordered a pizza from a place I knew had a couple female drivers, and luckily when I looked out the window I saw it was one of them. I was almost shaking I was so nervous and when she knocked on the door I was actually stroking as I walked over to stay fully hard, but when I opened the door I tried to act like nothing was out of the ordinary. She read off the tab and when she looked back up at me she gasped and told me how sorry she was, I shrugged and told her 'no it's OK, I have the house to myself and I was just masturbating...you know'. She just gave me an embarrassed smile and nodded and said 'yep...I sure know.' I gave her the money and she gave me the pizza and before she turned around she said 'well...take care of yourself...and that.' I told her 'you can count on it', and she laughed and said 'I bet.' I was so close by the time I shut the door, I got back to the kitchen and stroked maybe 3-4 times before I blew my load on the floor. Before I could sit down with my lunch I had to make sure I found every sticky drop.

Those were the only times I have ever answered the door like that, but it was unbelievable how exciting it was to do it. I guess it opened up the exhibitionist side of me, but many times when I masturbate I think about how else I can be seen.



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