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Another Neighbor 'Get Together'

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New fan of Solo Touch. I just read the article in Solo Touch titled 'Love Your Neighbor' and I certainly relate to this. Happened to me too.


I and my wife live in an apartment complex. Two years ago my wife flew out to visit her sister in Alabama. Her vacation was in the Summer and mine was in the Fall so I couldn't go with her. She had been gone around six days and on this evening I went down to the pool side lawn chairs to pass the evening.

We had this neighbor that was in the apartment just across from ours. She was a younger (around 35) divorced woman that lived there alone. She occasionally would have a male visitor in her apartment and I not only figured these visits were for more than a casual get together and talk. The reason I knew was because there was this one that was a noisy SOB. I call him this because I certainly envied or was jealous of him. This neighbor may had been in her mid thirties but she had the body of a twenty-year-old. She'd often run around really showing it off with what she'd be wearing and I had also seen her at the pool wearing her bikini. She'd have me drooling at my mouth with lust. Anyway, when this guy was there awhile I'd go out 'for some air' and I could hear him in her apartment. As he neared orgasm and blew his load he didn't hold anything back. I could just picture him laying between those beautiful legs deep inside Joan's pussy and he'd sure let the whole complex know how good it felt with his sounds. I'd get erect just hearing him and imagining it was me in there instead of him.

On this evening I was joined by Joan who also came over to the poolside. She sat next to me and we conversed. Joan, as usual, was showing a lot of skin wearing a halter top and shorts. In our conversation I let her know that my wife was out of town and had been gone all week. Joan came back with 'I bet you sure are missing her' with a little smile on her face. I told her I sure was. She continued on with this asking me 'how long has she been gone'? I again told her 'six days now'. Joan then said 'I bet this is hard on a man like you'. Between this kind of talk and checking her out looking at her big tits under her little halter top and those beautiful legs I was sure getting that arousal feeling within me and it was sure showing in my shorts. I'm sure Joan noticed this as it was quite obvious. I was also beginning to move around in the chair from that feeling of excitment I was beginning to feel. Joan, of course, couldn't help but notice this.

Joan then said 'why don't we go into my apartment and you won't be missing her near as much'. I knew exactly what Joan was referring to and I was now feeling so horny that I was ready to go along with this. I thought to myself then that there wasn't any way I was going to have intercourse with this woman without a condom. With her life style and her numerous visitors it just wasn't wise although I would sure had loved to got some of that wonderful pussy of hers. I then came out and asked her if she had any condoms for I sure didn't. I and my wife certainly didn't use them. She answered back that she didn't. I thought 'ah shit' to myself thinking I was sure going to miss out on some good sex and I'm sure my expression showed it. Then Joan said some magic words that saved the evening. She said 'you know we don't have to fuck to have some fun'. This brought an instant smile to my face and a renewed little twitch to my erection! I told her 'you're right' thinking now that all isn't lost and that I would be getting my hands on that beautiful body afterall! The excitment level was sky high as we headed for her apartment.

We went in and Joan headed for the bedroom telling me to follow her. She started taking off her clothes and I followed suit. We sat on the edge of the bed nude and started kissing each other. She broke from the kiss and reached into her night stand and came out with a tube of a personal lubricant in her hand and we laid back and continued our kissing. I soon went down to her breast kissing and sucking on them and my hand went down between her soft legs feeling them up and rubbing the slit of her pussy. Joan then put some of the lube on her fingers and reached down and put it inside her pussy lips saying 'I don't get as wet as I use to'. I resumed the fingering of her pussy while kissing her tits. It didn't take long and she went to bucking her hips telling me 'right there. Harder. Oh God, right there' etc. Then her legs came hard together squeezing my hand while deep in her pussy. She slowly came down from her orgasm and told me 'now your turn'. She squeezed some of the lube in her hand and went to giving me one of the best feeling hand jobs I've ever felt. While she was doing this my hands were all over her body taking in its wonderful softness mainly concentrating on her beautiful legs. It didn't take long and I released my week's worth of cum all over her body. It felt terrific! I needed this.

We got up and showered together and got dressed. We headed back to the lawn chairs. We talked about getting some condoms for next time but I was now thinking a lot more straight without that hard on in my pants. A guy always thinks a lot straighter this way. That thing between our legs can sure get us in trouble if we allow it to happen as it seems to have a 'mind' of its own and all it 'thinks' about is pure pleasure. It certainly brought me a tremendous amount of pleasure that evening with that neighbor of mine.



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