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Another First Time Story

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This is how my first time happened back in the early 70s. I'll never forget it. It was a very exciting event to me.


Back then, I was still in high school. After school, I worked evenings at a service station and then I'd walk home after closing. On my way home, I'd pass by this house with this sign out front advertising 'massage'. I always wondered about this place and what it was. I'd seen an Oriental woman there a few times and I figured it was she that gave the massage. She was probably in her early 30s and was quite pretty. It was exciting to me just thinking about her having her hands on my body. I'd never had a girl touch me all over before.

It got where I'd literally get sexually aroused just passing the place with my mind thinking how it might be in there. I was dying to find out how it would be. Then, one Saturday, I worked all day, got my week's pay and walked home. On the way, I thought about going in but passed it up. I got to the corner and turned around. I had to go in and see how it was. I went in and the Oriental lady greeted me. She ask 'you want massage'? I ask 'how much is it'? She said '30 minute 10 dollar; one hour 15 dollar'. I told her I'd have to come back. She ask 'too much'? I told her yes. Making $1 an hour back then this was rough. She said 'I do 20 minutes 5 dollar for you'. I said 'ok' and gave her a five.

She took me to a back room telling me to take off clothes and lay down. She left the room. I took off everything except my briefs. I just didn't know. Didn't do a lot of good anyway. I was rock hard and my briefs sure couldn't hide it. She returned and had taken off her robe and was now wearing just panties and bra! Seeing this really made me hard. She worked on my back awhile and I could hardly wait for her to tell me to turn over. I wanted to show her my cock. No girl had ever seen me like this before. She finally said to turn over and I quickly did. As I laid there I looked at her eyes looking at my cock. It was a big thrill seeing this girl seeing me like this.

She rubbed on my chest a little and then looked at me and ask 'want something else'? I shook my head yes and looked down at the bulge in my briefs. She said 'you like jackee'? I said 'yes'. She pulled down my briefs freeing my cock. I was so excited. It was throbbing with excitment. She poured some baby oil on it and took it in her hand. She just started moving her hand on it and that was all it took. I exploded! Cum went everywhere. I'd never gone so much in my life. She aimed it so to keep it on my chest and belly. She then got a warm wash cloth and cleaned me off.

I went back two weeks later. This time I laid down on the table naked. When it came time for the 'jackee'. I ask her if I could touch her. She said 'yes, you can feel me all you want but no fingers in me'. I got to feel a girls forbidden places for the first time as I ran my hand over her thighs. They felt so good that I ended up cumming real fast again. It took me several trips there to keep myself under control enough to be able to enjoy the feel and the hand job for a couple of minutes before exploding. I ended up experiencing the feel of a girl's legs, ass and tits from this woman. I also got to see and touch her pussy. To high school boy, this was nothing short of fantastic and I have desired Oriental girls ever since.



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