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Another First Time

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I have read the other male first-time ejaculation stories and thought I'd share mine


My first ejaculation story is similar to the others I've been reading here, but a bit more erotic (at least to me). I'm 47 now, but around 13 back then.

When I was in my early early teens, I too started going through 'the change'-my cock growing, pubic hairs just starting to sprout, etc. And like the others, I discovered my penis getting hard at night, and enjoying the sensations of rubbing against pillows, sheets, just about anything -but no cumming up to that point. I guess you could call what I had up until then 'dry orgasms'.

This was in the summer, and my family went to visit my grandma at her house in Oklahoma. It was a really old, small house. It had just one bathroom off the master bedroom where my Grandmother slept. My family was large, so we were scattered all over the small number of rooms in the house. I got assigned what used to be an old bedroom on the second floor. This room had been taken over as a storage room for 'family archives'-that is, wall-to-wall boxes, old furniture, stacks of old magazines and newpapers, etc. My grandmother was a hoarder of things. There was just enough room against the wall for a bed and that was about all the space open in the tiny room.

This room was up a flight of stairs to the right off a small landing at the top of the stairs. My parents had the room to the left upstairs. My four brothers and sisters were scattered in the living room and den downstairs sleeping on couches, floor, etc. I considered myself lucky to have a room to myself, even if the living space was like a closet.

As I said the house was old and there was no air conditioning, just a window AC unit downstairs in the den and one in my grandmothers bedroom. And again just one bathroom off the master bedroom. Of course, at night no one wanted to disturb my grandmother to use the bathroom. So you either had to hold it until morning or find some other outlet. My parents left an old chamber pot in the room in case I had to pee at night (or poop, I suppose). I found the thing to be really primitive and revolting. Still on the first night I found myself needing to pee and not wanting to go through my grandmother's room to the bathroom. I sat the chamber pot on a nightstand and pointed my penis at it, but the oddness of the situation just caused my bladder to clamp shut and my cock to get hard in my hands. I ended up holding until morning that first night.

The next night I tried to lay down and relax, but my bladder just kept feeling fuller and fuller with each minute. And not helping things, I would rub my penis against the sheets to get that tingling sensation.

In desperation I looked around and found a stack of large Dixie cups. After some coaxing, I was able to sit on the edge of the bed and relieve myself into the cup-well two cups (in those days we didn't have cups larger than 24 ounces).

after that I noticed how hot it was in the room. I quietly opened the windows in the room, and quietly opened the door. The lights were off in my room. I got in bed with a sheet covering me and removed my underwear to be completely naked.

I was rubbing and enjoying the sensations when I noticed that I felt something like an urge to pee. I stopped. I started rubbing again, felt the control losing me and stopped. My position in the bed had me looking directly out the door to the landing to my parent's closed door. Right around this time, the door to my parents room opened inward-apparently my parents also wanted to get some air circulation in the room. I closed my eyes and remained motionless, not wanting my parents to see me awake.

I looked again after a few seconds. There was a lot of light coming from my parents room. And to my amazement, the door that they had opened inward was left at an angle-and to my surprise, there was a full length mirror on the door. I still cannot figure out why a mirror was on the OUTSIDE of the door. I had not noticed this before. But with the door opened INTO the room at a 45 degree or so angle with the mirror on the outside of the door I had a perfect view of their entire bedroom (which was also very small).

I had, up to this point, never been a voyeur. But I found myself able to watch my parents in their bedroom completely unnoticed (since my room was dark). My dad was laying on the bed in just his boxers. My mom had opened the door and was walking back towards the bed. My folks were talking, small talk about things to do the next day. My mom was still dressed but barefoot, wearing pantyhose as many women did back then. Both my room and theirs were stifling hot in the midwestern summer evening-hot and humid even at night.

My dad was reading or something, but my eyes were watching my mother. Again, up until this point I never had thought of her in a sexual way. But I had always appreciated how she kept her figure trim and had awareness that her breasts were larger than those of my friends. She sat down on a chair in front of a dresser with a mirror while talking to my dad. She was brushing her hair.

The casual interaction of them in the bedroom I found erotic, and I started to rub my penis against the sheet, hoping I'd see my mom get undressed. Sure enough, my mom soon stood up and began to unbutton her blouse. I was amazed, my dad didn't blink an eye and kept reading while my mother undid her blouse. It came off quickly right before my eyes. I lost my breath as I saw her standing there with her white bra. Because the rooms were so small, she could not have been more than 10 or 12 feet away. But again, the mirror had me looking around the corner into their room and not directly at her.

My mother's breasts in that bra made my blood boil. I felt flush all over and goose bumps all over. She had a style of bra on that some of us older folks would know as a bullet bra-real lift, separate and pointy. And she filled it well. Still, I could not get over how casually she took off her blouse in front of my dad AND he didn't even seem to notice!

My rubbing continued in earnest after I recovered from the shock. But it got better! Next she undid her skirt, swung around, and it was off and tossed over to somewhere I could not see. Just like that-fast, no effort. So there she was, still talking to my dad, in her white pointy bra and her nylons. the nylons were over her large white panties, what I would now call 'old lady panties'. But still, it was the hottest, sexiest thing I could ever imagine as a young innocent lad. She paused her undressing to look at herself in the mirror on the dresser, turning one way, then the other. And my dad still seemed oblivious to the whole thing! I now know that after years of marriage you do get used to it, but then I could not understand.

About this time they stopped talking. My mom then started to peel off her hose. As she did, her back was turned towards my voyeur mirror and I saw her butt under those large white panties. About this time I felt that same tingling in my penis, as I had been rubbing frantically at this point. It was getting that feeling of no return that we all know and love.

Without a pause, once she stepped out of the stockings, the bra came off faster than my mind could comprehend-snap, gone. As she turned away from my dad and towards the mirror on the door, I got my first view of a woman's breasts. My god, to this day I have yet to see a more beautiful pair (though I may be biased). Full, shapely-the were the kind that had a moon curve down but then filled out and pointed out and slightly up-moon shaped. She had wide brown areolas and beautiful red nipples which pointed up a little, and her nipples were erect and beautiful. She gave them a lift and a caress after freeing them from the bra. It must feel good to set them free!

At this point I was in male heaven. I could barely breathe. I stared at her boobs, watching them sway as she moved around in the room. She was organizing something, but to this day I have no idea what she was organizing. Maybe laying out clothes for the next day. My eyes were fixed on her breasts and how them moved and swayed.

My mom said something to my dad, and initially I could not quite hear it or maybe I heard it and it didn't register-'I need to pee'. With which she took a bedpan or chamber pot from the dresser and walked away from my dad and toward the door. I guess she didn't want to pee right in front of him. When she got near the door she looked around and hesitated. there really was no private place she could go. Not out into the landing, too public. the room was too small. She came into plain view in the doorway and hesitated. I squinted my eyes to pretend to be asleep and layed motionless. She looked over into my room for a few seconds to make sure that I was not awake (or didn't appear to be awake). With that, she sat the pot on the floor right near the door threshold. I am sure that my dad's view was blocked BUT not mine! She was just eight feet away, at most! She turned her back towards me and straddled the pot. I opened my eyes wide, and I mean WIDE as she pulled her panties down and squatted over the pot. Almost immediately I heard a stream of pee hit the pot and begin to fill it. She let out a sigh as she emptied her bladder. It was the most raw and beautiful thing I could ever imagine-a woman right before my eyes doing her intimate business! Time seemed to freeze for me-I remained still as she continued to pee, letting out a few more a soft 'oh' and 'ah'. Soon it was over and she stood, pulled up her panties, picked up the pot and walked back into the room. She then picked up a nightgown that draped over her almost to her feet (what a waste to cover that up). With that, the lights went out and she got into bed with my dad. A shared 'goodnight' and soon they were asleep.

I replayed the images in my mind over and over, rubbing frantically against the sheet. Then it happened, the familar feeling of losing control and then my muscles contracted for the first time. I thought I was peeing as I felt my first semen shoot out of me and into the sheets. I was not sure what it was-I had no idea about sex at that age. I was unsure what the sticky stuff was, but I was sure it was not pee. I worried a bit, but was exhausted and pretty well worked up. I would later learn what that semen was.

I grew up with those images of my mom, and still have them to this day. I have cum so many times over this. It's great to have the memories. I would never act on them, of course, but my early years were filled with fantasies and lust over my mom and her magnificent body.



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