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Another Doctor's Tale. Albeit True

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100% true. Ask me and I'll give you the name of the doctor so you can see her too.


I picked a female doctor out of the phone book that advertised better health through staying younger and such crap that know way was she an actual MD but her license. There are many doctors like this, actually afraid to practice real medicine. A lot of them are either homeopathic or own a lab or other stuff, just not to actually treat a patient that needs actual medical care. A broken arm and they'd go running. I don't know how they made it through med school, maybe something happened that traumatized them after they became doctors. Some are very afraid of death and have no self confidence to treat somebody with an actual threatening illness. They will on the other hand treat any BS a hypochondriac cares to make up. I went to one such doctor.

I told her my semen wasn't shooting correctly and could she help me. Of course she could.

She almost couldn't wait to stick a finger up my ass. I get there and she spends about a half hour asking needless tripe about my condition and tells me she needs to see my blood work. I had it from a previous physician that knew what she was doing so I got to call her bluff and I handed her the paper work. She looks it over and tells me something about something being lower than normal. Yeah she was right my liver function was a bit low cause I had a bout with a common cold about a week before my blood was drawn. She didn't ask me that though.

Finally comes the part I'm waiting for, getting to show this attractive woman my cock. She has me get undressed and wait and she'll be right back in a few minutes. When she comes in her eyes go right to my penis. She can't take her eyes off it. Hello, just like a woman with big tits, nobody looks them in the eyes when talking to them. Hello, my eyes are on my face, not my boobs.

So here she is and she just can't take her eyes off my cock. I know what it is, she's Japanese and her husband must have a tiny thing so she is really enamoured by a big American dick.

All this time it's flaccid but she's still looking at it. This is going better than I had imagined.

My plan is working. She has me lie on my side and she says she needs to check my prostate. She puts on gloves and lubes up a finger and you know what next. She says it feels normal so that's not it. I tell her maybe she needs to see my erection and to see if the angle is correct. She agrees, maybe that's it. I start stroking myself into a complete and total hard on for her.

She is loving this, now keep in mind she can't touch me in a sexual way but she touches it and examines it. She does just that, she bends it to the right and to the left and forward and back. Not only is she liking it, my plan is working to perfection. I am getting my jollies and she actually hasn't any such clue. I can't let this situation get away so I keep it going. Also, she's getting off on this too and the whole while stays professional about it. She's wearing a chiffon dress under her lab coat and fidgeting so as to get her clit some attention it needs. All the time she must be thinking this is her lucky day, she gets to see a tall handsome and fit young man naked, she's had this fantasy since med school. All straight female doctors do. Not only does she get to see me naked but gets to examine me with a rock hard erection. If she could she'd have her hand in her panties and be rubbing one out. She can't do this though, it would be unethical and she'd be in for a law suit. That's how I know must of these posts are just fantasies, they forget about the line doctor's just can't cross.

I take it a step further now. I tell her maybe she needs to see me ejaculate, she doesn't say a word but nods encouragement. She knows she can't actually ask to see that, but what the hell she doesn't have to leave the room. By this time her panties must be soaked. I stand up and put on a great show for her, I start masturbating smack in front of her. I even ask her for some lubricant, it will go faster that way. While she gets it I lay out a paper towel on the table for me to shoot on. She comes back and holds out the tube in one hand and the cap in the other. I motion for her to put it on my erection. She squeezes some out on the head of my cock. I turn around and get lined up over the table. She quickly gets back in a position she can see it all. I look at her face and she's completely mesmerized. Her jaw is slightly open and her eyes are glazed over. She is not in any way touching her self or me so as to be inappropriate, but she is enjoying the show, she just can't let on. Finally I let off a round of shots that would be the envy of any porn director. She leans in and says yes, she sees what I mean, the ropes of semen she just watched cascade out of my dick weren't of usual force and the amount was lower than normal. Like she knows what's normal for me.

She turns on her heels and hangs up her lab coat and as she starts to open the door she see's herself in the mirror. I see it too, her panties are soaking through to her dress, she has a large wet spot on it just in front of her crotch. She grabs the lab coat off it's hook and puts it back on. As I'm dressing I see her out the window driving away in her car, obviously back home to get a new dress. I'm sure to this day before she put it on and drove back to her office she got out her vibrator and gave herself a good frigging with it.

That my friends, maybe the only true story you ever read about a male patient his attractive female doctor. And no, she didn't ask for my phone number. She already had it, but she knows if she uses it, it would be crossing that line doctor's just can't cross and remain in practice. She can however, rub her pussy and think about it all she wants.



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