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Another Day With Barbie

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If you read my previous story, I mentioned several other episodes with Barbie, one of my neighbors when I was growing up.

This time happened the very next weekend from my last story.

I was sitting on the swings across the street from my home, just swinging and seeing how far I could kick sand. Typical boring summer day.

I looked up and saw Barbie walking over. She was a tall girl, with a dark complexion, pretty plain looking, and although she was heavy, she carried it well on a large frame. She didn't have a big stomach, or fat legs or anything, she was just BIG! And the thing I liked most about her was her chest, which seemed to go on forever, and she was constantly trying to hide it with baggy shirts, never tucked in.

She sat down on the swing beside me and said hi. I said hi in return, and asked her what she was doing?

'Just bored' she replied.

'Yeah, me too,' I said, continuing to swing.

'You wanna go out in the woods again, and just walk around?' she asked, glancing over at me.

'Sure,' I replied, feeling a twitch in my jeans already, hoping something more exciting would happen than just a walk.

We both set off, crossing through the trailer park, and up the steep hill into the woods behind the park. I led the way, since I was familiar with the woods. We walked by the treehouse, and followed a trail that led really deep into the woods.

'Where we going?' she asked.

'Oh, a spot I know that's quite a ways back,' I answered.

After walking for about 15 minutes, and crossing a couple small streams, we came to a stand of pines that was pretty big. The path led around both sides of it, but I cut right into the middle. If you walked thirty or forty yards through the pines, it opened out into a small clearing about a quarter of the size of a football field. People had used it in the past to camp in I think, since there was a firepit at one end.

The area was surprisingly sunny, and blessedly free of mosquitoes! We both wandered around, checking things out, looking for animal tracks and stuff.

'Does anybody ever come back here?' she asked, stopping and looking at me.

'I've never seen anybody,' I answered, shrugging my shoulders.

'Good, then I can do this!' she beamed as she quickly opened up the buttons on her shirt, and flipped her bra up over her huge tits, baring them to me.

Drool almost fell out of my mouth, her breasts looked so good. I walked up to her, and grabbed each of them and just massaged them for a few minutes. She finished taking off her shirt and unfastened her bra. I had to briefly let go so she could take that off too.

She said, 'let's just get naked and walk around in the woods for a little bit, it'll be fun.'

I probably would have walked down a busy street naked by that time, if it would get me what I wanted. We both stripped off all our clothes, and lay them out in the center of the clearing. I couldn't stop looking at the thick patch of hair between her legs, and she couldn't keep her eyes off my bobbing cock.

She led the way, ginglerly poking her way through the pines. I followed her, about a half step behind, grabbing her ass and reaching around and feeling her tits whenever I was in reach. She helped matters along quite a bit by stopping suddenly, giggling when my cock bumped up against her ass.

We soon had enough of that, and the mosquitoes, and stepped back into the clearing. We headed back to where our clothes lay, and she spread them out on the ground a little more comfortably, and sat down.

I asked her to lay down, and spread her legs for me. She did so, her knees up in the air, and her thighs spread wide apart. Her hairy bush was beautiful, and the dark lips of her pussy glistened with the sweat and juice from her excitement. She tweaked her tits, which were hard and extended. Wow, this looked better than any magazine spread I had ever seen! I could sit and watch her all day.

But I had other things in mind, and so did she. I sat down beside her, and ran my fingers across her belly, down to her mound, and then down to her wet slit. She gasped as my fingers found her, and stroked back and forth across her labia. She reached over and grabbed my cock as my fingers slowly stroked in and out of her. Pre-cum was leaking out, providing just enough lubrication to make my whole rod slick. Her fingers felt like heaven gliding like silk over my hard rod.

I told her to go slow, becaust I wanted this to last longer than the last time we had done anything. She obliged, taking short breaks to fondle her boobs. She asked me several times if they looked good. I could only grin and nod. Once she even leaned over and took the head of my cock into her mouth, while she slowly stroked it. I almost lost it.

We must have gone for close to 45 minutes, and I'd come so close to orgasming, I thought I was gonna go crazy. She kept getting wetter the more my fingers probed her pussy, and she squirmed constantly under my hand. I don't think she had an orgasm, but she seemed to enjoy it enough!

I told her I wanted to cum on her tits. She nodded agreement, so I swung my leg over her body, positioning myself over her stomach, with my cock bobbing over the top of her gorgeous melons. She pushed them together for me, and I slid between them. The feeling, accompanied by the beautiful view of her large brown nipples, quickly sent me over the edge. I felt my cock spasm as cum shot along its length. My cock popped out from between her tits, and I bathed her entire chest with long ropes of cum, easily five or six streams. She looked on in amazement and it slowly stopped spurting and began to soften. She slowly rubbed the puddles of cum around her breasts, while I tried to slow my breathing. We looked into eachother's eyes, and just smiled.

'That was great,' I breathed, continuing to stroke my subsiding erection.

'Yeah, it was. I really like this spot.'

We both layed there for a while, letting the sun warm out sweat-soaked bodies, until we finally decided it was time to get home. We both helped each other dress, and made the long walk home in time for dinner.


Hope you enjoyed my experience as much as I did at the time. I still think back on that time when I'm laying in bed at night, and have enjoyed so many orgasms thinking about it.



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