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Another Brother Story

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When I first really noticed my brother naked


I had always had the typical brother-sister relationship with my brother, Randy, who is three years older than me. Always the usual fights, arguments, and usual sibling rivalries, although he would always stick up for me whenever anybody outside the family would say something that needed defending. I always thought he was good-looking, although I never told anybody else that.

When I hit puberty at around 12, I started to realize how well-built Randy was when he was around 15 and would try to indiscriminately sneak glances at him in his shorts or underwear when he wasn't noticing. This seemed to satisfy some sort of curiousity in me for a while regarding boys' bodies (or so I thought) until I realized I really wanted to see more. This really hit one day when we were in the backyard burning tree branches and leaves.

We had been burning some tree limbs (we lived in a rural area back then) in the brush burner my dad had made for most of the afternoon. We both had smoke from tree limbs and leaves totally soaked into our clothes, when Randy suggested we strip down to our underwear and wash the smoke smell off with the garden hose. No big deal I thought as I really wanted to get the smoke smell off of me. We had seen each other in our underwear plenty of times before, and although lately I liked to look at him in only his briefs, it had not been any big deal.

However, this time when he used the hose to soak himself down, of course his white underwear got wet too. I couldn't exactly see through it, but I could very plainly see the defined outline of his penis and balls. Additionally, the wet material seemed to show the dark hair around his genitals and I could tell how much he had developed since I saw him naked when we were little kids and knew he really had developed into a man. I was fascinated by it.

He apparently saw me staring at it, because all of a sudden it started to get bigger, and the bigger it got, the more it seemed to be exposed under the wet material of his white underwear. In about a minute, it seemed huge and was lifting his underwear out a little. I had no clue a boy's penis could get like that and was spellbound by it.

I asked him if it hurt being so swollen and he said it actually felt really good when it gets like that. I couldn't imagine how that could feel good since it looked so strange to have that thing poking out for the entire world to see. Randy then said 'I need to take these off' and with that totally removed his underwear.

There he was in all his naked glory, with that incredible hairy thing sticking out between his legs. My mouth went dry and I felt a really strange feeling in my stomach (my first feeling of being horny) when I looked at it.

We spent the next half-hour discussing it, with me asking questions about what it is like to have a penis, and him providing the answers. He explained about his balls and sperm, and how stimulating his penis resulted in male orgasm and ejaculation. I was truly captivated and wanted to see this for myself. I asked him to please show me how it worked.

He was only too happy to oblige. His penis had stayed hard the entire time we had our question and answer session. He then began rubbing it with an up-and-down motion with his hand. I noticed the head of his penis was becoming a dark red color the more he rubbed it. I again asked him if it hurt, since it was getting so dark colored. He said no, that only meant he was getting closer to orgasm and releasing his sperm. I couldn't wait to see it.

Soon he was breathing harder and his balls seemed to bunch up closer to his penis shaft. I assumed this meant they were preparing to release the sperm. I was right. All of a sudden a great spurt of white liquid shot out of his penis, followed by another five or six smaller spurts. Some of it went on his stomach, and the rest ran down the length of his shaft onto his hand and balls. He let out a moan of relief with each spurt. I was totally in awe of the whole scene. How I envied boys and their ability to provide such a visual show during orgasm! It looked like it must feel absolutely incredible when the warm sperm comes out like that, and I secretly wished somehow I could experience it!

As soon as he came down from his orgasm, he quickly put his wet briefs back on and went back into the house. I could never get him to talk about it again after that, but I certainly relived that scene hundreds of times again in my mind. Every time I think about it I get that horny feeling again in my stomach. I hope he reads this and wants to do it again for me someday. It truly was a treat!



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