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Underwater Orgy

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One big huge underwater orgy is not something to be forgotten!


One experience that happened just a few days ago makes me so horny, and I really want to share this, because I doubt that I will get to do this stunt again.
It was a warm spring weekend, and six of my friends (all girls) decided to drop by my house. We all talked about life in general at first, but somehow, the subject slowly shifted its way to guys and all. Somehow, we all found out that we liked to masturbate ourselves, but only with our clits. By then, we were all a bit horny, so we got ourselves hornier and because we didn't want to orgy masturbate, we got magazines of full-breasted women being the sexual desire symbols of nude men. We were completely charged by then, and all of us wanted a way to release themselves, but we wanted to do it in a very special way. Then, one of my friends remembered that I had a pool in our backyard, and that we were getting pretty hot, so perhaps we should go take a dip. I knew that that was the original reason they went to my house in the first place because they all had their 2-piece bathing suits. But I wanted a heavier dare, and my notion was agreed.

We all were still in the house in the living room that went to the backyard with the pool, and my dare was that we all changed into our suits in front of each other like a usual women's changing room to the public pool. We were all somewhat conservative, so this seemed like a big deal at the time.  We all stripped and saw each other almost nude. We all had different colored panties, and including me, four of us were not wearing bras. I, of all the girls, had the biggest breasts of all, in a C cup. We then stripped the undergarments as well, and our nice nipples and vaginas were in the view of everyone else. Most of our nipples were now enlarged from our excited state. Four of our pussies were shaved.
We all quickly got into our swimsuits, but our excited state was still very visible by how erect and pointy our nipples were, visible through the bra part of our suits. So we went out to the back of the house where the pool was, and all dived in. We did not want to use the jets to excite us; we wanted some naughty fun to excite us. Someone then suggested strip tag, and we really wanted to try that. Our rules were simple: we had a person that was it, and she would have to chase the others in the pool because there were not that many places to hide. In order to 'tag' the person, the girl who was it had to take off the bra part of the suit from the person by unbuckling it from the back. The 'tagged' girls could not move, must cross their arms, and play with their breasts until a non-tagged girl or the person who is it, comes too close, so they could get another bra on them and play again. The game is over when either the girl who was it got all the bras, and thus is considered winner, or the non-tagged players could somehow take off the bra of the girl who was it and they become the next it.
Our game quickly started with one of the girls becoming it. We all were pretty good swimmers, and the pool was fairly large. I accidentally lost track of where the girl was, and when I finally realized that she was under me, she got behind me and I was the first one to go topless in our game. My breasts got hard, erect and pointy once my bra was taken, and when I started to massage myself according to the rules, I was very horny. This went on for an embarrassing 10 minutes until one of the other girls managed to sneak upon the girl who was it and took off her bra. We all got our bras again, and because we wanted more fun, we kept going with this activity. This time, I was more careful, and using my deep water swimming skills, I managed to get the girl's top off in 5 minutes. Now we were all horny by now, and again we wanted to do something even nastier than what we have just done. One of the girls finally cooked up an extreme game of dare and challenge: not only did we have to remove the top of the suit, but also we had to attempt to remove the bottom enough to reveal the vagina. That added a certain difficulty, because we would be moving our legs so much that to even reveal the private area would be very difficult to do privately. The girl who had both items removed would have to use one hand to massage their breast while the other hand had to stimulate their own clit.

We must have been very horny and pretty excited, because I easily got all their bras in 5 minutes. The panties part was a bit longer, but I managed to yank down all six panties without being caught myself, and all of our nipples were erect from our playing. We were seven very horny girls that wanted to give ourselves a lot of relief. So we quickly decided to have an underwater orgy: we took off our tops, revealing our pointed nipples. We were to stimulate each other in any way possible, even clitoral until we reached orgasm or we ran out of breath, but we all knew that our game will never be over until we are all relieved from our horniness.

So, we all dived down and went to our orgy. Many hands brushed my breasts and even more got to my clitoris. My hands instinctively got wild too, as my right hand brushed by a breast and a chest, massaging them as my left hand got to the vulva level and got at least one girl. We all had to take a few air breaks all at separate times, each time we dive back down again we were greeted by hands and bodies as we did a mass orgy of stimulation. One after another, we all had at least one orgasm, I liked mine because I felt the aftershock of the orgasm throughout my body, it was a very strong orgasm, and I was still horny. I noticed that I was not the only one that experienced strong orgasms because one of the girls actually shook from the intensity from their orgasm.
We all surfaced, our breasts were still hard and erect from our ordeal, and the water made them push up anyways. We were all still energetic from our orgasm orgy, and wanted to do that again. Just then, someone behind us coughed, and we all turned around to see a boy.  All of us were friends with each other because he was one of the few guys who played King's Cross. We all knew him to be a loyal and honest guy, a bit shy but we all could talk with him in a pretty good basis. We all gasped in horror as we realized that we were all topless, and he was seeing our bare breasts bobbing up and down from the water. However, as we all guessed out later on, our fear was unfounded because we all noticed that his eyes were not stuck to our bosoms like a horny male teen, rather he looked at us with a questioning look. His first question was what we were doing swimming around without our bras, because we were girls and he always imagined that we girls needed to swim with our tops to hide our breasts. We were reluctant at first, but we finally mentioned that we were swimming and not expecting anyone else, and that we were masturbating. Then he asked what was masturbation, and we were wordless for a second. A cruel idea seemed to appear in all our minds instantly in all us girls. After winking to each other, I turned to face our lone guy and told him as seductively as possible, using the water to show a fairly revealing cleavage that would have gave any boy an erection that we will show him what masturbation was if he had his swim pants. I certainly gave him something because I could tell that his breath quickened and more importantly, a bulge in his pants. He replied that he had his swim pants, but he did not know where to change. All of us girls managed to get the boy to change right in front of us, but he asked that we turn around which we all had to do. But that did not stop us from taking sneak peeks.
The boy was fairly well built. He had a semi-flaccid, semi-erect penis. We girls gathered to see what we were going to do with this boy, and by the time he changed, we were ready for him.
He got into the pool and waded towards us, saying that he was ready to learn whatever masturbation was. The rest of the girls dived under as I approached the boy as sexually as I could, showing off my breasts. He was astonished my strange display of nudity as I felt myself getting horny over this guy. When I was next to the boy, I took his hand ever so gently, and rested it on my right breast. I always wanted to have a guy touch my breast like this, and this was the first time that my wish came true. While I was doing this, the others took off his trunks, and kept out of sight. I asked the boy what he felt, and he replied he felt something very soft and nice. I went and hugged the boy, and his face was right in the middle of my bosom. The one thing I liked about this was that I could do stuff like this, and still not be embarrassed from a horny male getting all erect from this. He definitely liked this, not in the obsessive way, but like a baby who just met their mother for the first time. While this happened, my leg 'accidentally' brushed by his penis, which was very hard by now, and I signaled the other girls to come closer.
With a gentle smile and a soothing voice, yet my mind was filled with excitement and suspense, I told him to be patient, and whatever he felt, he should not be surprised. At this point, all the girls grabbed him all over, and started fondling his body. I grabbed his penis, and grasping it, I pined him with my hands, my breasts squeezing on his face. I could feel his heart rate go faster, his penis harder, and he was getting excited. I started humping myself on him, so I could get an orgasm myself. I was about to get off when he told me to stop it, he felt like he was going to pee. I told him, in between my gasping breaths, that this was normal, that he should just endure it a bit more and he would get a fantastic feeling. Just at that moment, his knee shifted to give direct stimulation on my clit, and that got me going. While I was having my orgasm, I think that I managed to give the boy his orgasm too, because his entire body shook and his penis, still in my hand, started to spasm. I was getting a bit exhausted now, that was a great orgasm with some mini-orgasms in the end, but the boy was still energetic, his penis was still hard and he was begging for more. He was one lucky boy: he got all of us to orgasm and he himself reached 5 orgasms in one session, so we all basically gave ourselves bliss.
By now all of us were exhausted, even the boy, because reaching orgasm was an energetic chore, the boy was lucky to be treated by seven girls like this. We all dressed up and they all left, but that day was a great experience to me.



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