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Ann's Discovery:

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At one of our regular 'wide ranging' discussion sessions in my living room, a neighbor guy told a hot story many of us thought needs to be passed on so others might benefit, and I offered to post it here so he could be anonymous.

From the way he tells it, it's like a cheap over-the-counter Viagra, without the side effects. We asked him to write up the whole story he and his sister told, but for now, he's just written part of it. However, if this is well received, I hope to be able to get him to write up the whole thing with background.


Ann's Discovery: Bringing me to new heights with something she had in her drawer.

Hello to all practitioners of the loving art of outercourse!

I recently discovered the best masturbatory technique and aids ever with the help of my sister Ann!

Let me first start with a disclaimer: I read stories of guys beating off holding panties as they stand up or in bed. I've never done that, as I've always involved my balls more heavily, with the best indication of how horney I am being my balls being tight and up under my dick. Consequently, I've usually done it up against the counter next to the sink in the bathroom, with my balls alternately up on top or being squeezed into the edge of the countertop for maximum explosion. (Clean up is also a lot easier that way.) Plus, I've found something slicker than nylon panties: baby oil! To me the fancy oils made for use during sex are too sticky!

Ann and I enjoying visiting sex toy stores and buying for each of us. For me, we've bought all sorts of cock and ball restraints, rings, tubes, etc. with mixed results. They are expensive, often don't fit, don't work, and brake easily. They can be very frustrating as we seek both my balls to be pulled up tight, but also defined so their individual shapes can be easily seen and touched-which has tremendous effect on both of us!

One day when Ann had bought something new for me, and was trying to fit it on me with little success, it broke and we got so mad never being able to see if it would add to the fun. Then she paused, and said, 'You know, I might have something better than this in my dresser.' She left and I was perplexed. She came back with several elastic bands she used to hold up her ponytails. They fit perfectly and snugly, and presented many possibilities. (One can buy them in about any store that sells hair care products, very cheaply, in various sizes, colors and configurations.) I now own a variety of types and sizes.

One or two 2 1/4'er fits tightly around my whole oiled and shaved package, to hold up my balls. Other smaller ones stretch around my cock-at the base to delay cumming, and another in the groove just behind my circumcised head. (While she thinks the latter looks 'cute,' I often take it off before stroking as it inhibits the pleasure.) Then, what I like best when I'm especially horney and want to achieve my maximum erection, is in addition to the above, one stretched around just my balls to better restrain and pull them out front. Bound like this, I'm one aching, throbbing mass thinking only of sexual pleasure and Ann's firm hand.

I used to be only able to cum when my balls were resting on or pressed against something, but with these bands on, I can cum freestanding, as each stroke will suitably impact each ball. She says it makes a lot better show, and makes it easier for her to do me although more messy.

Also with them on, I can remain hard for unusually long periods. This impresses her to no end, constantly at the height and edge of sexual excitement in extreme sexual agony when she denies me release, preferring to watch me throb in them a while longer.

Some bands are thin and others are wider with fabric coverings. Often to heighten my pleasure, I will leave one of the wider ones on around my whole package for long periods as she says I look so handsome with it one. I even go out in them, on under my clothes (wearing silky nylon men's briefs--you could try panties, but with bands holding the balls up front they are too tight for me-but still she tries).

One of my earliest memories of lingerie was bra ads on TV that promised to 'lift and separate.' I can remember thinking as a preschooler,'lift and separate what?' Well these toys when used as they were never intended, do for a guys 'boys' just what bras do for a woman's 'girls'.

Plus, I've found a longer term benefit, in that after wearing one regularly for as long as I can stand it (the wider ones work better for this), working up to most of a day, not only do I get super horney easier and quicker, it trains my balls to ride higher and tighter all the time. No one, especially the ladies, likes saggy balls. (I think it might be a way for guys as they age and experience that sag, to reduce it-I'm sure going to try.)

Ann has gotten creative with the thin bands. She takes three bands and loops them together in a chain, with the middle one being smaller. She then puts one around my whole package, loops the middle one around my hard dyke so the connection sits on top at its base, and then the third just around my balls so the connection is just below the base of my dyke. (I then have one around my whole package, another just around my hard-on at the base to delay cuming, and the third just around my balls-and all connected.) (It can take awhile to find just the right sized bands for each loop to add pressure, but not too much. But Ann enjoys experimenting!!) This way I am seriously bound for her pleasure, as she says she doesn't think balls should touch a guy's thighs. With plenty of oil and her firm hand, I'm in heaven and squirt all over the mirror-it works almost as good when I do it myself, but nothing like Ann can do.

So far, I haven't been able to find a girlfriend who I thought adventurous enough to tell her about this-but I have hopes-and Ann! Thanks, Brad



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