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I submitted some stories a year or so ago.

The most memorable one for me was with a friend Tess. She is a self proclaimed lesbian, but we had some fun watching videos together and playing with ourselves. We were watching the videos and watching each other at the same time. I lost contact with her a couple of years ago, but still meet some of her friends occasionally.

Yesterday I was passing a café in the town and there was Anne clearing the outside tables ready to close. I had no idea she worked there, so it was a nice surprise to see her. I suggested that I wait for her to finish and give her a lift across town to her house.

On the way is a pub that is open all afternoon and where we all used to meet up there and Anne suggested that we stop to see if any of the old crowd were in there. We sat alone, the old gang was long gone.

The conversation got round to Tess, and Anne asked me if the whispers about me and Tess were true. I asked what she had heard and she told me she was intrigued that we had got off together because Tess is lesbian, so I confirmed that we had watched videos together but not touched each other. I told her that Tess had invited me to wank as we watched the video and eventually Tess had joined in as well.

Anne asked me if I still had the videos and I said yes 'Do you want to come and see?' She was keen and we were soon in my car and up to my place. I put on a video and made tea for both of us. I have two settees and we were sat one on each, across the room from each other. Anne was wriggling about and obviously getting excited. Then she challenged me directly and said that if I did it for Tess then I should be able to perform for her.

I brought some oil and two towels, laid out one of the towels on 'my' settee, stripped off and started slowly to rub myself up. Anne was across the room with eyes like saucers just watching. I said 'Now do you believe how me and Tess got off?' She just nodded without saying a word.

I threw her the other towel, clipped the top shut on the oil and tossed that over as well. I told her that I would not cross to her half of the room and she was safe to do what she liked.

Within seconds, off came her trousers, then knickers and she spread the towel on the settee and got to work with her hands. To be honest I did not see a lot, but she was obviously very carried away and her eyes were back and forth between me and the video.

I came big style and so did she.

Next minute, we were back in the car and I dropped her off near to her home with a promise of meeting up again.



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