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Andrea, My Neighbor

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I am a divorced man in my fifties, rather shy, and live alone. Just down the street lives an attractive woman in my age group, let's call her Andrea, who also happens to be divorced and is very pleasant, but I sense that she is not interested in a permanent relationship. Anyway, I sometimes see her gardening and mowing the grass in her front yard and although she is a bit plump, I don't mind it when she wears shorts which are filled out by her bum. The advantage of being a little plump is that she has large breasts and needs a substantial bra to hold them in place. However, I take care not to stare at them.

One day there was a knock on my front door. I was expecting a male friend of mine to arrive at exactly this time, and being dressed only in shirt and underpants I thoughtlessly opened the door, only to see Andrea with a bag of fruit from her garden which she had brought over for me. I hastily excused myself for mistaking her arrival for someone else's and began to close the door but she immediately replied, 'That's OK, I've seen worse before' and explained she was in a hurry and couldn't stay. I accepted the fruit and as soon as she was gone, had a good wank imagining what she might have said if the head of my cock had been showing!

A few days later Andrea rang and asked if I knew anything about fixing her computer, which had just decided to clam up. Although not a professional in this area, I knew a thing or two and so I came over. When she opened the door she was standing in her slip, wearing stockings and shoes. She had applied makeup and was wearing lipstick. Andrea explained that she was dressing to go out shopping, and if I didn't mind, she would be back in half an hour and would leave me to take a look at the machine after she left. I thought that was very trusting of her.

While she was gone, I checked her machine, found the problem and fixed it, updating the software where necessary, but did not investigate her private files, go to her bedroom or anything naughty like that. Andrea returned just after I finished, thanked me profusely as she didn't understand computers at all, fixed me a coffee and went upstairs to change. While she was gone I had this crazy idea that I would make myself hard so she would notice it when she came down. When she returned, I stood up and noticed her look down, but she said nothing. For some reason that made me even more excited. I sat facing her in a way that would emphasize it. She seemed to keep glancing at it while we drank our coffees, then she suddenly looked at me intently and said, 'Do you often get like that when you talk to women?' I pretended not to understand her. Andrea was wearing jeans and seemed to be pressing her thighs closely together, squirming slightly. 'It looks to me like you've got an erection.'

'Have I?' I replied innocently, looking down. 'Don't tell me you aren't aware of it,' she replied insistently. 'Maybe it's just 'cause I'm a guy and I'm sitting here chatting to a pretty lady,' I flattered her. She blushed. 'Well', she finally said, tightly, 'Don't just sit there...stand up and show me.' She gave me a tight, eager little smile and licked her lips.

I stood up as she demanded, slowly undid my pants and let them fall to my ankles. I pulled down my jocks slightly and my semi-erect penis flopped out over the front of them. I felt quite daring. Andrea's eyes bulged and she began to tweak her nipples through her shirt. I retorted 'Come on, let me see them' and without any further discussion Andrea took off her top, unhooked her bra and let it fall, then began to work her now thimble-sized nipples as she gawped at me.

I knew that I wanted her to see me come, but I didn't want it to happen too soon, so I wrapped my left thumb and first two fingers around my shaft, just below the head, as I normally do when I'm at home, and began a very slow, intermittent jerking that would keep it hard but not lead me to the brink. I watched her, finishing my coffee, holding the cup with my other hand. Andrea's jaw dropped. 'Oh, my God', she breathed. She suddenly got up, excused herself, ran to her bedroom and returned completely naked, breasts flopping as she walked, with a large pink vibe and a box of tissues. 'Hope you don't mind if I use this on myself.' I loved her frankness. There were no more secrets between us.

Andrea settled down on her sofa in front of me, leaned back, brought her thick thighs up and spread them wide, giving me a full view of her open pussy surrounded by thick greying hair. She licked the tip of her vibe before spreading her lips and inserting it, then used one hand to play with each nipple alternatively while she stroked her clit and worked her vibe in and out her vagina with the other. I thought of substituting my cock for that vibe, but 'not right now' soon followed it, and I kneeled in front of her watching her action while doing myself. I asked Andrea what her favorite pantie color was. 'Pink or black,' she replied, 'I'll show you later.'

This was too much and I suddenly came, grabbing the tissues just in time. Andrea was still going furiously. She let me know just before she climaxed, then gave a few great gasps as she heaved on the couch. I actually saw her pussy spasm a few times. She lay back and closed her eyes. I kissed her tenderly and felt her hand close gently on my shaft.

That was the beginning of a beautiful friendship which is still going. I think it may well become a permanent one, but right now we are saving ourselves by limiting it to masturbation, solo or mutual, and finding new ways to do it for the maximum enjoyment possible. Maybe I'll write again to let you know what new tricks we try.



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