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And My Dad Was Right There

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and my dad was right there!
when I go camping with my dad on our "daddy-daughter" trip, we always go to the same camp ground. We stay for a week, which is great except for one thing: they have co-ed showers. So my dad and I go together, which means there is no time to rub off. Well one day I couldn't hold it any longer, I just had to rub, so I decided to take a chance. When we got into the shower, I began to rub off. There are two showers, each with a curtain, and a wall between them. So my dad is talking to me about the great canoe trip we're going to have, and I'm on the other side of the wall, on the floor, rubbing like crazy. Every once in a while I would give a quick "uh-huh." to make it sound like I was listening. I got so horny, knowing that he was on the other side of the wall. I even asked him to pass his lufa scrubber with the long handle over the wall, which I then put in my pussy. I had an awesome orgasm!
the next day, encouraged by my previous success, I decided to get gutsy. I would intentionally leave things out of the shower so that I would have to walk by my dad's shower naked. Don't ask me why I did it, maybe it was because I was SOOO horny, but I wanted my dad to catch me. When I started to rub off, i wouldn't muffle my moans. My dad asked if something was wrong, but I said no. I was still going long after he got out of the shower(I had also left the curtain half open so that if he walked by, he could easily se what I was doing) While he was getting dressed, I slid the long lufa scrubber up my cunt, every now and then letting out a soft, "yes, yes, oh harder" just loud enough so that I knew he could hear me. After I finished, I knew that he had known what I was doing, because he was pretty quiet the rest of the night.
On the last day of our trip, we went back to the showers because of a long day of hiking, plus a bird pooped on my shoulder. Once again i purposely left my shampoo on the counter. When I walked back to the showers I stepped into my dad's instead of mine(of course not on accident) and said, "oops, wrong one. Well since we've already seen each other I guess there's no point in me going back to my shower" My dad was in complete awe. Seeing his own girl's rack and hairy bush was probably pretty unsettling. But I Walked on in, and began to wash my hair and body. I slowly worked my way down to my cunt, making it look like I was just washing it extra. My dad was obviously trying not to focus on the fact that his daughter was masturbating, but it was too much. his ddick was elongating ever so slightly. So, to fully arouse it, I let out soft moan and tilted my head way back. This sent it through the roof, and I knew he wanted to rub it, but not in front of his own daughter. Now I had my legs spread, fully revealing my hairy cunt, and what I was doing. The soap had already washed away, and I was just rubbing as hard as I could. If you had told me that I would be rubbing off for my dad 3 days earlier, I would have said you were crazy, but there I was. I finally came, letting out a loud moan, making my dad sprint for his towel, shampoo still in his hair.
My dad and I didn't speak much for the rest of the trip, but he did say on the way back home that I was turning into a fine woman, and that what I was doing was nothing to be ashamed of, except that I should do it more privately. I have never regretted that day, it has led to several deep discussions with my father about sex and masturbation. And although I don't regret it, I could NEVER imagine being horny enough to do something that crazy again! Well, maybe next year;) - Dian



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