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Anal Play Be Careful!!!!!

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Anal is fun but you must be careful!!! This story is kind of grose but I'm posting it so other won't make the same mistakes I did.


Since I started reading Solo Touch I always read the techniques guys submitted on anal play. I'm not gay and I thought it was grose and said I wouldn't try it. But after reading about how much some guys liked it I thought I'd give it a try.

I started slow using lotion and a finger. I'd lube up my recently washed butthole and finger and push it in and out while I masturbated with my other hand. Then I took it to two fingers. Eventually I started trying objects like hairbrushes, markers, and some vegetables.

One of the vegetables I chose was celery. BIG MISTAKE!!!!! I don't know why I used it, I thought it would be safe with plenty of lube. I lube it up and my bum and stuck it in. I pushed it pretty far in there (about 5 inches) and had a great session. When I was done my hole was so tight I had trouble getting it out. But slowly and carefully I worked the celery back out. When I looked down at it I immediatley noticed it was covered in blood and so was my hand. I panicked and washed up and e-mailed Chris, the Solo Touch Webmaster, immediately. Chris told me to face the embrasment and go to the doctor. I decided to wait a couple days to see if I kept bleeding and then I'd go. I had some blood pass through but then it quit and I figured all was ok.

Now about a month ago I noticed somthing was wrong because my bowel movements began to have a pussy liquid that came out. I had to go many times a day too. I let this go on for five days until the last day I decided to go to the doc.

I didn't tell my parents I was going and went to the doctor. There they took samples and ran tests. They said I had an infection and that if I had let it go any further I would have been hospitalized. They gave me some antiboitics to take. After I started taking them it fixed the problem but as soon as I ran out of them the problem returned.

So then I went to a bowel specialist and had to have a colonoscopy. It was scary but they have good drugs and I don't remember a thing. Now the tests have come back and I had collitus which is irritation of the bowel and he gave me some anti-inflamatory suppositories. So now its all fixed and all is good.

I never told the docs what I thought the cause was and they never asked. I don't know why I used celery but I will never use it again but I do continue very cautious anal play.

The moral of the story is: Don't use objects that could harm you and if something does happen, GO TO THE DOCTOR!!! It could be embarassing but your parents don't have to go with you in to the room and the doc has to be confidential. So please learn from my mistake and have some fun anal play.



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