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An Unusual Mystical Experience

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This story is another strange one. While the exact circumstances are somewhat disguised, the event is described exactly how it happened. I'm a tantric mystic and priest. For whatever its worth I didn't learn it in this life. I know this stretches some people's conception of how things are; reincarnation, memory from previous lifetimes, death trauma from previous lives and things like that. This is how my whole life has been. However it works, I coincidently just happen to walk into all sorts of situations for which I am the right person. I will describe the event the way I participated in and experienced it. You may choose to understand it however you want. I know that some of you may have had similar experiences of trauma release because I have seen it described on this site. I have also experienced trauma release of my own during a tantric genital massage. The movie BLISS touches on this area of tantric practice.


I've been a card carrying nudist for a couple of decades. Contrary to what many people think, most nudist clubs are not hotbeds of sex or anything except being friendly and sociable, tanning and BBQ, at least the ones I've been to. Nobody is ever visibly aroused. Everybody is friendly and polite. And on a busy summer Saturday there may be hundreds of nude people around of all ages and body types. Depending upon the club size there may be 200 people or more stretched out in the sun working on their tans without sun block (I know, not at all PC these days but done anyway). Who wears sun block when you are in and out of water a dozen or more times a day and have to wash it off every time or it makes a mess of the pool and hot tub? Almost everybody gets a tan and forgoes sun block.

When I travel on business I stay at nudist clubs whenever possible. They are just much friendlier and I enjoy the atmosphere. I've been smooth shaved pubicly for some years now. It's a style that appears to have started on both coasts and worked its way inland, sort of like shaving a little for the bikini around the edges to start with and how it works its way in to become a full fledged baldy beaver. And it is a style. Some just trim a little, some shave and leave various shapes and some shave entirely. And some wax. Waxing isn't all that popular because you have to let it grow back a couple of weeks before it can be waxed again. People want to be smooth every day. In a lot of ways there is nothing worse than stubble in the most tender of spots or rubbing against the bristle in those most tender spots. Some people just want to look clean shaven but some want to be smooth to the touch. I like the smooth to touch effect for myself.

If weekends are busy and crowded at clubs, weekdays are just the opposite, deserted and very easy to book a room. I was taking an R & R day after several days of business meetings before returning home. I went to get in the hot tub and it was hotter than I am used to and I stood for a few minutes just part way in, with my groin at seated eye level about a foot away from an attractive younger woman. We introduced ourselves and we were the only ones anywhere around. After a couple of minutes of small talk she asked me if she could ask me a personal question and I said sure. She asked me if my shave job was as smooth as it looked. I said yes. Then she asked if she could feel it (the shaved area) and I said yes. She did and asked 'How do you do that? And it's completely without razor burn'. I started to tell her about what brand of trimmer and what brand of electric razor to use. Then I started telling her about technique, about dos and don'ts and it started to get a little complicated. So far it was all completely non sexual. Then she said 'We can go back to my trailer and you can show me how by shaving me.' I said, 'I can't do that without a lot of touching'. She said 'That's ok'. She then told me how to get to her trailer and that I should meet her there in 30 minutes giving her a chance to straighten up a bit. I agreed and she left. After a bit I got out and had a shower, went to my room and got my shaving kit and cleaned everything in alcohol. I also added my favorite gadget, which I nickname 'the orgasmatron' after the item in SLEEPER.

After I arrived and she offered me tea, I got out my supplies; trimmer, razor, powder and the orgasmatron kit including electrodes and sticky electrode gel, and laid them out on the table. She looked at the things for a minute and seemed puzzled. Finally she pointed at the orgasmatron and asked 'What's this? It doesn't look like it has anything to do with shaving'

I told her 'It's called the Slightest Touch. It's a single purpose TENS unit. I've nicknamed it the orgasmatron. It will turn the shave into a whole different experience if you would like to try it'. She didn't say anything about it while we had some tea and talked about various clubs we had been to and our relationships. She also told me about years of nightmares she had been having. This happens to me frequently, people suddenly tell me the most unexpected and personal things. Hearing that I knew there was another purpose in this visit.

After tea she set up a massage table that filled the entire living room of the small trailer. She seemed quite nervous. I sat down astraddle the massage table and had her lie down on her back with her legs going up and over my legs, giving me that lovely fully open 4 lipped smile I like so well. I turned on the lamp next to me, aimed it at her pussy and put on my reading glasses for better vision. I think that she was kind of shy and not used to being quite that well displayed. Noticing her discomfort I said, 'I don't think you want to experience the nips from the trimmer when I can't see'. She nodded.

I asked her if she wanted it a strictly business shave, or a little play mixed in or maybe a shave with a full out tantric massage with or without intentional orgasm. She considered it for a minute and almost inaudibly whispered 'With intentional orgasm, please' while blushing all up her chest and face. I asked her if she would like to try out 'Dr. Frankenstein's orgasmic lightning machine?' She whispered 'Yes' while blushing again. I cleaned the lotion off her lower legs and ankles and put on the electrodes. I wasn't going to turn it on until we were ready for that part of things because a first trim and shave can take an hour and these electric shaves needed a dry surface.

I shook the cornstarch all over her pubic area and gently rubbed it in-between her inner and outer labia and all around her clit and down a little ways on both legs. I did the entire trim and shave with an attitude of adoration. I could smell her lubricate then and there. She clearly wasn't used to being shaved by someone. The cornstarch acts as a dry lubricant and absorbs moisture for the trimming and shaving helping avoid razor burn. As I trimmed her, a near skin level trimming, I worked in from the edges. As I trimmed the outer labia I held them and pulled them tight and level. At times I held her clit and inner labia out of the way with my fingers to protect them from trimmer nips. The more I handled her labia and clit the more aroused she got. As she got more aroused the skin got more taut and easier to shave. Sometimes as I trimmed the outer labia I held them so that the back side of the trimmer head, which vibrated nicely, would stroke along her inner labia and clit. She was getting wetter and wetter. I took a tissue and blotted dry between the outer labia and her clit and then powdered her again.

She had a sizable tuft of hair inside the outer labia right up to the base of her clitoris on both sides. She had a tough time not squirming too much as I trimmed these areas as gently as I could. I had to hold her clitoris to the side as I did the trimming. The longer I held it the more flustered she looked. She was drooling considerably, not from her mouth, as I finished trimming her labia and around her clit. I suggested we take a little break and have another cup of tea between trimming and shaving and asked her how she was doing. She said 'I bet that takes some getting used to' as she breathed heavily. 'It does, and by the tenth time it becomes pretty routine.'

After tea we resumed the position on the table. She said, 'Spreading my legs for you knowing you are going to be looking at me more closely than anyone ever and handling everything is getting easier than it was the first time. I still find myself holding my breath as you take hold of my clitoris and lips.' The razor doesn't vibrate like the trimmer and she relaxed into the shaving fairly easily with most of the sensation being from my fingers holding and stroking all of her parts over and over checking for smoothness, finding all the stray stubble. It did take a full hour. It wasn't perfect as she had some chicken skin, which is a buildup of dead tissue that will slough off with repeated shaves. And there were a few areas that would get too irritated if I tried to get them any closer but it was an excellent 99% shave. She couldn't keep her hands off of her now smooth as can be for the first time since puberty mons and vulva. She was amazed at how it felt in all ways. Right after shaving the first time one is ultra sensitive as the hair and dead skin that had protected the nerves from so much stimulation is gone and our body becomes aware of the change.

Again we took a short break before starting the massage. This time we dimmed the room as much as we could in the middle of the day, turned on some suitable music and I had her lay face down on the table. I plugged in the electrodes and had her adjust the intensity to just at the edge of perception. Once she was face down I pulled out my special utensils, a pair of feather dusters, to be used before oil or lotion as an unexpected surprise. She had chosen a lotion I had brought. Light stroking with the feathers arouses the skin to a very light touch. After the feathers I massaged her backside from head to toe, spending quite a bit of time on her feet, neck, back and hip joints. Then I had her turn over and started with the feathery delight before progressing to lotion. Again, every stroke was filled with adoration. I didn't use any of the lotion on any of the shaved areas as that can often be disagreeable. Once again I sat myself between her legs. I applied the lotion spreading up from her belly button and up over her breasts and down her arms, sides with total adoration. I had started building rapport with her on the backside and this continued building as I stroked her breasts and stomach over and over. With each pass her nipples were more erect. I moved my attention to her upper legs, from the knees and up. I was stroking her from knee to upper thighs, lightly at first and then working into the muscles. At this point I switched to a special silky slippery non irritating lubricant and spread it all over the shaved area. I worked in from the edges, finding some trigger points that needed releasing in areas which won't usually be worked by most massage therapists. I worked the muscles of the areas under the outer labia and sort of bordering the thighs. I worked the arc of the vaginal opening on each side, working up to the deep base of the clitoris. As I massaged the base of the clitoris I could feel it becoming more and more erect. Massaging the muscles and deeper structures produces a different effect than stroking the skin.

As we built rapport I could feel her opening up more and more deeply. The deeper massage rather than skin stimulation makes for a different arousal. I could feel the tension building. At one point I gently took hold of her clitoris between my thumb and forefinger and rested my other hand on her heart chakra. She started into an energy cascade that went on and on, intensifying second by second but never quite releasing into orgasm. I was feeling it fully with her, completely enveloped in her energy cascade. I could feel some sort of block she was shying away from. I steered towards it. Suddenly she burst out crying. She tried to control it, to stop it, and I told her to go into it and just let it go all the way and to keep breathing. Suddenly I was reliving a scene and crying with her. She was struggling with two men who had decided they wanted sex with her and she had told them no and resisted when they started groping her. It turned into a full out fight. They beat her and both raped her. Then they stuffed her into a large truck toolbox and went away. They took her out and beat her and raped her several more times over the next few days before finally killing her.

This was her repeating nightmare that she had for years. All the while I kept the energies going while sharing this experience with her while guiding the energies to wash her clean of this entire traumatic event. As her crying slowed down to breathing hard I changed to stroking and rubbing her labia and clitoris and she exploded into a full out orgasm with huge whole body contractions. I kept this going and started lightly massaging her g-spot. Once again she burst out crying and took another pass through one of the rapes again. This repeated several times, each time I started with a different specific energy she made another pass through one part of the experience or another releasing yet more trauma. Finally I started stimulating the cervical trigger. She started making a series of low guttural growls sort of and exploded into a total orgasm that went on and on and on and we both were bathed in golden light as long as this super intense orgasm kept going. This pushed me right over the edge into ejaculation. We both went off into a mystical experience and timelessness, with the orgasm and golden light just fading as we returned from that experience. Somewhere along the way we had changed positions and she was crosswise on my lap and I had my arm around her hugging her to me while I kept a finger most gently on her g-spot. Slowly everything wound down. After a bit she went limp and just lay there breathing slowly and evenly.

She thanked me several times while I was cleaning up and putting things away. She invited me to join her for dinner which I accepted. Then we went back out to the pool where she made her smooth debut, which all three people there noticed. She mentioned how clear and bright everything looked now. I learned later that she has had no more repeats of the nightmares. It was a most excellent afternoon and evening.



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