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An Unexpected Phone Call

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This happened years ago when I met my second and will always be fondly remembered.


An unexpected phone call fulfilled a life long fantasy!

This happened several years ago while I was dating a luscious divorced lady, who I found had an unbelievable 36C augmented bust. She was in her early 50's and I was in my early 60's. We had both been single for several years. Since being divorced we had only dated a few times and at the time neither was really interested in getting married or going farther than a few gentle hugs and kisses. When with her I was usually horny and fairly hard but didn't want to push her too fast as she seemed such a lady. The next date, as I her kissed her good night, she pressed her breasts to my chest, briefly pushed her tongue into my mouth, then looked into my eyes and sexily winked, 'nite'.

Later that night she called and I could sense something was up. She told me since after several dates I had been such a gentleman she was becoming quite interested in me and confessed she hadn't been with a man for ten years and had learned to enjoy satisfying herself by masturbating and felt sure I did too. She then asked, 'Don't you?' What could I answer but, 'Yes'.

We began to openly discuss what we enjoyed sexually and I admitted my first wife wasn't interested in masturbation and forbid me to do it. She enjoyed me masturbating her and giving her oral but refused to do either for me. Many times when I needed relief, which was usually daily, I had to secretly do it in the shower. She said she had a similar experience with her first husband. He didn't enjoy sex that often and she rarely saw him masturbate. She said she was fascinated seeing cum shoot off in videos but had only seen him masturbate once or twice but when we were together I could masturbate wherever I was in the mood and she would love to join in or give me a hand job if I would show her how I enjoyed doing it for myself and she would return the favor. She also said she would also love to learn to give me oral. She had always wanted to but never had the opportunity. What a weird first husband she had!

She then asked if I was getting aroused thinking about masturbating. I said yes and she told me she had been since I left and was and on her bed nude and super horny. She then asked if I would like to take off my clothes and masturbate with her. By then I was already hard and couldn't believe what I was hearing so they were off in a flash! Here was an uninhibited lady who was as interested in sex as I had always been and neither of us had the chance to explore our fantasies! From then she became more verbal and intriguing. She actually asked when I beat off last and I said, 'A few days ago'. She said, 'I know your dick and definitely my pussy needs attention so stroke it while I finger my pussy and massage my clit and let's see if we can time it so we cum together'.

This went on for several minutes describing what we were doing and how good it was feeling. She said she knew I probably enjoyed watching my cum shoot off and asked if I had ever tasted it? I said only once but didn't enjoy it and I asked, 'Do you like to taste yours?' She said, 'Yes, I do it every time I masturbate. Right now I'm fingering my pussy and it's dripping wet. I'm going to slowly take my soaked finger out and suck my cum'.

I told her I had never seen anyone do that and thinking about watching her do it had me ready to explode. She said she would love to see me cum and wished she was there so she could see how much I could shoot.

With that I couldn't resist beating faster and told her I couldn't hold back much longer. I was on my back in bed pointing my dick straight up toward the ceiling and told her I was ready to cum. She said, 'I am too, tell me when and I'll cum with you'. In only a few more seconds I said, 'My cum is starting to shoot off'.

It shot straight up and back down onto my dick and dripped down my fingers. She said she had an explosive climax listening to me and visualizing watching me cum and hoped we could do it together on our next date. I told her I could hardly wait. She asked if I tasted my cum this time? I said, 'No, I would rather taste yours'. Without hesitation she quickly replied, 'OMG, anytime you're ready'.

One thing led to another and we lived happily married for exciting years of daily uninhibited hours of mostly masturbation combined with great oral sex.

After all intercourse should be a wonderful ending to extended foreplay followed by an after play cooling down period.



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