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An Open Invitation

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Driving over to my then girlfriend's house to pick her up for a day out on my birthday only leads to an unexpected birthday present.


It was the fall of 1998 and I was on top of the world.

It was near the middle of October, fall was kicking in, the leaves were falling from the trees, the chill of the season was starting to nip enough that jackets were starting to get some use again. I was in my final terms in art school, about to graduate and then figure out what the hell to do with my life. But, that was a worry for another day and place.

This day was my birthday.

I was turning 19 that day and was pretty happy with life. Everything was heightened for me back then, walking on air most of the time because my high school sweetheart and I were going fast and furious, even with my odd school schedule. Raegan and I were on our way to a third year anniversary the following May, with plans to marry once I got out of art school and found a decent job. Until then it was all about commuting from my parents' house to hers so we could see each other.

Like normal, I was driving with a lead foot to get to her place faster than the normal 10 minutes it would take. To be honest, I don't remember what the plans were for that birthday with Raegan, I just remember that I wanted to just spend time with her. By the time I pulled into the gravel and dirt driveway of her parents' house, I broke the typical under 10 minute record, even for my mother's old '85 Toyota Tercel.

Before I left Raegan called me to let me know her family would be out for a while, though she was staying at home to get ready for our date, so if no one answered the door when I'd knock, just come right in and wait. I walked up to the front door and knocked. No one answered. Just for the heck of it, I knocked again. Still nothing. So I turned the door knob and pushed, the door opened and I walked in.

"Hello? Raegan?" I called out.


I listened for a little and noticed that I was hearing water running upstairs. I made my way through the kitchen to the stairs and slowly went up. The bathroom door at the top right of the stairs was closed but I could hear the water running behind the door. Once again, I knocked. Still nothing.

I tried the knob and it turned. I pushed the door open a bit and called into the bathroom, "Raegan? Honey?"

"Hey! You're here!" I heard her say over the shower.

"Yeah, just wanted to let you know I'm here. I'll wait downstairs if you want until you're ready."

"You can come in," she said.

Opening the door wider, I walked in. There was a lot of condensation and fog all over the place, she must have been in there for a bit before I showed up. I walked over to the tub's sliding, frosted door and slid it open for a peek. There she was, her slim body soapy and wet with the water cascading down her breasts and stomach. Her long brown hair that hung to right above her butt was wet and clinging to her back. Raegan turned her head, looking over her shoulder at me with a smile. It wasn't a devious smile, just a welcoming "glad to see my boyfriend/fiance" smile.

"It felt a little weird letting myself in," I said.

"Honey, you're a regular around here. You're the only one I'd invite in if I couldn't get the door. Besides, you'd be waiting out on the porch or in your car for a while. I just started getting ready."

"Ok. No problem. I can wait here," I said, sliding the shower door shut and sitting down on the toilet.

We chatted a bit, nothing too crazy, mostly about what we were going to be doing, what time we had to get there and whatever else came up. Even though Raegan was only a few feet away, naked behind the shower door glass, my mind kept thinking about making sure there wasn't any weirdness for when her parents and sisters got home from wherever they were. Up until this point, we had done so many things, most of it by sneaking out or finding secret places that this was a while new and different step in our relationship. Just the thought of hearing her dad's booming voice yelling up the stairs that they're home and wondering where I am since my car was parked outside sent chills down my spine even through all the condensation and vapors from the shower.

The sliding sound of the shower door kicked me back to reality. Raegan peeked around the door with a smile on her round face. There was amusement in her bright brown eyes as she let out a small giggle.

"You don't have to just sit there," she laughed.

"Well what am I supposed to do?"

Raegan opened up the shower door the full way revealing her naked, wet body. Her small, A cup breasts were glistening with beads of water sliding slowly down those humble slopes. Her flat stomach tensed and relaxed between giggles revealing some sexy definition to the muscles underneath.

"You could join me."

Normally my response would have been to jump through the doors and make a break through them with my silhouette like in Looney Toons cartoons. But with the thoughts of her family arriving sometime soon I wasn't sure what to do.

"But what if your parents and sisters come back?"

"They won't be back for a while yet," she said. "We might even leave before they get home. There's time for me to give you a little birthday present. If you aren't too scared..."

I laughed off the idea, though I won't lie and say there wasn't a certain amount of fear in me. But, fortunately enough, there wasn't enough to override the thoughts of my girlfriend behind those shower doors.

Having just took a shower before I came over here, I found it amusing that I was getting undressed only a half hour later in my girlfriend's parents' bathroom. I threw off everything I was wearing and slowly opened the shower door again. Raegan was there, facing the shower head with her back to me. Again, she looked over her shoulder and smiled but this time it was a devious smile that started making my cock twitch and start to come to life.

I stepped in and she reached out to me, pulling me to her. The space between our naked teenaged bodies closed quickly, my cock sliding up between our bodies, nestling against the large V shape of pubic hair that covered her bikini line. Raegan had an earthy, flower child sort of vibe, so it didn't surprise me the first time I discovered she had a full bush of dark brown pubic hair on our first date. Considering she was my first girlfriend that I got head over heels serious with and my first in general, it didn't bother me at all if she did have pubic hair or not. It was just a pleasure to know I got to play in that lush growth of pubic hair most times I'd want to. We wrapped our arms around each other, my hands sliding up and down her naked back as the water rushed down our bodies.

"Happy birthday," Raegan said, leaning in to kiss me.

We shared in a passionate kiss that, in my mind's eye, could have rivaled most of the sexy/hot kisses you'd see in the movies. Our mouths and lips were so hungry for each other, our hands were so excited to reacquaint themselves with each other's bodies that if the room wasn't already covered in fog from the hot water, it would have been from our embrace. I started to kiss down her neck and shoulders while my hands slid down her back to the modest slope of her butt and started massaging her cheeks.

I pulled her hips against me, holding them against mine. Raegan reached down between us and pushed my cock, which was aching by this point, down so it nestled between her slender thighs. Between the water running down our bodies and her wetness from being daring in her family's shower, I could feel so much wetness all around my cock. Raegan held me close and started moving herself back and forth over my cock. The sensation was making me harder than I already was, making me moan into her shoulder as I held her tighter.

I turned her to face away from me and grabbed her by the hips. Pushing and pulling her hips and taking control, I made her wet pussy rub and grind against my hardness. Raegan held herself up against the shower wall and ground back against me. We made a promise to ourselves six months ago that we wouldn't try having sex anymore (though we did have sex every chance we could at the beginning of our relationship, but Raegan had guilt about it), so grinding and mutual masturbation was just as good for us as sex. As long as I could see her naked body, touch it and we both could help each other cum for each other's pleasure, I was happy and so was she.

Stopping myself from grinding her, I held her tight against me, sliding my hand down that flat stomach, through the matted and wet patch of pubic hair, down to her clit. With circular motions, I started rubbing her and causing a loud moan to escape her lips. Raegan reached around and dug her fingernails into my ass as she panted. My other hand slid up her stomach to cup her left breast and kneed it as my right had worked faster and faster, making her arch her back into me and turn her head to kiss me.

Taking that moment for all it was work, I slid two fingers into her soaking wet pussy and rested the palm of my hand against her clit. Instead of jack hammering my fingers in and out of Raegan's pussy, I kept them inside and started rubbing her slick pussy walls with my fingertips. Raegan broke the kiss to moan and look into my eyes with a pleading expression.

"Don't-don't stop, baby," she breathed.

I didn't say a word, I just kept moving my fingers and rubbing the palm of my hand into her clit some more, making that pleading expression grow and grow. Soon the look wasn't pleading, it was the look of a woman who was reaching the edge of how much pleasure her pussy could take. She reached down to the hand that was inside of her, looking like she was trying to pull it away so she wouldn't cum so quickly, but I held it tight against her.

"I-I didn't want-to--cum yet, baby," she breathed, but I absolutely loved sending her over the edge.

Increasing the pace of my fingers rubbing inside of her, Raegan's legs started to buckle. I moved my fingers faster and faster, holding her up as the orgasm hit her like a freight train, making her whole body shake as she wailed out, nearly crying from how intense it felt. I distinctly felt warm juices running down my fingers and hand that had nothing to do with the hot water from the shower. She came and squirted all over both of us. Ever since I discovered she could squirt, I couldn't help myself, I wanted her to squirt every single time we masturbated together.

Raegan regained her composure after a moment or two, getting back on her wobbly legs without me holding her up. She smacked my arm and then kissed me deeply.

"I wanted you to cum first," she said.

"Sorry," I smiled back, "but sometimes making you cum is so much more fulfilling than me cumming. I love watching you lose control."

Raegan looked down between our bodies again and saw my cock was so hard it was practically laying against my lower stomach now. The head was bulbous and purple and the veins along the shaft were sticking out so far you could practically see the blood flowing.

"Now it's time for you to lose control," she smiled in that devious way.

She reached up and took a bottle of shampoo down from a shelf and poured out a generous amount into her hand.

"Are you going to try and get me extra clean down there?"

"I heard about this in math class one day. The guy sitting next to me was telling me about how his girlfriend did this for him when they showered together once. He said it drove him crazy."

Raegan rubbed her hands together to distribute the soap all over them, then gently took my cock in her hands and started to lather it. Then she wrapped her slender fingers around my cock and started to slide her hands up and down the length of my shaft. I watched her hands moving on me then looked up into her eyes and saw the loving look of a woman who genuinely wanted to please her man. Leaning in to kiss her, Raegan's hands started moving faster, sliding up the length of my shaft to rub across the head of my cock over and over each time she'd stroke. I was turning into putty in her hands.

Her hands picked up the pace. Raegan bit her lower lip as she watched the look of pleasure on my face. I had no idea shampoo could do this sort of a trick for anyone. Between helping Raegan cum hard and now this, I was so dizzy with lust. I could feel the tingling from between my legs and at the pit of my stomach knowing I was about to cum for Raegan in her family's shower.

I kept looking into Raegan's eyes, she never took her eyes off mine, even if I took mine from hers to admire her soaking wet, naked body. I looked at her pert little breasts and thought of all the times I played with them, the way they tasted when I sucked on them, how much I loved watching her nipples get hard. I looked at her stomach and loved the way it was so flat, just a soft gentle slope down to her thick patch of pubic hair. I thought of all the times we had sex and she let me enjoy her down there. I also thought of all the times since when we'd play with each other and she let me cum all over her stomach or all over her breasts. My balls were tightening so hard and the tingle grew through my entire body.

My body started seizing up as my hips bucked forward and back as I started to basically fuck her hands. Raegan's eyes didn't look away from mine at all, instead the look on them almost seemed to coax me over the edge.

"It's ok, baby. Just cum for me. Cum wherever you want, birthday boy."

She aimed my cock at her stomach and gave a few more loving strokes. I groaned so loudly as the first few ropey shots of cum were milked from my cock.

"Oh God!" I gasped, my whole body becoming as hard as the part of me she was milking all over her body. "I can't stop it, baby. I'm cumming so hard for you."

"Good," she cooed, stroking me through my orgasm and letting the cum hit her all over, including her patch of pubic hair. "Give it to me, baby. I want it all. I want it all over me."

I let out a few more good shots and then I was so spent that my body was tingly everywhere. I held myself against the wall just to catch my breath for a minute. Raegan washed the cum from her body. We shared in another kiss and touched each others naked bodies one last time before we turned off the water and got dried off. As I was drying off, Raegan smiled and knelt down in front of me once she saw my cock one more time.

"I'll miss you until I see you later," she purred, gently kissing the mushroom head of my soft cock one last time before I put my underwear back on.

We still managed to get dressed and out of the bathroom in more than enough time before her parents and sisters got home. They all wished me a happy birthday as we left for our date, but I preferred the way that Raegan's present was given to me more than anything that day.



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