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An Evening With Dee

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I was 17 and a freshman in college when I met Dee. She was 22 and married. I learned a lot from her.


Mrs. Miller (Dee) was a librarian at the central library of the university. I was a shy, thin, rather tall boy who came in contact with her rather often since she controlled the reference books which could not be taken out of the library. Most of the assignments requiring use of the reserved books Dee checked out, were boring, so I began to spice things up by looking at illustrations of female genitals, breasts and the like.

One evening just before closing time, I was deeply into an article on masturbation when I sensed someone looking over my shoulder. I blushed firery red when I realized it was the librarian. She was amused, smiled, and said not to be embarrassed; she was just wondering what had kept me so quiet for so long. I stammered an incoherent answer. She smiled again, and told me to go outside, and wait for her. I did.

When she came out, she told me to walk her home. Home was an efficiency apartment several blocks off campus. It had a bed which folded up into a closet in the wall, so that the room was used as a sitting room when the bed was not out. When we got to her apartment, she invited me in, then asked how old I was. When she found out I was 17, something seemed to turn her on, and she began to ask queations such as, do you have a girl friend, did you have a strict up bringing. I began to relax, and ask questions of her. I learned that she was married to a man ten years older than she who was in the navy at sea. The questions and answers soon got around to sex and masturbation, and I got super hard which she noticed. I was amazed when she said, 'Take that thing out. We have to do something about it.'

Then she went into the bathrooom. When she came out, she was in a robe, and I had not taken it out. She asked why I was still fully clothed, adding that if I weren't an obedient boy she would have to spank me. I blushed at this which seemed to amuse her and get her more determined. She began to undo my belt, and soon had me naked from the waist down. When she saw my seven inch rather thick hard-on, she exclaimed, 'Wow, that does need attention. Get out of your clothes.'

I began undressing, and she got the bed out. When she turned around, I was stark naked, and trembling slightly from the excitement and the cool room. She sat on the bed, tapped her hand next to her, and I sat down beside her. She reached over, wrapped her hand around my pecker, and began to stroke it. Then she got up, went to the bathroom again, and returned naked with a towel in her hand. She pushed me down on my back, and began to jack me off. I didn't last long. She asked me to tell her when I got close which I did. She laid the towel over my belly, and when I began to ejaculate folded the towel over my penis, but kept on stroking until I could stand no more of it. Then she stopped, lay down on her back next to me, and said, 'You needed to get your balls drained. You haven't had a lot of sex with girls, have you?'

'No,' I replied.

'We're going to change that.'

Then she kissed me, and began to fondle my penis again. I'll add to the story later.



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