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An Afternoon Story

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A Pleasant Afternoon in Hawaii

I'm renting a condo while on vacation in Hawaii that's full of mirrors. It's sexually intoxicating to be so aware of my body from every angle. At every moment of my days here I see myself turning more golden brown. My musculature is becoming ever more well-defined with all this swimming, running and eating light foods like Hawaiian fish and sushi.

I love to masturbate in front of the mirrors and admire myself while doing it. I set aside time just to enjoy myself sexually.

Take yesterday: I stripped slowly and appreciated how lean and strong I look from every view. Then I carefully covered myself with Hawaiian tanning oil and watched myself rubbing it into my forearms, my strong upper arms and shoulders, my calves, lean thighs and finally, my chest and torso. I have a large chest with solid pecs and lats. My profile drops across the lower ribs to a flat abdomen that is reasonably ripped to the waist, where I can appreciate my hip bones and thigh structures.

Did I say that as a swimmer I'm shaved down, leaving just a little short hair above my penis? When I oiled myself as I did yesterday I glowed in the reflected sunlight streaming through the condo.

Standing in front of these mirrors I had given myself a sensual massage while admiring what I saw. My sexuality was awakened. My entire body came alive with pleasure. From there I became gently and slowly more and more overtly sexual with myself. I began to massage my pecs and noticed how every muscle in my arms contracted. As I approached my nipples I ringed them with feeling and saw my fingers approaching those targets.

I use Albolene for directly stimulating my nipples and between my legs. It's very slippery and stays that way for a long time. So, standing in front of the mirror I took some and got ready to apply it directly to both nipples simultaneously. I took my time with this, knowing the response it would trigger throughout my body. In particular I was ready for the massive hard-on that results. I first opened my chest by holding both arms back so I was applying the slippery stuff right hand to right nipple, left to left. I leaned back and let the pleasure course through my entire body, releasing a moan of pleasure. More and more quickly I flicked the nipples and watched my legs bend and the muscles of my thighs contract, my abs flutter and my dick stand up to announce its increasing readiness.

In that state of growing arousal I resumed massaging my entire torso, chest, abs and down between my legs. But not yet to my cock, much as I was tempted to just bring on an orgasm right then.

Instead I returned to my nipples, this time with my arms crossed over my chest. Right fingers to left nipple, left to right. This compressed my pecs and showed the muscles of my shoulders to an exciting degree. Bending forward I could closely watch what I was doing to myself and look myself directly into my eyes, as the lover to myself that I was being. Flick, flick, flick, more and more quickly this time I watched my face contort with pleasure and gave voice to my sexual joy with increasing staccato moans.

Ready for a different view, I moved to the bedroom. It has mirrored closet doors only a few feet from the edge of the bed. The mattress is firm: as I laid on it I could see every inch of myself and admire what was to happen next. I rolled around on the bed and took in the view from several angles, including upside down with my head over the edge looking at my upper body stretched tight, my nipples standing out as I pleasured them some more. I took in the view from between my legs, with my head on a pillow. By then I had started with the slippery stuff there, covering every inch and bringing my cock to it highest state of erection. With my head over the edge of the bed it stood up erect for me to admire.

From here I was ready to orgasm at any time. I know what little stroking and touching would bring me off. I was slippery and moist and made everything down there even more so, as the precum worked its way over the head of my cock. From several positions on the bed I worked myself as close to orgasm as possible before backing off. I watched my self-pleasuring while seated, lying back, from between my legs, and on my stomach. I pushed up from that last position, noting the contours of my body, my full chest and flat abdomen, the long muscles of my legs, the contracted triceps and my full cock angled forward. I realized if my wife were under me how I would gently ease it into her from this position, and stroke her inside while she took her pleasure and pulsed her orgasms around my cock until she was fully expended and I would hold her as she came back to earth. (I would then take my pleasure, letting her become fully aware of my orgasm inside her, raising myself up so she could watch the pleasure in my face while feeling my orgasm pulsing within her.)

But not yesterday. That was time set aside just for me. When I masturbate like this I sometimes let fantasy creep in, like what I just described. Mostly I like to use these times to stay fully aware of my own pleasure, however.

Having thus made ready, I knew the moment had come to bring all to climax. I knew I wanted to watch myself come and I wanted to have the most intense orgasm I could create. I love my full-on body profile lying on the bed, facing those mirrored doors. On my side then I played with my nipples again, giving increasing voice to my pleasure. I ran my hands over my arms, my chest, my abs, hips, upper thighs and scrotum. I rolled back a little to get my hands over my balls and down to the perineum between my scrotum and my anus, under which the center of all pleasure lies, the prostate. I pressed on this area and groaned with wonder at the pleasure under there that had built within me. I did that with my left hand while my right moved back over my balls and up my cock. I massaged my cock up and down, and then brought that left hand up to surround my cock too, so both hands were working me closer and closer to orgasm.

Now I was ready to come with all the intensity that I had built within me for this past hour. I took the position I had planned on my left side facing the mirror and admired the well-tanned and oiled length of me, and all that was about to occur. I put a big pillow between my knees, lifting my right thigh to open my scrotum to touching and provide a fine view of my lean thighs. With my left arm under me I could easily reach up and massage my right nipple. My right hand was on my cock and reaching between my thighs to massage my balls and that sensitive area over the prostate.

At the moment of coming I was in that position, touching that right nipple with my left index finger, and with my right hand fully enclosing my cock. My index and middle fingers stroked that most sensitive area under the head. I could see it all in the mirror. And at that moment I began the countdown to orgasm. '10' I said and nodded to myself that every inch of me was ready to come. '9' and felt just by saying the number that the tension had further built. At '8' there was a pre-orgasmic pulse from my prostate. '7' and I moved my hand more lightly over my cock and built myself further as I uttered '6', then '5' and '4'. Then I became mindful of the role my breasts were playing. I had the right nipple in my left fingers but the left nipple was being scratched by the sheet, an unexpected additional source of pleasure. The orgasm at the point was so close, so close to beyond controlling.

I backed off ever so slightly, and said '3'.

Now, at '2' I was at that moment when nothing would intervene. I had the experience of the universe folding me into its arms-call it God?-bringing all to the center of me and the pleasure I was having. I did nothing consciously from here to make the orgasm happen. I never even heard '1', if I said it at all. '0' would have been totally lost in the all-consuming moments that followed. I entered a feedback loop of self-touching, seeing it happening in the mirror, the response of my body, the sound of my voice. I wondered that this could be me, or was I experiencing the cosmic moment of creation of all humankind. This kind of orgasm was beyond individual pleasure and entered the universal, even the divine. I felt I was having an orgasm that was common to all men, to all women, to couples together, men to men, women to women, men and women. The immediate world around me disappeared: it was only me as evidenced by the image in the mirror, and the divine presence surrounding me.

All that became expressed in those ecstatic moments of the beginning of orgasm, when the prostate began its function of spreading what felt like warmth and electricity throughout my entire middle body. Up and up and over the top without control, just letting it all come. Immediately I followed with the first of multiple strong contractions as the life within me came forth to join the life of the world. This godly experience has to be the same for woman, including the pulsing that's common to us all. Whether it's spilt upon the sheet, or left in a woman, whether we pulse together or separately, we of humankind have the orgasm of new life for which we give praise for living.

Those pulses, and the seed which they split forth, continued for a time and gradually diminished. Unlike when with my wife, in masturbation I can allow myself the pleasure of fully enjoying the period that follows as my body enters supreme relaxation and then sleep. I reached for the sheet and pulled it over me, said good afternoon to the image in the mirror, and closed my eyes. The nap that followed was deep and restorative. After only a half-hour I awoke to what seemed like a new me, ready to renew my purposes in the world.

Until the next celebration of my sexuality. It is 5:30 am, my wife is still asleep. Writing this has left me so hot and covered with precum that I'll just go in the bath, standing in front of the mirror, and bring on some quick release.



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