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American Pie Reality

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Let me start off by telling you a little background about myself and my friend, lets call him 'Tyler.' We're both straight and 14, a month from turning 15, and have been close friends for 4 years. I'm a big swimmer and he's an even bigger hockey player. I decided to have him over for a St. Patrick's Day party my family has every year. This year though, we decided to get drunk. After watching American Pie, my friend and I got wasted. We talked about girls, sex-the usual 15-year-old stuff. Then I decided to get us blankets and pillows.

So we're in my room, and he goes, 'Let's watch something with BOOBS! That way we can jerk it!' Now since I've never done anything like this, I got really nervous. So me and 'Tyler' go into the living room and are on the couch, drunk, and horny. We fast-forward through American Pie, to the part with the most boobs. Tyler said 'ok, lets start.' so we start jerking under the covers till I say 'this blankets really restricting' and as a joke I throw it off his side to be funny, then he covers up and then says 'yeah, we don't need it... on three: 1...2...3...' and we throw the blankets off. His dick was about my size, 6 1/2', but mine is a little thicker, and Tyler says 'I haven't shaved in a while' and I'm like, 'you shave too? I haven't shaved since the Hutch Tech Swim Meet!'

So we're jacking each other, watching American Pie, and he says 'wait... I don't want to cum yet' so we both stop for a little to wait out the orgasm. I said 'I've never done this before,' and so Tyler said, 'I do this sometimes with my hockey team, it takes the edge off. I've also had another guy jerk me. It was weird.' So I said 'It must feel GREAT though,' and he responded by grabbing me! I just moaned and threw my head back. Then I grabbed him and I told him to hold off cumming for a little while. He told me he was about to cum so I went and jerked faster. He moaned really loud, and cum poured out of his dick. I kept going for a while, until he told me to stop. It went all over my hand and he lifted up his boxers and told me to wipe it on them.

He then concentrated on me. 'Look at the tits' he said, and so I got really close and said I'm almost there! So he stroked even faster and I came on his hand and my leg. We sat there for a while, and then put our boxers back on and went to bed. We decided not to tell anyone, and I said that it felt amazing. He said 'yeah' and we went to sleep.

The next day, we came back from our workout and my mom decided to do a little shopping. This time, we got right down to business. We put in the only other movie I have with nudity. We fast forwarded to the best sex-scene, and Tyler said, 'I need to take off my belt, to get a good grip' then he took it off and said 'Fuck it I'm taking it out,' so I took off my windbreakers that I had worn to workout, and had my shorts on underneath. I pulled them down and we jerked to the sex in the movie. When I got close I looked over at him and he came right when I looked. It was a huge load, but instead of shooting, it kind of poured out. That put me over the edge and I came with in seconds. It went EVERYWHERE. We put our pants on and watched YouTube videos. We are still great friends and it's not awkward at all.



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