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Amazing Time With Lili

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I'm 25, white, 6'3', and this is just one of many encounters like this I have had. Please write comments if you enjoy this and I will write more.


It all started when I put an ad online. I was looking for a woman interested in letting me play with her pussy, and to be honest, my standards were low. That was until I heard from Lili.

She sent me a picture and seemed too good to be true. She was normal, a grad student at a nearby school, and absolutely beautiful. After a few emails she invited me over to her place the next afternoon.

When I arrived at her building my heart was pounding, and it began to be harder and faster as I got her apartment number and headed upstairs to her place on the seventh floor.

I paused for a moment before eventually knocking. As soon as she opened the door my nervousness began to settle and my excitement skyrocketed. Lili was even more beautiful than the pictures had shown, she was short, maybe 5'2', incredibly skinny, and had the darkest black skin I had ever seen. She welcomed me inside and we sat on her couch in her immaculately clean and sparsely furnished student apartment.

We chatted nervously for a few minutes, as I savored her exotic accent, her innocence, and her intelligence. I asked why she had agreed to meet me and she explained that she thought I seemed reasonably normal and respectful, and that she also really loves to be fingered. That statement seemed to change the mood, and suddenly all I could think of was the sweet young pussy under her tight yoga pants.

'Should we get started?' she asked, sliding out of her pants and lifting her shirt over her head. She reclined on the couch and began to rub her hands all over her matching pale purple panties and bra. She looked me dead in the eyes, mouth agape, as she began to rub herself under her panties.

'Can I help you out of those?' I asked her nervously.

'Of course,' she replied. I leaned over and for the first time felt how soft her skin was against my fingertips as I slipped her panties off. She then sat up and unclasped her bra, dropping it to the ground, turning to face me next to her on the small couch, and spread her legs, rubbing her small breasts with both hands. She tweaked her big, dark nipples and wriggled her hips as I stared at her shaved pussy, pink and swollen and begging to be touched.

Without asking I leaned forward and ran my fingertip up and down her wet slit. She moaned and thrust her hips towards me, drawing my index finger deep into her tight, wet pussy. I took this as approval and scooted closer to her on the couch, still fully clothed. With my left hand I reached over and took over tweaking one of her firm nipples as I continued to plunge now two fingers in and out of her with my right hand, rubbing her clit firmly with my thumb. She sat up and kissed me, grabbing the back of my head with both hands as I curled my two fingers inside her, rubbing her G spot and clit. She sat up straighter and began to gasp. I slid my left hand down underneath her, grabbing almost her entire tiny ass as I finger-fucked her harder, feeling her start to squirt and contract around my fingers. Finally, she stiffened up momentarily and her vagina squeezed tightly around my fingers and then relaxed, flooding her couch with her sweet-smelling juice.

I was glad to see that she was receptive as I continued to stroke her clit lightly. By now her pussy was even more swollen, with her beautiful pink hole and black skin glistening with her cum. She lay back, seemingly half-conscious for a few moments, as I teased her gently. Then she suddenly sat up and positioned her slender body right on my lap, facing away from me. She squatted over me momentarily and undid the fly of my jeans. This wasn't part of our arrangement, but I made no move to stop her as she pulled out my hard cock, leaning back against me. She sat with her slippery pussy resting on top of my shaft, reaching down underneath my dick to grab my balls and hold my thick shaft against her swollen pussy. She gyrated her hips and stroked my cock, moving it against her clit and hole.

By this time my cock was slick with her juices and she was doing an amazing job of pleasuring both of us based on her gasps and moans. I used both hands to rub her breasts, kissing her neck and her full lips as she rode atop my hard cock. I then reached down and put my hand over her slender fingers, helping her to guide my slippery cock along the length of her soaked pussy.

Eventually she reached down and wrapped both of her hands around my engorged penis, wringing it firmly as she slid both hands up and down in unison. I slid my hands between her legs, spreading her luscious lips with one as I fingered her and pinched her clit with the other. We did this for a while before she began to shake. She quickly loosened her grip on my cock, and used both hands to pull it tight against her clit. She gasped and shivered as she thrust her hips, pulling my rock-hard shaft against her the whole time.

She finally came once again, squirting hard against my dick. She continued to rub herself against me until I came, showering both of us with my load.

We met up a few times after that, and if people enjoy this I can write some more about our encounters.



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