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Amazing Squiggle Wiggle Writer

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Amazing Squiggle Wiggle Writer
I have masturbated since age 10 or 11. I didn't know I was doing it at the time. I just felt the "urge" to rub my fingers between my legs or just put my hand over my hairless pussy. It was a comforting feeling back then. I started as so many others here by using the faucet in the bathroom tub to masturbate. I guess I started using the faucet around 12-13. I started the water off slowly and slightly warm. My legs spread with my feet on the wall. I'd often put my hands over my head on the back of the tub so I wouldn't push myself away from the faucet with my feet. I lay on my back letting the water pound on my pussy. I would turn up the water with my foot, making it warmer. As I would move my hips a little under the water, I could feel my muscles tighten and my pussy aching. I'd then turn the water up very hot, almost scalding on my pretty pussy. This slight pain would make me move my hips faster. Then, I would turn the temperature to cold, but with full water pressure on my cunt. The quick change in temperature, from extremely hot to intensely cold, made me more and more excited. My little pussy would first feel the cold as a shock, then become a little numb. I'd warm the temperature back up slowly until it was really hot again, and then quickly back to ice cold. I would continue this, enjoying and experimenting with the different sensations in my little virgin pussy. After an hour or so of nearly scalding my pussy then nearly freezing it and making it numb, I'd feel my legs tense up and my hips thrust forward, and a wave of euphoria rush forth. My whole body would move as my orgasms shot throughout my young body.
I stayed with the water faucet (I didn't have a shower massager) for a couple of years. At age 16 I had my first boyfriend, first kiss, first sexual experience with another person, and my first love. The next two years I was with my boyfriend (was nearly 8 years older then me), I found that even though I enjoyed sex with him, I very much enjoyed my own body and the feelings that only I could create. I was still too young to buy a sexual toy and too embarrassed to tell my boyfriend I wanted one. When I was 17, I bought a "Squiggle Wiggle Writer". I brought it to school and several of my friends teased me that I would be using it while my boyfriend was away. Until then, I'd never really even thought of using the pen in that way. But, one evening while at home by myself, I was writing a letter and I began drawing in the margins with the "Squiggle Wiggle Writer". I realized that it did vibrate a lot, and maybe it would feel as good as the faucet felt. I unzipped my jeans and pushed the pen into my panties, between my pussy lips. Immediately, I began to thrust about and enjoy the sensations of the pen on my clit, vibrating it. I pressed it firmly against my clit, and my little pussy started dripping with my pussy juice and I came almost instantly.
I am now 21 years old. I have used lots of toys to masturbate with. I have used my fingers even. And, I've had wonderful amazing sexual experiences with men, but I have yet to have an orgasm like that I have with a "Squiggle Wiggle Writer". I still use them today, especially if I want a quick orgasm. I'm rather fond of my ability to have multiple orgasms, so I often use my pen to give me a good quickie, and then continue playing with other dildos and toys. There's nothing like a fresh battery in a "Squiggle Wiggle Writer". I'd never leave the house if my batteries wouldn't wear out (or the pen itself - I've been through several pens since I first used it).




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