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Amazing Massage

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Nothing like an anal touch.


Last Saturday I spent the day incredibly wound up, but wanting something 'more' than masturbating. I was going out in the evening, but could not wait to see if I would meet someone who would work out. I had noticed a massage parlor a couple of miles away, and went online to see if I could find any reference to it, 'happy endings,' and/or cautions about potential legal repercussions. I had been to a massage parlor farther away a couple of times that was very fun, but did not want to drive that far-that was my only experience with massage parlors, and I am really careful. (I have a pretty darn good sex life but am just out of a relationship) On line, my search resulted in a reference on an escort service website to another parlor across the street from the one I had seen, which advertised an attractive Asian woman with some erotic references. I drove there, and walked in. The 40ish woman who greeted me was not the one from the website-she was very ordinary-not unattractive, just not attractive, she had a pleasant face and was wearing brown pants and a plain top. She escorted me to a room and left, I hoped to retrieve the cute young girl from the advertisement. However, as I was removing my clothes, she returned to the room and shut the door. I did not know what to think, and, in that a massage sounded good either way, I just laid down on the table. No mention was made of any money beyond the basic $40.00 charge for a massage.

She asked me if I wanted it 'soft' or 'hard,' and I asked for hard. It was-very. They had installed handrails on the ceiling and she walked all over me for 20-25 minutes. What was interesting, though, was that a couple of times she sat down right on my ass-(I once had a girlfriend grind her clitoris into my ass until she came, and could feel that the masseuse was doing something similar.) I was face down, and could not see, but also felt bare skin from her thighs once or twice. She had somehow removed her pants an put on a skirt of some kind without me noticing. She climbed off, and was rubbing the backs of my thighs with oil when she suddenly, very lightly, ran her fingers along the crack of my butt a couple of times, up and down. I parted my legs a little, and she did it again, going deeper. I parted my legs more, and she began to tickle my asshole with gentle back and forth strokes, as well as my scrotum. My cock, which was pointing down, began to grow and throb. This went on for about two minutes, so soft and gentle, and she then touched my cock on a couple of the passes. I moaned, it felt great.

She spoke broken English, but suggested I turn over. She pointed at my very hard erection, and simply said 'want?' I smiled and nodded, and she put more oil on her hands an began to stroke me. It was incredible. So perfect, up and down with varying pressure. She seemed so non-sexual, but I could see she was watching herself in the mirror, and was clearly enjoying herself. I spread my legs a little, and she reached down and tickled my asshole with her right hand, keeping her left going up and down on my cock. By now precum was running out, beading up on the oil. I spread my legs more, and she pushed a finger into my ass, and began to stroke it in and out. This was too much. I was thrusting my hips up and down, and reached out and pressed my hand against her ass. Although she was not much too look at, she was slim and hard as a rock. She appeared to enjoy the contact, and move her face down within a few inches of my cock, staring that the engorged head. I thought she was going to lick it or suck it, but she seemed to change her mind and backed away just as I began to cum. I think she knew that facial proximity would turn me on. I spurted more cum than I can recall, it flew all over, as she continued to stroke me and shoved her finger in deep. It was really amazing. She watched the spurts, then smiled at me.

As I calmed down, she washed me with a warm cloth. I tipped her, well, and left. It was a great massage, standing alone, and a remarkable ending. I am quite hard right now thinking about it.



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