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Almost Caught on the Construction Site!

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I love almost getting caught!


I love to be naked all the time. I love almost getting caught and one time I almost did.

I used to work in construction and one day I was working with a crew in a vacant house. The house was a few miles out of town. It was on a few acres and there were no neighbors. Although our job was to repair the exterior we had the key to enter the house to use the rest room. The interior of the house was pretty vacant with nice wood floors, vaulted ceilings and many large windows. However, there was alot of dust from it being vacant and from all the work we had done.

Since the job was almost complete our foreman had just two of us working that day to complete the remainder of the work. As we were working one of my coworkers tools broke and he needed to go into town to purchase another tool. We were pretty far in from town and so he said he would return in an hour or so. He got in his truck and as I saw him get further down the road I began to feel this urge to get naked!

I always get this urge when I am alone, especially in public places. I am usually naked anytime I get a chance to.

I had not masturbated in a few days and I was getting horny just imaging being naked some where other than my house. So I went into the house and went upstairs to see if any one was around. Here is where I got daring! I quickly took off all my clothes and began walking around the house completely naked! My heart was beating with excitement and I felt free as I could feel the sunlight from outside on my naked body through the many windows. I didnt want to get too far from my clothes so that I could get dressed just in case someone would show up, but I became more daring and went down stairs naked. I walked around thoughout the house with a huge hard on. I looked down and I could see my thick and hard cock bouncing as I walked though out the house. A few minutes had passed by and I knew if I wanted to masturbate that I better get to it because anyone could come any minute.

So I went to the foyer of the house and sat on my butt with my feet planted on the floor with my back against the wall. I began to stroke my cock and I could feel it pulsating through my fingers. I looked up and I noticed that the house had plenty of windows that anyone looking into the house could see me. This got me more turned on! I began to stroke really hard and then I would stop just before climaxing so that I could continue masturbating.

I then got back up and sat on the middle of the stairs and again resumed jacking off. I could feel my face flushing and my heart rate speeding from the rush of masturbating in the empty house! I was so horny looking down at my cock with my feet in the background and noticed the veins on my dick almost ready to burst! Thoughts of getting caught ran through my mind. I was on the stairs and it felt as though someone was watching me from the top of the stairs. I looked up and there was no one, just my imagination! I was freaking ready to burst as my mind was in ecstacy and the head of my dick covered with precum!!

All of a sudden I shot this huge stream of gleaming white cum that shot almost 3 feet in the air. Some landed on my chest and some on my legs. It felt so freaking good and my dick was still having spasms from the treamendous orgasm! I then realized that I had to get dressed as I had been running around naked in the house for over an hour. I had cum everywhere so I quickly ran upstairs! I grabbed my clothes and just as I started to clean up I looked out the window down the road. Sure enough as I began to wipe the cum off with my underwear I saw a truck coming down the road! It was my coworker. I had no time to waste and I put my clothes on smearing the cum on my body with the inside of my pants!

I ran downstairs, shut the door behind me and ran outside to where I was working. I grabbed my hammer and pretended to work. My heart was pounding out of my chest because I was literally minutes from getting caught naked in a vacant house with my dick in my hand! He got out of his truck and asked me how I was doing. I pretended like nothing was wrong and said everything was cool.

A few hours had past and it was time for lunch. Since we were far from town we had brought our lunch to save time. It was pretty hot outside so he grabbed our lunch boxes and said he wanted to eat inside. I was kind of nervous because I didnt have time to check if my cum went elsewhere! We went inside and he suggested we eat in the foyer area. He opened the front door to let some air in as we sat right where I was pouning my cock a few hours earlier. The coast was clear he had no idea. All of a sudden I looked down on the floor and I could see fresh foot prints on the floor! The floor was dusty but you could clealy see my foot and toe prints on the wood floor. My mouth almost dropped! I then leaned back a little to get a better angle of view of the floor and I could see that my foot prints where everywhere!! I was about to shit my pants! I was praying he didn't look down.

I scarfed my lunch, got up and tried to drag my feet to erase the evidence without him noticing. Luckly he didn't notice and he got up and went back to work. I told him that I would be right out as I needed the rest room. I quickly grabbed an old rag, got on my knees and began wiping my foot prints. That was a close one!

The day was finally over and we actually finished the job. As I locked up the house for the last time I looked around and smiled of my adventure there. I then looked down at the foyer and I noticed an imprint of my butt and two distinct foot prints of mine. I missed that spot! They were the ones I left when I was masturbating in the foyer! I got a rush of adrenaline again and thought to myself that a little evidence left behind would not hurt anybody. So I locked up and we were on our way home. I can still remember my toe prints on the floor. I wonder if anyone else ever saw them?! Well that is my story.I have alot more adventures to come, especially in public places!



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