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Almost Caught

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I've written previously that my first sexual experiences were with Ed, a boy my age who lived across the street. He knew more about sex than the rest of us, and he was more willing to take a risk with it. Being an only child, he often had the house to himself because his dad traveled during the week. When his mother left for shopping, he'd call me and say, 'Mom's gone; come over and let's mess around.' My mother never left us alone, and I couldn't wait to get out of the house.

I remember one afternoon in particular. Thirty seconds after Ed called, I was knocking at his back door. No answer. I knocked louder, and heard him holler, 'Come on in.' I walked inside, but no Ed. 'I'm back here,' he said. I could see down the hall to his bedroom; his door was open, and I saw his bare legs sprawled on the bed. He hadn't waited for me; he was already going at it. Ed was always a sort of an exhibitionist. The fact that he was buck naked, jacking off with the door wide open, made me really hot. I walked back to his room, and watched him stroking his cock. His belly was smooth, but he had a thick patch of brown pubic hair and big, hairy balls.

'Looks like you're having fun,' I said.

'Yeah, I like to jack off every time I get a chance,' he said, stroking away.

I said, 'So do I, but my mother's always around the house.'

Ed laughed and said, 'Well, nobody's here, so take off your clothes and get over here.' I couldn't get naked fast enough, threw my clothes on the floor, and in a few seconds we were jacking each other off. I loved squeezing out his pre-cum and smearing it around the head of his dick. He started talking about girls he liked, one in particular that he'd just begun having sex with. His description of their sex got me really hot.

So we're lying there on his bed, both about to come, when we hear the back door slam. 'Holy shit!' Ed whispers. 'It's Mom! Get in the closet and get dressed, quick!' I rolled off the bed, grabbed my jeans and shirt, and scrambled into the closet. He shut the bedroom door, not a second too soon.

I could hear his mother's voice: 'Ed, what are you doing in there?' 'Just changing clothes,' he answered. We heard her walk into the bathroom and close the door. By then I'd stuffed my still-hard dick into my jeans and yanked my shirt down over my head. I didn't bother to put on my shoes, I just hauled ass down the hall and out the back door. I didn't stop until I was back in my own room. I locked the door and finished what I'd started on Ed's bed. It wasn't our last jackoff session together.



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