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All Over The House (1)

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A quick bit of background information before I begin. I started masturbating when I was in my eleventh or early twelth year. I average about five to seven times a week, and I really like this site.

Anyway, the thought occured to me a while ago that since the pleasure of my orgasms was starting to wane slightly, as they are prone to doing after four years, that I should try some new things to 'regain the feeling.' I'm a bit of a risk-taker, and I finally came to the conclusion that a good way to try this would be to attempt to orgasm at least once in every area of my house. Not an overly difficult task and not that extraordinary, except that we have huge windows in almost every room in the house and I'm rarely alone long enough to do anything. I decided to make rooms I've already cum in count when I started my 'quest,' so this will recount the best experiences I've had in those rooms, not necessarily the most recent. Lastly, this will probably be in at least three parts, because there's a lot of places to do it in my house.

The first room I came in was, unsurprisingly, my room. When I was in my late elevens, I became rather curious about the prospect of ejaculating, but I had no idea about how to go about doing it. One night, on a weekend, I was spending some 'naked time' in my room after my parents had gone to bed, and I remembered about trying to ejaculate and decided to give it another go.

I went and got out my microscope (I wanted to see the sperm under it when I did), then I lay on the floor and tried some weird contraction of muscles and thoughts that might trigger it. I don't recall how it came to happen, but I ended up rubbing a sock on top of my penis (because it was 'wrong' to wrap my hand around it) and ended up orgasming that way. It was incredible, and the sperm did look pretty cool underneath that microscope.

The second room I came in was, also unsurprisingly, my bathroom, more specifically the shower. Being eleven and ashamed of the habit, I found it wrong to actually touch my penis 'like that.' My shower is about five feet long and three feet across, which is plenty of room to sit or even lay down in when you're around 5'2', so over time I had learned that it felt kinda good to let the water hit my penis occasionally, although it hurt if I did it for too long.

It was a few days after my first ejaculation, and I'd decided I really liked doing it. This time in the shower was going to be different than just getting clean or playing with plastic toys, because I was going to be ejaculating again.

I started by laying down and just letting the water hit it straight on, which hurt a bit, but I kept at it. My erection points upwards toward my stomach, so in a laying down position there's a lot of surface area exposed right where the shower head was aimed, and by the time I'd got an erection the pain was gone and replaced with only pleasure. Once again I ejaculated, and I let it slide off my pubic hair-less groin while I laid back and rested for a bit.

I was ashamed of masturbating until I was around twelve and a half, when I discovered this site. I didn't have a computer in my room at that time, so my only access to the internet was by the family computer in our office. I remember very few details about the night I first came without feeling any regret afterwards, but I do remember it was in that office and to this site.

Even after the discovery of this site, the only two methods I used was rubbing my hand over my penis really fast or the shower. I rarely went to the site and I never looked at the techniques section until a lot later. I also remember that from the first time I did it in the shower to the time I did it to this site, the shower was the only place I'd do it, except on rare occasions (and even after this site it was rare). One of those rare occasions was a night when I was nearing the age of 13. I was supposed to be in bed, but I was so turned on I couldn't sleep.

My sister was using my bathroom at the time, so I decided to go and use hers for this occasion (don't ask why I didn't in my room, I don't know either). I laid down on the cold linoleum floor and slid my tight night-shorts and underwear off, exposing a readily erect penis. I'm sure you know the feeling of 'being so turned on you'll try anything,' and this was definately one of those times for me.

I started by taking the underwear and rubbing it on top of my penis, but that wasn't enough. I remembered a vague something about one of the stories I'd read here, and responded by putting the underwear down, putting my thumb underneath the shaft and my pointer and middle fingers above it, and just moving my arm up and down. When I came, it shot out all the way to my chest, and decided to make the 'three-finger method' my new plan of attack for ejaculations.

Quick review: My room, my bathroom, the office, and my sister's bathroom. More to come later.



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