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All in the Family

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All in the Family
This happened to me about two years ago when my mother-in-law was keeping our son while my wife was in the hospital to have our second child. She had some minor complications and was going to have to stay in the hospital about a week. One night after stopping at the hospital for a visit after work I stopped at my mother-in-laws to see little John. After some time I helped put him to bed and left for home. I was exhausted after the long day and decided to head straight for the shower. While in the shower I started to work on relieving the pent up tension of the day as I do every night. I guess I was so involved in myself that I never heard the front door open or the bathroom door either. All of a sudden I felt the presence of someone at the shower door. I quickly grabbed a towel and cover my raging hard on, it was my mother-in-law. She said that she needed to get some more of Johny‚??s things and when I did not answer the door she decided to let herself in with her key. She said that when she heard the water running in the shower she just had to take a peak to see how big I was. She apoligized for interrupting my pleasure secession and said that if I did not mind she would like to watch me finish. I was hesitant but she went on to say that her husband would never touch himself in front of her and sex was once a month with the lights out.
I figured what the hell it might be fun having someone watch me do it I was always careful not to let anyone know that I was into self satisfaction. I left the towel fall to the floor and slowly started to play with my cock again. After about 2 minutes of staring at it like a hungry animal she asked hesitantly if she could touch it. I slowly removed my hand and stepped closer to her. She slowly reached out shaking like a leafe in the wind and took a hold of it. As she touched it she left out a sigh like a ton of bricks had just been removed from her. After fondling it for several minutes she slowly bent down and took the whole thing into her mouth. That was more than I could handle and exploded almost instantly. She started to choke on the intense flow but managed to swallow it all. I told her I was sorry for cumming in her mouth but she said it was wonderful and she had never tasted a man before except to sneak a small taste from her vagina after sex wth her husband.
I told her it was now her turn for some relief but she said she had to get going. With that I grabbed in my arms and gave her a deep probing kiss. She tried to resist at first but started to melt in no time at all. I led her to the bedroom where I pulled her slacks and panties off. They where soaking wet and the smell of her wetness gave me an instant hard on. I gently laid her back on the bed and slowly slid my hand between he legs and she started to shiver. I felt that she was about to explode so I decided to go down on her right away. As I started to lower hy head towards he cunt she clamped he legs together and said what are you doing. I said that I wanted a taste of honey. She said no however I went in anyway. She kept her legs closed tightly for several minutes while I kissed her thighs and massaged her legs. She finally started to relax and opened he legs to allow me full access to one huge soaking wet pussy. I started kissing the outer lips then slid my tounge deep into her slit. When I moved up to her clit it was all over she exploded with a shrill scream and started to convulse like no other woman had ever done.
The next evening when I stopped to see Johnny my-mother-in-law said that she thought she might need to stop over later that evening to drop off the laundry she had done, after her husband fell asleep if it was alright with me. That evening when she came in she said that she had never had an orgasm and that she never had felt better in whole life. She asked if we could repeat last night. I told her we could but what was she going to do when her daughter got home from the hospital. I told her I was going to teach her how to satisfy herself. She said she could never do that but I insisted that not only could she but that I was positive that she would enjoy it. With that I led her to the bedroom where I took out my wife‚??s small vibrator and started to show her how to use it. At first she was hesitant but soon was well into it. Once she had climaxed with the vibrator she said that she wanted me to eat her again and then fuck her with lights on. I know that the week went by too fast for her. However she still manages to find a way to be alone with me at least once a month. Between times she goes through lots of batteries.



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