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I am currently reading 'Sex at Dawn' that hypothesises that agriculture is responsible for modern men's prudent view of sex. The book, however, made me recall an incident where agriculture was responsible for the most extraordinary and unexpected sexual encounter I had.

I was spending some time with a wealthy friend of mine on his farm in the South of France. Unlike wealthy people here in North America, the well to do in France apparently like to do farm chores! The Saturday morning after breakfast, we all tackled a couple of fields with freshly cut grass, raking the grass into piles and making stacks. During the morning a young man around 28 arrived, dressed in an equestrian outfit. He was introduced as Sebastian, a neighbor and apparently a well-known horseman. He had his hair in a ponytail, something I don't like on women and really hate on men. Despite this, I could not stop looking at him. He was, to put it mildly, exquisite looking. Long eye lashes, perfect dimpled chin, beautiful teeth.... the whole package. I had to stop myself from glancing at him, but caught him eying me from time to time, which made me feel totally out of control.

After we finished the work, I sauntered over to a pen where a young colt was frolicking. Shortly afterwards, Sebastian joined me. I mentioned that the colt was beautiful and he agreed but mentioned that the colt had a sister and that the filly was even more beautiful (in a very French accented English.) Before I could check my own words, I said: 'but not as beautiful as you.' Well, that was all it took. He took my hand and led me into the barn next door, up the stepladder and into a little room that I think was the stable cleaner's quarter, as there was a small bunk.

The clothes came off quickly and within seconds I had a warm stiff pulsing uncut dick in my hand. He was a very good kisser and after stroking and caressing each other for a few minutes I straddled him and took both our penises (I am also uncut) in my right hand and started masturbating us. A couple of medium pace stroke, with one long tighter gripped stroke here and there. Again in accented English, he asked me to cum with him. I said OK, and then told him that I will cum on zero, counting back from 10. I started counting and I remember he placed his hand on my cheek and just stared into my eyes. On zero we both gushed cum onto his belly, neck and face. It was so intense that I felt like I was going to pass out. After kissing passionately for a couple of minutes, we started cleaning up and prepared to join the others.

Sebastian had to leave soon after this, and I was sort of glad, because I was so drawn to him after what had happened that I was afraid that my host would pick up on it. Well, if either he or his wife did, they never let up. Their son (a dancer with the Monaco ballet - so no name) was a different story. He was making it clear with constant 'smirky' looks and smiles that he knew exactly what had happened. A week later I was at their residence in Marseille. It happened that at one stage we were alone there, planned by him, and he proved that he did know.



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