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Age Spread Makes No Difference

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I swear this account is totally true with no embellishments or exaggerations whatsoever. The approximately 5 year period described was the highlight of my sexual experience.


This experience began when Solo Touch was a brand new website, back in the late 1990s. The site then had a contact board where readers could post a brief message and hopefully connect with local masturbators for shared times together. I had my ad up there and one day I received a response from a woman named Judy who lived about 200 miles away in a city that I travelled to once or twice each month for my job. A widow, she was a good 20 years older than me -- at that time already well into her 70s, but she sounded interesting so we decided to meet the next time I was in her town. She confessed she loved to masturbate, especially with a man next to her.

The day of our arranged meeting arrived and we connected at a secluded spot in a shopping mall close to where she lived. Despite our age difference, she was an attractive woman, smooth skin with no wrinkles, silver hair, a bit plump but nice to look at. And she was very nice to visit with, too -- a most important part I'd say. We discovered quite a few things in common and after talking for an hour we both felt comfortable and safe together. She invited me over to her home and when we entered she asked me straight away if she could see my penis. "Sure, and can I see your pussy, too?" I asked. She was more than willing so we both stood right there, dropped our pants and began looking and touching one another. She also showed me her breasts. They were full and perfectly shaped with dainty nipples at the end. I'm not a fan of large breasts (my first wife's were huge and saggy which didn't interest me much); Judy's were fairly large but beautiful. I'm sure they would make any woman of 30 proud to show off.

This show-n-tell continued for a few minutes but then Judy confessed she was still very nervous about going further on our first visit so we promised to get together to continue our exploration the next time I was in town. A couple of weeks later we did just that and that time there was no nervousness at all! The "routine" we set up that visit was followed pretty much to the letter from then on for about 5 years and it was exceptional for each of us.

Whenever we were together we were both bustin' at the seams to get naked and start to play. Our times together always revolved around masturbation but for warm-up Judy always insisted that I either stand before her as she knelt or I would lay back on the bed with my legs hanging over the edge. Then she would begin to gently fondle my penis and balls, maybe lick or suck a bit, and I would stiffen up almost immediately. Although my penis is rather average in size and appearance, she always treated it as if it was the most magnificent creation on the planet! As soon as she began touching me her pussy would begin its response and she would start to moan softly and feel her clitoris kick into gear. Judy was more than multi-orgasmic -- she was continuously orgasmic! Once she began to play, her clit would respond and edge her up to a pitch of excitement so that for the next 45 minutes to an hour she was always on the verge of an orgasm -- and she would slide into and just barely out of orgasm after orgasm throughout that time until she would eventually collapse with exhaustion. She was more than remarkable sexually and for me she shattered all those myths about people losing their sexual response when they get old!

In fact, Judy once told me that whenever she got a massage or even visited the chiropractor she would usually experience at least one orgasm -- much to her embarrassment, of course.

After Judy would play with me for awhile as I stood before her or laid on the edge of the bed she would climb up on the bed and our marathon masturbation session would "officially" begin. I was, of course, hard and already oozing pre-cum but at her age she needed lubricant which I freely applied to her open pussy and all over my penis and balls. We were then ready for action and her hand would be on my slippery organ immediately and mine would begin exploring her vulva with fingers probing up inside her and all over her clitoris. Judy was already at her orgasmic fever pitch and would almost immediately begin convulsing in a full-fledged, hard orgasm when I began touching her. As I said, this would continue for at least another half hour to an hour.

One of our favorite masturbation techniques was for me to get on all fours, missionary style, and she would grab my rigid cock and begin rubbing it up and down her vulva. After a few strokes she was stiffening up again and jetting into another massive orgasm. In the meantime, she was holding and pumping my slippery shaft, keeping my interest and arousal high. When the orgasm subsided Judy wasted no time rubbing my penis up and down again until she repeated the experience again and again. When my arms gave out we would both lay together and resume fondling one another or simply masturbating ourselves while watching one another.

After Judy totally exhausted herself orgasmically she would turn her full attention to my now super-charged penis and began to stroke it like she wanted to see it explode. Many times she would proceed to give me a hand job, other times she would ask me to make myself go while she played with my balls. Several times she gleefully gave me a prostate massage while I masturbated for her. When I would squirt she would usually taste a bit of my semen or simply rub it lovingly all over my penis as it began to soften.

During the times I was away, Judy and I would carry on an extensive email correspondence. We would share all sorts of things, especially sexual content, and exchange photos and video clips that turned us on. She liked anything to do with sex and had no inhibitions talking about it. I miss those emails a lot and wish I had some woman today I could share with that way.

Finally, after several years, Judy's health deteriorated and she had to move in with her daughter. We still met at a motel for awhile and I even joined her at her daughter's house a couple of times when others were away (except for an adult granddaughter, who I learned was a confirmed masturbator, who was in the next room fully aware of what we were doing which made it quite erotic for both Judy and me). Eventually the daughter and Judy moved away and I lost track of one of the best sex partners one could ever have. By that time she had already entered her 80s but that pussy of hers was as responsive as ever. Wow! Whatta gal !!! A fantastic lover, yes, but also a dear, devoted friend. What more could one ever want?



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