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After the Youth Club

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I grew up as the only child in my family. I was quite naïve about sex until I was well into my late teens. Naturally my mother gave me some information about puberty and the changes it brought but she did not discuss sexual intercourse or anything about the lead up to it. I had some knowledge of the male body because I had male cousins a lot younger than I was. When they came to visit us I had to take charge of them and see that they did not get into mischief on our farm. Often on these occasions I would see them relieve themselves as they were not very shy about it. However I never had any occasion to touch them intimately nor did I have any desire to do so. School was mixed but there was no opportunity there for any misbehaviour with boys.

My interest in masturbation developed when I was seventeen. By then I was allowed to attend the local youth club on Friday nights. When I had been attending for about a month I got very friendly with one of the boys. He was a neighbour of ours and known to my parents so they were happy enough. My father usually picked me up after the club closed at 10:30pm. We were not allowed to leave the club before then. I persuaded my father not to pick me up until 11:00pm so that I could go to the takeaway. That gave me some time with Tom, my friend. For the first few nights we only talked and kissed briefly but as time went on we got a little more familiar. We used to go down a side lane near the takeaway where we had some privacy.

After kissing for a while Tom liked to hold me against him with both of us facing forward. We could still kiss a bit as he was taller than I was. He liked to move his hands to my breasts and caress them outside my clothes and after a few minutes of that he would move down to my crotch still outside my clothes. We didn't do this for very long as our time was limited but I began to have sensations in my breasts and in my vagina which were new and pleasant.

One night I was wearing baggy trousers with fairly long pockets. He put his hands into my pockets, I think he found them purely by accident, but this was new because he was now rubbing just over my knickers. He was very gentle, feeling up and down and suddenly I began to get a new sensation and I thought I was going to leak some of my water. That's what it felt like. It worried me because I would be mortified if I wet my knickers in front of him so I suggested it was time to go back to the main street.

However when I got home and went to my bedroom I was intrigued by what had happened. I was still wearing the same trousers so I put my hands in my pockets and tried to repeat what Tom had been doing. At first nothing seemed to be happening but then I began to imagine that Tom was holding me and that it was his hands in my pockets. As I moved my hands up and down I began to dig into my vagina a little with my fingers through my knickers and suddenly I began to have very strong sensations. They began to shoot down my legs and up into my breasts and down my arms. I kept rubbing and then I got this feeling of release and I threw myself down on the bed feeling very tired and flushed. Later as I went to bed I felt guilty even though I wasn't sure exactly what I had done wrong. I didn't try again for a few days but after a while I began to masturbate regularly and still do to this day.



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