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After the Strangest Party Ever

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I suppose I should have guessed that something was unusual when the invitation plopped onto my doormat.

'Toga Party-Togas optional'

Still, I knew the person who sent the invite well, and I thought it was just a light-hearted comment.

I did not, however, recognise the address of the venue. (I won't mention it for obvious reasons, but it began Club ........)

On the night in question, we arrived at the club. Togas abounded (naturally) and I suppose I should have known when the bar staff's togas which were barely there at all soon became little more than additions to their skirts and three girls breasts were plainly on view. Still, the food was great, and the club boasted just about everything from a suana, to a massive hot tub, dance floor and a so-called quiet room.

The party was going ever so well, with people mingling and dancing. Of course, every now and then, in the strobe lighting, I wondered if some of the women OR the men had anything on under the togas.

As the evening progressed, there were many women topless, and the unmistakable tenting of male togas indicated that this was not at all unwelcome.

When I came back from a visit to the toilet, I found my wife on the dance floor doing a slow dance with a stranger-and she was totally naked. Not only that, she had her hand down between them and was stroking his hard-on. He, in turn, had his hand between her legs and she was making it easy for him to finger her.

Then, the penny dropped-we had been invited to a swingers party. (Yes, I know-I can be slow on the uptake sometimes-especially when the invite came from the LAST person on the planet you would think would be into that.)

I watched as my wife masturbated this guy until he spunked on her leg. She kissed him, then wandered off to find another partner. There was sex happening openly all around in every combination you could think of.

My wife danced with three men, all of whom she made cum in one way or another. She looked dreamily at me and smiled and I felt a hand on my shoulder. It was someone I knew well-the wife of a colleague. She led me to the floor and soon, my fingers were busy between her legs. She in turn wanked me and made it quite clear that she wanted more-although, (and to this day I don't know why) I was content with what we were doing.

I felt her cum on my fingers and fill the palm of my hand with her wetness. By now the whole dance floor was a heaving mass of couples, threesomes, foursomes all having sex.

As I said, this was totally out of the blue and perhaps too much too soon? Who knows. I caught my wife's eye, and Anna nodded towards the door.

We found our coats, thanked the club staff and left.

We didn't say a word as we walked across the car park-but all I could think about was Anna making those men spunk on her-I had no doubt whatsoever that they made her cum too AND that she would go the whole route if we ever paid this place a return visit.

I think Anna was thinking something similar. Suddenly, we were all over each other. No, actually, that isn't right. We were attacking each other. Quite literally ripping each other's clothes off. I tore Anna's toga from her body, and we made really REALLY good use of the bonnet of a car.

We are a pretty sexual and adventurous couple, but we did things in that car park that we have never done before.... and TWICE on the drive home.

Did we go back-HELL yes! And that was even better than we thought it would be.



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