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After Swimming

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This happened a couple of days ago, with my younger brother. It was so strange-he came out of nowhere!


It was a typical summer day where I lived, which meant that it was pretty hot, and dry. The house was hotter and seeing as my parents weren't home, my siblings and I couldn't run the air conditioning to cool ourselves off. However, we had a great option in our backyard; a swimming pool full of clear, cool water.

My brother had summer school (I graduated high school earlier in the month) and a little while after he got home, he headed outside for a swim. I was on the computer, and could hear him outside my windows. Once or twice as I was going about my business in my room, I looked out of the window and saw him swimming in the pool, stopping near the wall to play with our dogs. (It turns out there was a jet there, but I didn't make that connection at the time.) After a while, I was bored with my own devices, so I decided that I would join him for a swim.

The water was nice, much better than being in the house. We swam around for a while, just talking and hanging out, making our dog swim in the water with us, playing games and wrestling around. The wrestling was innocent when it came to a sexual aspect, although there were a couple of times when he would push off of the wall, and his trunks would slide down (his trunks were a bit loose, seeing as they were from the previous summer, and he's grown some.) He was aware of this, but a couple of times he pushed off in front of me so that they slid down, revealing the top of his much whiter ass, and a little of his crack. I ignored it, and continued on wrestling and playing, never feeling a hard on of his, and never getting one myself.

At one point, I covertly positioned myself on the wall, petting my dog who sat in front of me-hey, why couldn't I enjoy the pleasure too? I was there for a minute or two before my brother joked about the jet, from which I floated away to avoid further inquiry from my brother. Eventually he headed inside, to my room. My brother told me he wanted to play a video game in there, while I planned on returning to my computer. I sat down, still in just my swim trunks, in front of the computer, and watched my brother enter the room. He locked the door behind him, and then walked over to where the game was, but didn't sit.

'What are you doing?'

'Making sure that she doesn't come in here complaining,' he said, referring to my sister, who was downstairs.

'Oh, okay,' I said, turning back to my computer. I clicked open my itunes, and then heard a rustling behind me. I turned around and was faced with my brother's ass, round and much whiter compared to the rest of his tanned skin. 'Dude, what are you doing?' I asked, more confused this time.

'It's hot, and I don't think you want me in a dripping bathing suit in your room.' Good point, but here was my brother, two years younger, standing naked in my room.

'Why don't you go get changed then?'

'Because I want to take care of this,' he said, turning towards me and showing me a clear erection that bobbed as he stood there. I felt my own cock start to grow in my pants, as I looked at his. It looked similar to mine; cut, not too long and not too thick, and he had a good amount of pubes above his dick. This was so strange, because before when I offered to masturbate with him, or to let him hang out in my room in such a state, he freaked out. Where had this come from, I don't know, I still don't. He slipped his hand around his dick, and started tugging on it. 'The jets, you know?' I watched him for a moment longer before finally thinking of something to say.

'Okay, where is this coming from?' I asked him, uncomfortable as my cock strained against my tight trunks.

'When you asked me to jack off before, I had barely started, and my dick was small. But now, I do it a lot, and I'm bigger...and I'm just horny. I wanted you to see me, for some reason.' (This reason, I still haven't gotten out of him. Believe me, I've asked him a dozen times in the past week. I'm still baffled.) He started to get into a rhythm, pulling on his dick, his balls close to his body from the water.

'Want to touch it?' He asked randomly. 'Sure,' I said quietly, glancing at the bottom of the door to see if anyone was passing by. He stepped over to me, dick swaying, and I grabbed it. It felt...strange, yet familiar and I began to jerk him off while he stood there. His eyes went to my package, and he pulled the strings of my trunks, and then pulled the Velcro fly apart. My dick sprang up, finally having room to do so, and his hand closed around it, pulling up and down. His hand on my cock felt weird, but I liked it-a lot. I have never been jerked off by another person, so it was new and erotic. I took my hand away from him, and slid the trunks down, letting them fall to the floor while I moved over to my bed. I sat down, and began to work myself, pulling and jerking like I usually do, and it wasn't long before I felt my balls spring up, and my orgasm come, making me spill my load right into the carpet in front of me. My brother too shot off, his cum dribbling over his hand and down his balls.

Since then, he's asked me a few more times to jack off with him, but won't tell me where this is coming from. I don't mind it, really, although my brother likes to drag it on, and has a particular interest with my balls. Not complaining though.



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