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African Adventure

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I was born in Ireland. But when I was eight, I moved to Africa. My uncle ran a few oil wells down there and he got my father, an accountant, to come down and we were doing very well for ourselves. I spent most of my life on my uncles vineyard.

I had four cousins, only one was a boy, and he was a year older than me. His name was {q Jack. He and I spent all day together, he was my best friend. We swam alot. In his uncles pool, but there was an artificial pond beyond a hill that we would skinny dip in.

We did this all the time. There was not anything sexual about this it was, just convenient. Even when I was only eight, we skinny dipped.

Then when I was thirteen we were sitting by the pond. We stripped off and Jack had a boner. I had gotten them before but never had I seen someone elses. We were both uncut and he was five inches long,I was only four inches. We both had a little pubic hair. So he started talking about how much he liked being here. He then said he wanted to show me something.

He got out of the water and his boner was right in front of my face. He asked if I had ever seen a girl naked. I told him I had only seen one of the local girls washing. He then asked if I had ever jacked off. I told him 'No what is it?'

'Well you rub your cock and it feels good.' he said. 'You want to do it with me, youknow show you how'? ' I'd like to see what you mean', I told him. He said 'Alright, well get out of the water John.' So I did, but he pulled me out very fast. We are both rather skinny and athletic so he pulled me up very fast.

Well he took my penis in his hand and started pumping slow then fast. I then got the idea and took his penis in my hand and pumped fast. He was moving fast over my little penis and then I felt warm and tired. My body shuddered in orgasm, I yelped like a little kid when I finally had one. I kept pumping him then he shuddered and came on my hand. I had only ejaculated a drop but he had already shot about three drops.

'You see why I like it?' he asked with a wide smile.

'Yeah that was great.' I was panting, it had been so intense.

'You want to do it again sometime?' he asked.

'Like right now?!' I asked

'Sure, but my willy is kind of sore.'

'I'll handle you, don't worry.' I said.

We masturbated again, this time I yelped again even louder and came even faster. We did this a lot more often and whenever we could. When we found porn, we liked the Asian girls, we would masturbate in his room.

We still have fun skinny dipping with his friends and my friends to. We even jack off with them, and we never get caught.

I think group masturbation is great, so keep masturbating with your friends, cousins and brothers.



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