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Thinking about my aviation training and writing it here was, for me, terribly erotic. Another memory came to mind.


When I learned to fly, I was so hell bent on getting my ATPL as quickly as possible, I lost sight of some of the 'fun'. Oh, I did all the mandatory stuff, but only the minimum necessary with regard to aerobatics.

So, while I was going through the mind numbing boredom that is 'hours building', I got myself rated on a nice little aerobat and decided to have some fun one day. Pulling steep turns, or even looping in a Cessna trainer is nothing, NOTHING compared with doing it in an aircraft that is rated for the job that has some power behind it, and for me, that came in the form of a Hawk trainer. I got myself rated on it and then took it up alone.

Out over the desert seemed a good place, and HO-LY-SHIT! it felt good! I have to admit, I rather liked the tightness and restriction of the 'g' suit, (always liked being tied up!) and the way the air bladders inflate during the high G maneuvers.

But it was during a really tight steep turn that the unthinkable happened. I was really trying to keep it together, and enjoying the feelings when I relaxed to take another deep breath..... and wet myself! Not only do YOU weigh more, so does everything inside you. So now, I am sitting there in a little puddle of my own making. I flew straight and level for a few minutes, then I figured, what the hell? I am already wet, a little more won't make any difference, so I pulled the same thing again, this time holding the aircraft a little short of where I had it before and I relaxed. I discovered that suddenly tightening the turn made me pee harder (and painfully)

By the time I got back to the field, my dark green flight suit was even darker in certain places, but the field was all-but deserted so I was able to hide my shame until I got to the locker room. As I stripped, I became accutely aware of how horny I felt so I went to the showers still in my soaked underwear, and not to put it too gently, frigged myself to death!

Damn, but it's sexy being wet, more so when it is 'naughty' and in a situation that it shouldnt have been. The ground crew are well used to pilots in trainers peeing themselves, (yes, the men do it too) and throwing up, so it wasn't too big a deal for them.

But for me, it opened up something really horny. From time to time, even today, I like to wet myself. It just feels sexy, naughty, wet, daring, all of those things. I have never managed to reproduce that sting of pain that I felt in that high g turn, even by 'forcing' myself, and I must admit, I would like that again. (Not much chance to go recreational flying at the moment).

So, I am just wondering....am I just a little odd or have other girls discovered the delights of just 'letting go' sometimes?



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