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Adult Video Store

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Reading this site brings back many memories from the past. Kind of hidden but never forgotten.

In my mid twenties and living in a nice suburb, the town was upset that an Adult Video Store opened on the fringe of town. Now, this suburb is quite large and near a major city so it was not a problem visiting and they had parking in the back.

Remember, this was way before sex got popular out in the open and the internet wasn't even a thought back then. So, I walked in and found several guys browsing the books and toys which back then were nothing like they are now. And a large selection of eight mm movies. Yes, it was that long ago.

They had an aisle toward the back with six little booths that showed clips of movies you could select and for a quarter back then, see a few minutes of a sex movie. Being curious, I wandered back and got four tokens from the shopkeeper.

The first two doors were closed and locked but the third wasn't. Walking back, the very pungent odor of cum was present and I immediately saw a box of tissues in a holder on the wall. I also noticed two rather large holes about waste level on each side of the booth. I swear, at first I didn't know what to make of that. Talk about naive.

I chose a movie with two guys having sex together. Well, for a few years a long time ago, my cousin and I often played with each other in our early teens but never as an adult. I was curious what it was like as an adult but absolutely no gay feelings.

So, my quarter goes in and in seconds, my cock got hard watching. Well, it had some help as I automatically was rubbing it through my clothes. And as I put in the second token, I got the idea to look through one of those holes and see what was next door to me. Squatting down, I looked to my left and saw this guy who I knew from my construction site, a painter, looking through the hole to his left but turned often to look at his screen. I knew him fairly well as often, a group would have our box lunches together at lunch time and just talk about whatever.

In addition to him looking, I could see his arm moving and knew he was masturbating and that really turned me on. He must have sensed he was being spied on and turned and as he did, I stood up so he could not see my face. To my surprise, in a few seconds, his cock was pushed through the left hole through the wall.

Much to my surprise, I had this urge to grab him and stroke him which I did with my left hand as my right hand released my cock and pushed that through the wall through the other hole a foot apart and instantly was rewarded with his hot hand working it up and down.

He must have been going at it for some time before I saw him as he came in probably a minute. Oh, I could feel his cock swell and throb and knew by the movements he was making, he was going to shoot and grabbed a handful of tissues just in time to catch all of it. In a short time, his cock started shrinking and he pulled back.

I remember fumbling for my last token to keep the machine going and also remember it wasn't but a couple of minutes more when I came VERY hard. And still he stroked and used his thumb under the head until I couldn't stand it any more. My legs barely held me upright and my body was shaking like a leaf on a windy day. And still, he gripped my still half hard cock and stroked me with abandon until I thought I'd collapse. You guys ever get that feeling you can't stand any more after and somebody continues? Sweet agony. Finally, I managed to get free of his hand.

He put another quarter in his video machine and I quickly zipped up and left. Yes, I saw him the next day at work and am positive he never saw me in that booth. Learned he was the father of three kids and a nice wife at home. Just your average hard working construction worker like most. Looking around me, I wondered how many other hard body construction workers did that too. I never found out and never went back again. Once was enough but I'll never forget.



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